Determine pregnancy can not only a doctor!How to determine pregnancy at home: provenways

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Pregnancy is a beautiful and desirable state for many

With his onset in our life and body changes

But women and girls always ask, is it possible to find out about
its interesting position at home.

Determine pregnancy at home: is it possible?

You have been planning a pregnancy for a long time, and with great impatience
waiting for the results?

Perhaps the delay of your menstrual cycle – this is finally
evidence that the pregnancy has come? But how do you know that
this is true, if you go to the doctor while there is no time, and the test
not at hand?

You just need to listen to your body. After all, in the period
gestation in the woman’s body various changes occur,
which is simply impossible not to notice. In addition, active
applied folk methods.

if you интересно узнать, какие ways для определения
pregnancy does exist, then just read this article.

How to determine pregnancy at home: signs

The most classic sign of pregnancy is,
of course, the cessation of the menstrual cycle. But this factor is not
always reliable. After all, there may be a delay without the fact
pregnancy, for example, with nervous tension. However, the presence of
menstruation does not always mean that you are not in such
interesting position! Some women may have menstruation and
after fertilization of the egg. Therefore, if you are sure that
pregnancy came, but critical days did not stop,
visit the doctor. There are other signs:

• Характерный симптом беременности – набухание молочных
желез и их болезненность
. However, during the ICP period, many may
observe a similar condition. There is a feeling in the mammary glands
gravity, the chest slightly increases in size, and if to her
to touch, she starts to hurt.

• Еще один признак беременности – изменение вкусовых
. If you notice that those products that
you didn’t admire you before
then it fully characterizes your new state. May intensify
susceptibility to odors, especially the smell of tobacco or

• Один из признаков раннего токсикоза – рвота и
. This condition mostly appears in the morning.

Изменение со стороны нервной системы,
does not apply to all women, but it is quite possible. For example,
calm and friendly woman, after pregnancy,
may scream without reason, cry, constantly nervous. On this
affects the hormones of the future mother, who is also exposed

• The main signs of the first weeks of pregnancy –
утомляемость и постоянная сонливость. if you
I always want to lie down to sleep, but earlier you don’t
noticed, then maybe you are pregnant?

Боль в поясничной области, чувство тяжести внизу
, также являются признаками нового состояния. Everything
the fact is that the uterus begins to increase in size,
most causing painful sensations.

Количество выделений из влагалища могут быть
more than before. But at the same time they should be transparent and not
accompanied by any unpleasant smell.

How to determine pregnancy at home: tests and their

В последние годы стали популярны тесты на
, которые в домашних условиях позволяют
women determine pregnancy or not. Their action
primarily based on determining the level of the hormone.

There are many ways to determine the hormone in the urine and blood
girls For example, по анализу крови, который проводят
specialists in medical institutions can with 100% confidence
say about a possible pregnancy. But texts held at home
conditions, can give an exact answer within a few days after
delays while hCG hormone levels will be wrong

Test strips

Homes use homeless tests. The easiest and most economical
view is a test strip. They made them thick paper, and
impregnated with a special substance – reagent. You only need
immerse the strip in a container with urine and hold for 30 seconds. Already
in a few minutes you can evaluate the result.

If on a white background made one strip, it means
pregnancy did not come, or perhaps the test was made too
early. The appearance of the second strip will indicate
the onset of pregnancy.

Many factors must be considered before choosing a test. Despite
the fact that all manufacturers promise 100% results, the quality of them all
different from each other. Therefore, it is not recommended to save
better to buy a more expensive product.

When testing a test, certain conditions must be considered, and
it is exactly the right to collect urine and immerse the strip in it. Exactly
so before you do the test and get the long-awaited result,
Carefully read the instructions on the package.

Inkjet and tablet tests

In order to get a more accurate result, recommended
use tablet tests. The reagent layer is placed in one
window of two. Unlike test strips, the data is more expensive.
Today products are considered the most reliable. For many
girls, they are comfortable because they do not need to collect urine in a certain
Times of Day.

How to determine pregnancy at home: folk

Previously, women asked how to determine pregnancy in
home conditions. Indeed, in those days there were no tests, no ultrasound, and
know about the possibility of pregnancy, like many. Exactly
поэтому наши бабушки придумали свои methods для определения
pregnancy, they are all tested for years, and many continue
popular until now:

1. Способ 1 – йод. The main component for
Definitions of pregnancy are, of course, urine. Take
small container and completely fill it with urine. Then you need to take
Pipette and drop a drop of iodine into the container. It was believed that if
the drop is blurred, it means that this urine does not belong
to a pregnant woman. If iodine is on the surface and not
drowning, suspicions are confirmed.

2. Способ 2 – определение при помощи мочи.
Take один лист бумаги и смочите в моче, после этого капните
a drop of iodine. If after this, iodine will acquire lilac
shade, so the result was positive. With
negative “test” color of iodine will turn blue.

3. Способ 3 – изучите мочу. At home
it is easy enough to know about the presence of pregnancy at an early stage,
for this you need to carefully examine the color of your urine. Still our
great-grandmothers noticed that a pregnant girl’s urine has dark
yellow color, regardless of the time of day. In addition, she
contains special hormones that can affect the growth of flowers.
Withменяли следующий способ, причем многим он казался даже странным:
collected urine, watered her flowers in a pot. If after some
time they became lush and beautiful, it means a woman in

4. Способ 4 – пульс. Lie on your back and grope
pulse just below the navel. Put your hands in there and press them a little
stomach, if you clearly feel the pulsation, it means inside you
fetus of the future baby.

5. Способ 5 – лук. To folk remedies
who used our ancestors with you, applies this funny
way: take two onions and plant them in two glasses. How are you
probably already understood, the first means pregnancy, the second is not.
Wait until they begin to germinate. Onion, which is the first
will reach 4 centimeters, and will be the answer.

In addition, our ancestors always paid special attention to dreams.
It was believed that if во сне женщине приснилось, что она ловит рыбу,
it means she is pregnant. Swim in a clean, clear pond,
also talks about pregnancy. Withчем многие женщины, до
Today believe in decoding such dreams.

Definition of pregnancy at home: causes
of failures

Many women complain that the pregnancy test is stubborn
shows a negative result while they are already waiting
baby This is really possible, the whole thing is wrong
application test.

It is important to know that the exact result will be shown only after 10
days after conception. But in what cases the test will be wrong, that
This is primarily affected by:

• a woman has an ectopic pregnancy. HCG level will be much

• missed abortion;

• before the test, the girl drank a large amount

• taking diuretic drugs;

• kidney disease;

• gestation is too small;

• after abortion;

• the test has expired;

• urine for its holding was taken stale.

As seen to determine pregnancy at home
действительно можно, нужно лишь знать проверенные ways. But if
you have the opportunity, of course it is better to go to the doctor.

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