Diarrhea in a nursing mother – is it possible to feedchild, what could be the consequences? We treat diarrhea in a nursing mother:doctor’s advice

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Diarrhea is a serious problem for all women who are nursing.

Mom’s health will affect health

In order to eliminate everything as quickly as possible.
symptoms of the disease, you need, first of all, to identify the cause of it


Diarrhea in a nursing mother: reasons

For many, women first have constipation, and after a certain
The first symptoms of diarrhea appear. If the reason for this
condition has become a breakdown, then getting rid of it is not
it will be difficult, and a woman besides diarrhea will not experience anything. But at
this will cause irritation of the colon, and the urge to the toilet will become

The causes of diarrhea in a nursing mother are as follows:

1. Irritable bowel syndrome. Its main difference is that
that there is no vomiting or temperature. Diarrhea does not manifest at night
Times of Day. But after the woman wakes up, she can again
face diarrhea.

2. Food poisoning. Poisoning while breastfeeding
is dangerous, because harm will be provided not only to the mother, but also
baby If a woman eats expired or
substandard products, her body begins to settle dangerous
bacteria as well as toxins. Because of this, the work of the intestine is broken,
dysbacteriosis appears. It is accompanied by a rise in temperature.
body, nausea, diarrhea.

3. Allergy. Food allergic reaction in the body, often
just ends with the occurrence of diarrhea. In order to
get rid of it, you need to exclude from your diet
source of allergies.

4. Intestinal infection. If the mother does not follow the rules of hygiene,
Infectious disease may occur. Bacteria living in
intestines, begin to secrete toxic substances, occurs
poisoning of the body and violation of intestinal microflora. Self-medication in
Such a situation can be dangerous.

Diarrhea in a nursing mother: first aid

After the occurrence of diarrhea, you need to give as soon as possible
first aid in order not to interrupt feeding:

• remove toxic substances from the body;

• you can get rid of diarrhea with the help of folk remedies, take
rice water or a hard boiled egg.

In the first days after the onset of diarrhea, most likely, will disappear.
appetite. But even so, you need to eat fully and
right. Drink more water to avoid
dehydration. In the diet include porridge – oatmeal and

In no case do you need to stop feeding. On the contrary, if
baby eats mother’s milk, he begins to receive antibodies to
various infectious diseases.

Diarrhea in a nursing mother: treatment

If you know what triggered diarrhea, you can
start treatment, even before you are examined by a specialist. But
start taking medicines right away, not worth it.
Almost all drugs are quickly absorbed and pass into the milk, and
значит и в организм baby But что делать, для того чтобы
get rid of diarrhea and do no harm to your child? On
help will come traditional medicine.

Try to drink as much fluid as possible. Ideal
option in this case is Regidron (water-salt solution). Under
its influence in the body will restore the water and salt balance,
because with diarrhea there is a loss of salt in the body.

Plantain can prevent dehydration. Take a few
leaves of the plant, brew them with boiling water. Let it cool a little while
then drink in small sips, but often.

Many should know that with diarrhea, pregnant women are well
helps rice and decoction of rice water. That is why try
eat more rice, eliminate fatty foods, especially
meat Ideal вариант для питания в данном случае – диетическое
meat, such as chicken.

Walnuts are suitable as a fixing effect. But в
lactation can not eat them in large quantities, enough
just a few nuts a day.

As a drink fit black tea, without adding sugar. For
the best effect every time brew new tea.

Diarrhea in a nursing mother: prevention

Most often diarrhea in nursing mothers occurs due to uneven
breakdown. After all, behind childbirth, memories of the torment suffered
woman worried. In order to предотвратить появление поноса,
and to combat it, you need to adhere to the following

1. Avoid stress, depression.

2. Follow the rules of personal hygiene, wash as often as possible.

3. In the diet, do not enter too spicy and fatty foods. Neither
in no case can you combine products like milk and

4. Pay attention to separate drinking. On время откажитесь от
carbohydrates and proteins.

5. If you do not cope with diarrhea yourself,
Be sure to consult a doctor.

But, конечно же, для эффективного лечения важно знать причину
the occurrence of diarrhea. In most cases, the body itself may
deal with pathogens. Special attention need to pay so
dangerous infectious diseases like cholera, dysentery, cure
they can only be antibiotics. And that means, unfortunately,
will have to stop feeding. Underобрать индивидуальную терапию для
such a treatment can only be a doctor.

As an additional treatment, mom needs to take enzymes.
– Sorbex, Laktofiltrum, Atoxil. Stop diarrhea can drugs
with apple pectin content. Medications can be taken while
feeding because no negative effects on the child
will not be rendered.

Diarrhea in a nursing mother: danger

If the occurrence of diarrhea is directly related to infections, then
the baby may get infected, but in fact the infection is more dangerous for
women. In the event that the general condition of the mother begins to
get worse, it’s better to stop feeding the baby for a while
breastfeeding But конечно резко переводить его на смеси тоже не нужно, так
how after recovery mother can recover again

The most dangerous with diarrhea is dehydration. Organism
loses a lot of fluids, vitamins and nutrients. If a
diarrhea lasts one to two days, then do not sound the alarm. But если он
there has been more than two days, and nothing helps,
It is recommended to contact a specialist as soon as possible.

A severely weakened body can lead to sad
the consequences. That is why it is important to start in a timely manner.

Mom needs to recover as soon as possible in order to
начать кормить baby And of course, in the future, you need more
carefully select food and hygiene, to
so that the disease does not arise again.

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