Diet 2468 – menu for every day

  • 1 Basic rules of diet 2468
    • 1.1 How to comply with the diet?
    • 1.2 How much can you throw?
    • 1.3 Menu for every day
    • 1.4 Correct way out
  • 2 Weight Loss Results

The 2468 Slimming Program was specifically designed for
European models in the mid-1990s, when it was claimed
a type of typical “anorexia” (these are girls with a height of 180 cm and above
weighed 40 kg).

Данная система считается эффективной и результативной, но
ее запрещают  использовать при наличии каких-либо хронических
diseases (probably their aggravation). Also not recommended diet
2468 для похудения лицам, не достигшим совершеннолетия, т.к.
может произойти сбой метаболизма, что может отразиться на на
childbearing function.


Basic rules of diet 2468

Диета 2468 уникальна, но не подразумевает определенного
menu for every day. as well as restrictions on the types of products.
You can eat not only low-calorie food, but also food with high
carbohydrate and fat content.

The main motto is eat what you want. Но по количеству
calorie intake is a hard limit.

On the first day of the diet, 200 Kcal is consumed, on the second – 400,
the third is 600, the fourth 800. The cycles are repeated four times.
Experts say that you can throw 15 kg in 16 days.

2468 diet can be used to lose weight
more than 2 times a year.
 She is having a direct
impact on the restructuring of the processes of anabolism and catabolism in cells
person There is a splitting of fats that were previously
stocked up. The body is given a signal of lack of energy, thanks to
what is the intensive destruction of excess fat.

The 2468 diet for metabolism overclocking is ideal, but not
It is worth much to get involved in it, since serious changes are possible.

How to comply with the diet?

Derive the ideal nutritional formula for weight loss on a diet 2468.
not difficult. Take those foods you want to use in
food. See how many calories are in 100 g
each one of them. After determine the size of servings and break into 3-4
food intake.

Немаловажный момент при похудении — необходимо
pay attention to the fact that the multiplicity of meals should
be observed regardless of the circumstances. Weight loss program
2468 implies:

  • breakfast;
  • второй breakfast;
  • dinner;
  • dinner.

How much can you throw?

Модельная диета для похудения 2468 дает сверх результаты.
This is not surprising, because it was no wonder that it was used for
one and a half decades leading fashion designers of France. Having completed one course
you can easily lose about 20 kg.

Some managed to lose weight and 30 kg, but this effect was
achieved only after a course of diet therapy. This phenomenon
due to the fact that the metabolism was rebuilt, so that
slimming effect lasted for a long time.

Menu for every day

You can stick to diet 2468 for four days, but for
greater effect is recommended minimum weekly mode.

First day – 200 Kcal:

  • 100 г кефира 1%  (40 Ккал), 2 абрикоса (44 Ккал),
    chamomile tea without sugar;
  • green tea;
  • 150 celery soup (55 Kcal), 100 g of carrot juice (28
  • 100 g of kefir 1% (40 Kcal).

The second day – 400 Kcal

  • 100 g of oatmeal on water (88 Kcal), herbal tea;
  • апельсин (36 Kcal);
  • 100 g of steamed chicken breast (113 Kcal), 1 tomato (15 Kcal),
    Black tea;
  • 200 g of cottage cheese 0% (142 Kcal).

The third day – 600 Kcal

  • 150 г гречневой каши (198 ККал), green tea;
  • 200 g of tomato-celery juice (52 Kcal);
  • 150 g steamed trout (133 Kcal), 100 g of mushroom soup (50 Kcal),
    chamomile decoction;
  • 100 g steamed chicken breast (113 Kcal) and vegetable salad: 1
    tomato (15 Kcal), 1 cucumber (15 Kcal), 100 g of spinach (22 Kcal).

Fourth day – 800 Kcal

  • 100 г омлета (184 Ккал), 1 томат (15 Ккал), green tea;
  • 1 grapefruit (70 Kcal) and cottage cheese casserole, 100 g of cottage cheese 0%
    (71 Kcal);
  • 200 g of onion soup (88 Kcal), 200 g of boiled mussels (100 Kcal),
    100 г томатного сока (21 Kcal);
  • 2 eggs (160 Kcal), 100 g of boiled beans (123 Kcal), green

The next 4 days the menu is repeated.

Correct exit

A crucially important point – the exit from the 2468 diet should
performed smoothly. Every day to the diet will need
add 200 calories, exactly yes, until
reached the norm for an adult (about 2000 calories).

After the process of losing weight will be necessary
limit yourself in fatty foods for 30-40 days. Besides
In addition, animal fats will need to be included in the menu gradually and
eat whenever possible low-calorie meal.

Slimming results

People on this diet is even a little easier than at all
the rest of the popular “hard”, allowing you to lose weight
quickly. This is because the results are already noticeable.
after the first 4 days.

The most stunning results of weight loss are expected only after
complete the cycle. The average weight loss cycle is 16
days The number of days for a diet can be changed, depending on
the number of extra pounds.

Photos before and after weight loss:


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