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Желание  мужчин и женщин похудеть, выглядеть
more attractive, and most importantly be healthier quite understandable in the century
the desire to be better and more beautiful. Not always losing weight
huge weight, it also happens that you need to lose only
a few pounds. Then come to the aid of a tasty diet and
useful, helping to lose weight painlessly. One of these
is the bonn diet.

Bonn soup is exactly the soup. It includes exclusively
fresh vegetables. Boil on water and without potatoes, so its
use is not limited. Кроме того,  это готовая диета по
days where it is painted on what day what other foods you can eat.
The soup consists of cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, or
juice, onions and celery. This is a basic set that can be diluted.
other vegetables within reasonable limits.


Bonn diet for weight loss

The basic principle of the diet Bonn soup – you can in unlimited
quantities there is the soup itself, while before lunch and during lunch you
you can eat any vegetables and fruits, except for some of them,
for example potatoes and bananas. All milk and fats are also excluded.
But from the fifth day in the diet includes boiled meat. Dinner always
consists of only one soup. This is the main principle.
losing weight!

Water, teas and unsweetened fruit drinks – plenty. amount
drunk per day (soup is not considered) – up to three liters of liquid.


Menu довольно таки разнообразное, особенно если вы возьметесь за
this diet in summer. But in winter the menu can be made extensive, because in
Our time is no problem with vegetables and fruits out of season. So winter in
рацион питания можно добавить хурму, айву, ананасы и
citrus fruits, root vegetables, frozen asparagus and
Asparagus beans, broccoli, savoy cabbage, and, of course,

Diet on Bonn soup – menu:

Понедельник: Кроме супа едим еще и любые
fruits! For breakfast, you can eat fruit salad, and for lunch, berry

Вторник: For breakfast you can побаловать себя
baked vegetables, they can also be added for lunch. Well
proper soup.

Среда: Любые овощи и фрукты, кроме запрещенных.
Raw or baked. Breakfast may consist of baked
eggplant and salad.

Четверг: Все то же самое. For breakfast you can
bake in the oven apples. And for lunch, except soup, beat one
small squash in a blender to a state of mashed potatoes, and bake it in
silicone tins with garlic and herbs. Wall molds can
Smear a drop of olive oil so that the souffle does not burn.

Пятница: Можно сказать праздник — в рацион
includes meat. Veal or chicken a total of half a kilo per day.
And as much tomato. Breakfast – boiled meat and tomatoes. Lunch –
soup, steamed or baked meat, and a salad of tomato without salt and
dressing, but you can with garlic and basil – it will give a taste.

Суббота: так же, как и в пятницу, но вместо
tomato green salads – leaf fat, spinach, arugula, stem
celery and cucumbers. Well конечно же зелень. Breakfast can be
from celery meat and stalks, add salad to celery at lunch.

Воскресенье: К супу в течении первой половины
days add brown rice.


Данное блюдо готовится очень легко и подходит именно для
losing weight, so the main thing to remember is that potatoes are banned, and in
the rest is complete freedom.

The basic recipe for Bonn soup diet


  • Purified water – two liters;
  • Cabbage ordinary (white or green) – one medium head
    up to a kilogram;
  • Root celery – one medium fruit;
  • Fresh tomatoes, canned salted or unsalted juice –
  • onion and carrot – one large, or two medium;
  • olive oil or any other vegetable oil is one

Boil water, add chopped celery. While he
cook the rest chopped vegetables allowances on oil in
frying pan, then add to the pan. At last
we lay tomatoes.

Примечание: так как блюдо варится без
salt, you can add dried herbs to taste. For example, cilantro,
basil, thyme or rosemary.

Bonn soup with broccoli, cauliflower or savoy cabbage
for tasty weight loss:

Differs from the main recipe in a smaller amount
cabbage. Take a half headed, and as much broccoli, colored
или савойской cabbage. You don’t need to fry them, just add them to
finish cooking and let the dish simmer for five minutes.

Bonn soup with celery and sweet pepper:

To the main recipe add a bunch of celery stalk and
meaty sweet pepper. Cut the stems, pepper and greens. Have
блюда получиться более пряный и кисловатый вкус, и выглядеть
he will be more appetizing.

В овощной супчик можно добавить еще и зеленый горошек, или
some mushrooms. But remember that for every 300g of ingredients,
It is necessary to add half a liter of water so that the soup is not too

Correct exit

How to get out of the Bonn diet? Getting out of the diet Bonn soup
longer than the diet itself. In fact, according to the recommendations of the doctors, you
keep on dieting gradually introducing prohibited
products. Namely:

Первая неделя: вводим молочку. In the early days
starting with sour cream in the soup, until the end of the week we reach the milk on
breakfast and kefir before bedtime.

Вторая неделя: вводим яйца и галеты. Boiled
or steam eggs for breakfast. We eat soup with biscuits, by the end of the week
from the galet you can go to a piece of rye bread.

Третья неделя: вводим углеводы. Starting with
the alternation of breakfast of eggs and cereals. Until the end of the week we reach
baked potatoes for lunch.

Четвертая неделя: Haveтром в овсянку добавляем
немного банана. Next, continue to eat baked vegetables
with potatoes. Refuse to soup for dinner, go to protein
dinner with vegetables.

Then gradually introduce beans, mango and butter on
breakfast, vegetable oil in the main diet.


Не смотря на свою видимую легкость и эффективность, диета
It does not suit everyone. So, for example, if you have cholelithiasis
disease, colitis, problems with the digestive tract, an ulcer or cardiovascular
diseases, it is necessary to approach this
way to lose weight. Best before trying to lose weight and
lose weight, contact your gastroenterologist.

According to reviews of people who are obese, this diet, although
looks pretty hungry and pretty tight limits
some products, however, leave no room for hunger.
The whole secret is that hot liquid food allows a person
get enough for a long time. Besides the recipe feature
is that even if you eat soup every hour, its
calorie content is very low and will fit into any corridor of calories.

How much can reset? According to reviews you can lose weight from five to
ten pounds per week, depending on the initial

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