Diarrhea and constipation during pregnancy

Tue, 01 Nov 2016

Women who are expecting a baby often face
various disorders of the bowel. Normal changes
functioning of the gastrointestinal tract occur already in
first trimester of pregnancy and sometimes even occur before
how the women themselves learned about their “interesting position”.


Causes of constipation during pregnancy

Constipation in pregnant women occurs much more frequently than in all.
the rest of humanity. The cause of constipation is
increased levels of hormone – progesterone, leading to relaxation
smooth muscles of the female intestine and slow passage
food through it. This process greatly increases absorption.
water from the specified organ and thus constipation. Uterus,
which is rapidly increasing in size also makes it difficult
digestion and pressure on the intestines. Also provoke constipation.
stress, lack of exercise and lack of content
fiber in the diet of pregnant women.

There is another reasonably studied cause of constipation.
pregnancy time. It is explained by the fact that the uterus and intestines have
general innervation, thus, any increased activity
perilystatics of the intestine can cause contractions of the uterus, which in its
queue is a threatened abortion. However, such
additional protective reaction of the body is manifested in the form

In addition, future mothers are often emotionally unstable,
suffer from a host of unreasonable experiences and fears. therefore
constipation in pregnant women is often caused by unstable psychological
condition. But at the same time, constipation often causes peculiar
stress in a woman, especially for those who have a long time
He was treated for infertility or suffered from chronic miscarriage.

But after childbirth, the number of women suffering from constipation sharply
decreases, this is due to an improvement in emotional state, and
also a change in hormonal levels.

Treatment of constipation during pregnancy

If constipation during pregnancy is not accompanied by any
serious illness then drug treatment departs
in the background. In the diet of the future mother always included fresh
cabbage, cucumbers, carrots, beets, tomatoes, peas, beans,
oranges apples, nuts and black bread. All listed products
rich in fiber, which gets into the intestines, swells and
increases the volume of fecal masses, and also contributes to a more complete
bowel movements. Good laxative effect is observed.
after eating dairy products and kvass. But coffee
strong tea, chocolate, cocoa, white bread, semolina and flour
products on the contrary provoke constipation and are highly undesirable during
of pregnancy.

Prevention of constipation during pregnancy

To avoid constipation during pregnancy
it is necessary to diagnose and treat emerging
diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, especially gastritis and
cholecystitis. Every day on an empty stomach you need to drink a glass of simple clean
water, eat at least four hundred grams of fresh vegetables and fruits,
empty the gut regularly, in no way ignore
urging to defecate, so as not to cause stagnation of feces.
Pregnant women are advised to consult a doctor and pick up
necessary set of physical exercises. Besides good
action has the wearing of prenatal bandage, which prevents
excessive stretching of the abdominal muscles and supports them in

Diarrhea during pregnancy

Another extremely unpleasant signal, indicating
disruption of the bowels, is diarrhea. She requires
a serious attitude on the part of a pregnant woman, since
threatens not only her, but also the development of her unborn child. Diarrhea
may occur due to food poisoning, severe infectious
diseases such as typhoid, dysentery, cholera and others. Often
frequent bowel movement is accompanied by high or vice versa
low body temperature. Sometimes frequent diarrhea are
result of hereditary fermentopathy – a lack of certain
enzymes that are responsible for the complete breakdown of gluten. Besides
Moreover, diarrhea is caused by the body’s allergic reactions to
any product or due to chronic inflammatory
bowel disease. Hormonal disruptions, dysbacteriosis, sugar
diabetes can also be a cause for the development of frequent
bowel movements.

Diarrhea is considered frequent and altered stools. His character may
vary from mushy to foamy or watery, and
also contain large amounts of mucus. Sometimes not changed
only the color, but also the smell of the discharge, they turn yellow or
greenish with a putrid or sour odor.

Preventing diarrhea during pregnancy

Pregnant women may experience diarrhea due to
improper day regimen or due to overeating. To avoid
the emergence of this dangerous disease should be especially careful
treat the quality of the food you choose, trying to exclude from
the diet products that contain a lot of fiber.

Treatment of diarrhea in pregnant women

You can treat diarrhea during pregnancy with rice.
decoction, strong tea with breadcrumbs or using enterosorbents.
The latter are the strongest, but at the same time
safe for the development of the fetus, drugs. They allow
restore healthy intestinal microflora, clean it from dangerous
pests as well as helping to avoid the course.
antibiotic therapy. However, apply any drugs in
pregnancy can only be prescribed by a doctor who does not
will only select the necessary medicine, but also establish the primary
the cause of the disease.

After the end of diarrhea, you need to restore vitality
organism. It is necessary to normalize food, avoid excessive
salt, seasoning and sugar. The first time will be useful
any products that have a fixing effect. Gradually,
a few days after the end of the diarrhea, you can enter in the diet
fiber, vegetables and fruits.


Alesya 03/27/2016 The main thing, girls, follow the diet!
Pregnancy is not a reason to relax and run yourself. Many
products that we ate without problems now are not digested.
And vice versa. First of all, you need to think that the child will
more useful. Katya 03/27/2016 And it helps a lot from constipation! But
from diarrhea … I do not even know … I heard, you can just tea (brewing)
dry to chew, he will connect everything there … I have not tried it myself. For constipation
still bran help, and oat, and wheat, germinated wheat
too, and all this is also useful. Glory 03/27/2016 And also
advised to drink chicory, they say that is really a thing! At all
It is best to use various natural products: prunes,
dried apricots, etc. just not a pill! And of course, you need to follow
with my food, I understand what I want … Yana 03/27/2016 And the water is
really helps! Simple clean water. I somehow did not drink
Before water, got used to that from the tap with bleach and all that … And
here in the village to relatives came, they have water from the well, I
drank it from the heart, and not any constipation. Irina 03/27/2016 Probably
almost all pregnant women faced such a problem … Now constipation, then
diarrhea …)) Though I ate well (well, in the framework,
Of course), still it did not escape. I have with intestines and
Previously, there were problems, but somehow I don’t really care

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