Diary of a starving person, or how I “sat” ondiet

Sun, Jan 24, 2016

“You’re not fat!” – Once again, the best friend will exclaim
your critical review of your own body. But what do you do
you yourself feel those extra pounds. You have to control yourself, because
spring soon!

Timidly knocking on the psychologist’s office, I went inside: “The fact is,
what I want to go on a diet. But first of all I will tell you that I have
old and deep complex to your own figure. Therefore, in
допо�”нение к diet и занятиям спортом, мне нужна консу�”ьтация �”.
The psychologist’s verdict was as follows:

– The power of self-hypnosis is a big force. Once you have firmly decided
lose weight, i’m sure you will succeed. But for some small
weaknesses (in the form of cake) can not punish their own psyche.
That is, in any case, do not call yourself fat. You must
block this thought completely. Do not get involved in strict
diets and forget that food is the only source of energy
necessary to maintain the health of the body. Tough
dietary experiments on the body to anything. None
stress! When choosing a diet, be guided by your well-being and
consider physical activity. And during the intolerable attacks
hunger you have to come up with an exciting experience.

The first day

Monday is a great time to start a new life.
Having studied the relevant literature, I allocated myself a diet under
name “Japanese”, and instead of the gym decided to do
modern dance, as always dreamed of dancing.

For more confidence in resisting temptation, I’m in the evening
hitched to the door of the refrigerator image of Hollywood beauties with
their incredible figures. As you look, just want to be at least
a step closer to this perfection.

The menu for today: breakfast – black coffee, diet cookies;
dinner – two boiled boiled eggs, cabbage salad, seasoned
vegetable oil, 1 tbsp. tomato juice; for dinner – fried or
boiled fish.

At 7 pm training. Whole hour. It hurts the whole body, I want
there is. Mood below average. Falling asleep, I imagine myself in the summer on
the beach. Despite the hunger, the smile stretched to the ears.

Second day

Hmm … pretty weird. Last night I thought I’d eat it in the morning
elephant, but it turned out that the feeling of hunger for the night even
Duplicate. Menu on Tuesday: for breakfast green tea with crackers,
for lunch – fried fish, vegetable salad. And for dinner, drink kefir with
a slice of black bread. To calm myself a little, I lay on
couch and watch a youth comedy.

Third day

The most difficult, as all nutritionists say. And it is true.
I woke up in a nightmarish mood, was late for a minibus, I had to
ride in close bus as sprat in the bank. Here! Even the bus
comparing with food … Horror. Or maybe her, this diet? People love
нас такими, какие мы there is. But – no, or in vain did I suffer for two days?
The internal struggle was short, won mind.

For breakfast – rolled oats on skim milk, for lunch – carrots with
cheese, for dinner – fruit. And – sleep, sleep …

Day four

I slept well, I feel lightness in the whole body. Fellow students said
that my face shines. What a fine fellow I am! Breakfast – tea, large
an Apple. For lunch I ate an omelet with fresh cabbage salad. And I have dinner
yogurt and mandarin. The training went great, the trainer said
that I dance well. Happy day today … On the way home
I went to the store and bought jeans one size smaller. Now for sure
I will not retreat from my path. Jeans cost a lot …

Fifth day

Dressing in the morning for study, she noted that the belt was fastened with one
hole further. Looking in the mirror, I felt
attractive. It is high time! Breakfast, lunch, dinner – repeat menu
first day From 6th to 8th days – repeat the diet from the beginning.
Stand it!

Visit to a psychologist

– Well, well … I congratulate you heartily, but now you are not
must retreat. It often happens – lost weight, and to celebrate
You think: “I will reward myself with cake, I’m such a clever girl!”. Then another
one, and another … Gain weight twice as fast as they dumped. When
diet will end, you will need to constantly refrain from
extra piece. Are you ready to make such sacrifices? �”

Мой разум крича�”: «Нет!�” Во всю доступную ему си�”у. Вс�”ух я
сказа�”а: «Да!�”. А организм мой то�”ько порадова�”ся.

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