Details of Robin’s suicide have become known.Williams

Wed, Aug 13, 2014

Yesterday, the legendary American comedian Robin committed suicide
Williams Today it became known that shortly before his death, the actor
suffered from deep depression, lack of money, moreover, struggled in
rehabilitation clinic with alcohol and drugs
addiction. According to the stories of people who were next to Williams in
the last months of his life, the actor faded away before our eyes, from
there is only one empty shell left.

Marin County Sheriff told that the actor hanged himself
belt, while his wife slept in the next room. When
she went for a morning jog, she was quite sure that
spouse is still sleeping. The body of the actor, sitting with a belt around his neck, found
his assistant На левом запястье у Williams было обнаружено
several cuts, and next to the body – a pocket knife with caked
by blood.

Oscar-winning actor died after 10 years of unsuccessful struggle
with drug and alcohol addiction. He did not hide his
addictions, always frankly talked about his illness, about how
how I tried to treat him.

Williams experienced serious financial difficulties, acutely about himself
after having divorced his second wife in 2008, when he was
forced to pay $ 30 million. A little later he created trust funds
for their three children who can on their age of majority
claim a third of the amount, in 25 – half, and after 30 years
– for all.

Shortly before his death, an actor who was in great need of funds
sold his mansion, which cost $ 35 million, because was no longer in
able to contain it.

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