Diet awesome for quick weight loss

Awesome diet has a number of significant advantages, among
which is mainly fast weight loss. However
significant dietary restrictions that this
weight loss system, can adversely affect the state
health How to stick to a diet for 14 days, and
to get out of it correctly, you will learn in this article.

Diet awesome for quick weight loss


  • Preparing for a diet
  • Diet menu awesome
  • Exit from the diet awesome
  • The results of the diet awesome
  • Pros and cons of the diet awesome
  • Recommendations for an awesome diet

The “Fucking” weight loss system was developed by users.
social networks. She became very popular in a short time,
because it gives quick results in losing weight. To reduce to
to minimize the likelihood of complications, you should familiarize yourself with the rules and
features of the diet awesome.



Preparing for a diet

The main rule of this system of weight loss is a preliminary
training, which is to comply with a special diet
power supply. This is to ensure that the digestive system does not
experienced stress during the diet. Training should be on
during the week before the start of the diet.

Measures of preparation for an awesome diet are:

  • Eliminate from the diet fried, salty, fatty foods;
  • Reduce the amount of flour products;
  • Reduce sugar in the diet to a minimum;
  • Include more vegetables and fruits in the menu;
  • Reduce consumption of meat, milk, eggs and other foods.
    animal origin;
  • 1-2 days before the diet, make a fasting day, consuming
    food only liquid products (fermented milk drinks, broths,
    herbal teas);
  • Eat more fiber, which is contained in fibrous
    vegetables, bran;
  • Every day, eat a handful of any nuts.

Diet menu awesome

The diet continues awesome 14 days, during which should
strictly observe the existing guidelines for the selection, preparation and
the amount of food. Any product that is not listed in the menu is
forbidden. The ban also applies to spices (if there is no
other indications), salt, sugar.

The diet of the first week:

  • Первый день. Unlimited allowed
    amount of green tea. Better to choose quality leaf tea
    Chinese or Japanese production. Brew a drink
    recommended before use. You can improve the taste of tea
    juice of natural lemon. If hunger provokes strong
    discomfort, natural honey is allowed no more than one tea
  • Второй день. Should drink kefir
    whose fat content is not higher than 1%. One-day product selection
    because a drink longer than 1 day can
    provoke problems with digestion in the form of constipation. Allowed
    volume – no more than one liter. Kefir can be replaced or combined
    with natural yogurt without fruit and other additives.
  • Третий день. Only allowed
    mineral water without gases in a volume of not more than 1.5 liters.
  • Четвертый день. Can drink
    mineral water, but without any restrictions in quantity.
    You should also eat an apple of any kind. It can be baked in
    oven or grate.
  • Пятый день. Product of this day
    is milk, the fat content of which should not exceed 2.5%.
    Maximum volume – 1 liter.
  • Шестой день. Green tea in any
    volume (can be with lemon).
  • Седьмой день. Liter of milk with a percentage
    no more than one fat.

The diet of the second week:

  • Первый день. Savory apples in
    the amount of 3 pieces (simirenko, Antonovka, Granny-Smith, pear,
    borovinka). They can be eaten both raw and baked. For
    taste you can add a little cinnamon.
  • Второй день. Kefir or yogurt is not
    more than a liter, fat content not higher than 1%.
  • Третий день. Fresh Salad
    cucumbers, which can be filled with olive oil and fresh juice
  • Четвертый день. Green tea, which
    You can sweeten with natural honey (no more than 1 tsp).
  • Пятый день. Milk is not more than a liter with
    fat content of 1%.
  • Шестой день. 2 apples in any
    the form.
  • Седьмой день. Mineral water without
    volume limits.

Exit from the diet awesome

To consolidate the results of losing weight and not to harm
body, which is weakened after a diet, return to the usual
for you the diet should be gradually. Exit from the diet continues
about 2 weeks, during which you need to eat with
following a set of rules. Rules out of the diet awesome:

  • Sugar and flour products are not allowed.
  • Meals should be fractional – at least 4 meals, volume
    which should not exceed 200 grams.
  • Продукты употребляются в сыром или в отварном the form.
  • The diet of the first day after the diet should be based on kefir,
    cottage cheese and yogurt. Their fat content should not exceed 1%. Also accent
    on fermented milk products need to be done throughout
    time out of the diet.
  • On the second day, you can add to the dairy products
    pumpkin or squash puree, baked apple.
  • On the third day, you can eat porridge on water from oatmeal or
    flakes. Salt, sugar and other additives are excluded.
  • On the fourth day, the composition of vegetables and vegetables should be diversified.
    fruits. It could be potatoes, beets, carrots, bananas,
  • Starting from the fifth day, eggs can be added to the diet, preferably
    в вареном the form. Also, eggs can be cooked omelette steamed.
  • From the seventh day dairy products are introduced to the menu.
    fat – cheese, sour cream, butter. Recommended daily portion –
    not more than 50 grams.
  • Starting from the second week, you can begin to gradually use
    salt and various spices.
  • Meat is introduced into the diet for 13-14 days. Give preference
    recommended varieties such as chicken, veal, turkey.

You can see the diet for 2 weeks, as well as exit from the diet, you can
in the following photo:

See also:

The results of the diet awesome

If you follow all the rules both during the diet and when you exit
from it, loss from 5 to 10 kilograms of weight is possible. Difference between
figure silhouettes before and after the diet is quite obvious in the photo;

Pros and cons of the diet awesome

This diet has both positive and
negative features. If you plan to adjust
silhouettes of the figure and get rid of excess weight with the help of this diet,
Check out all its pros and cons.

Positive features:

  • guarantee fast and pronounced results;
  • low cost (ration is based on ordinary products);
  • cleansing the body of ballast substances (toxins and
  • no need to engage in physical activity.

Negative features:

  • stress to the body due to constant feeling
  • reduced immunity;
  • high probability of exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • depressed mood, apathy;
  • possible headaches.

Recommendations for an awesome diet

To reduce to минимуму всевозможные негативные последствия этой
diets should follow a number of recommendations:

  • Long stay in the fresh
    Vitamin D, which synthesizes the body under
    exposure to sunlight, allows you to cope with stress,
    depressed mood.
  • Укрепление иммунитета. Before the start
    diets are recommended to take a course of taking special drugs,
    aimed at strengthening the protective function of the body. Despite
    the fact that you can buy these drugs yourself is better
    consult with them before buying and using them
    a doctor.
  • Ограничение активности. During
    diets should be kept to a minimum all mental and physical
    activity. Therefore, the optimal time for losing weight on this
    system is a vacation.
  • Prevention of exacerbations of chronic
    Diet should be started during
    persistent remission of all existing diseases in chronic
  • Соблюдение противопоказаний. TO
    restrictions on which this diet cannot be observed are
    pregnancy and breastfeeding. Also, do not lose weight by
    this system to people who suffer from peptic ulcer, heart
    or renal failure.
  • Drinking mode. Water helps
    remove toxins from the body that provoke a headache.
    Therefore, during the diet should be daily consumed per day
    2 liters of pure non-carbonated water (if there is no other
    instructions in the menu).
  • Борьба с запорами. Limited
    The diet can trigger digestive upset. To this
    to prevent, it is recommended to choose those dairy and fermented milk
    products whose composition is enriched with bifidobacteria (usually on
    the packaging of such products is marked “bio”).

Awesome diet is shown in cases where other methods
struggle with extra pounds have not been effective. To
getting rid of excess weight did not trigger the deterioration of your
health, follow all specified rules and do not resort to this
weight loss system more than 1 time per year.

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