Delicious slimming with fruit

Fruits are the source of the nutrients necessary for
normal functioning of the body, as well as fiber. Exactly
it slows down the digestive process, cleanses the intestines from toxins,
removes excess water and leftover food. So, choosing the right fruits,
you’ll lose weight, and saturating the body with essential vitamins and

Delicious slimming with fruit


  • What fruits are included in the diet?
  • What fruits should be discarded when losing weight?
  • Fruit diet for weight loss
  • Mixed fruit diet for 7 days
  • Recipes for fruit salad for weight loss
  • Restrictions and contraindications

What fruits are included in the diet?

You can not lose weight on every fruit, as they differ in
content of vitamins, nutrients, fructose. They possess
different calorie and glycemic index.

Low-calorie foods with low
glycemic index. The lower the last characteristic, the
less fruit contains easily digestible carbohydrates.

For the diet, the most valuable fruits are:

  • Представители цитрусового семейства
    апельсины, мандарины, лимоны, лаймы, но особенно среди них
    grapefruits that reduce cravings for sweets are helpful. Citruses have
    low calorie and glycemic index, have a beneficial effect
    on the metabolism, enhance immunity. Oranges are useful for
    digestion, because they contain large amounts of food

But citruses have a bad effect on tooth enamel, they are contraindicated when
gastritis, pancreatitis, ulcers.

  • Apples. This hypoallergenic product, however,
    Allergy sufferers still need to eat red apples
    and orange tint. They are often included in various diets or
    arrange apple fasting days. The fruits are rich in iron,
    pectin, but fresh, they increase the appetite, so it’s better
    baked or steamed. Some people
    I am concerned about the color of the fruit to choose. Calorie apples
    depends not only on a grade, but also on coloring. Red apples more
    calorie than green fruit. Therefore, for diet food
    you should opt for green apples.

When used, to avoid negative effects on
tooth enamel, recommend mouth rinse with water. Apples
contraindicated in people with ulcers and gastritis. Diabetics Required
You should consult with your doctor.

  • BUTнанас. Its pulp contains enzyme
    bromelain splitting protein. It has a complex effect.
    on the body – improves intestinal, circulatory and immune function
    system, affects the metabolism. Pineapple has proven itself well
    in the fight against extra pounds caused by low production
    pepsin enzyme. However, he is not able to have a big impact on
    splitting fat cells.

Pineapple is contraindicated in people with gastrointestinal diseases
tract, as well as pregnant women in the first trimester.

  • Киви — экзотический низкокалорийный фрукт. is he
    rich in fiber, vitamin C, K and E, speeds up the metabolism.
    Plant fibers give a long-lasting saturation and cleanse.
    digestive system from harmful substances.

Kiwi is forbidden to eat with diarrhea or high acidity

  • Манго. is heо хоть и относится к высококалорийным
    products, has a low glycemic index. In his diet
    include, as there are substances that enhance the synthesis of the hormone
    leptin, which regulates energy metabolism and possesses
    anorexigenic action, that is, reduces appetite.

Фрукты для похудения

Also in the diet menu there is a place for fruits such as pear,
pomegranate, plum, peach, nectarine, apricot, pomelo.

Since most of the fibers are in the peel, such
fruits like apples, pears, nectarines and apricots are surely eaten with

What fruits should be discarded when losing weight?

From the diet should be removed or limit the use of fruit with
high content of fructose and starch, high calorie:

  • Виноград — лидер по содержанию углеводов, к
    the same can cause fermentation in the intestine, therefore,
    disrupt the digestive system.
  • BUTрбуз богат легкоусвояемыми углеводами и
    contains a lot of water, which can disturb the water-salt metabolism in
    body, increases appetite.
  • Хурма, несмотря на ценный состав продукта, она
    has a tendency to slow down the metabolism, which only contributes
    weight gain.
  • Сухофрукты — по сравнению с фруктами это
    high-calorie foods. If you compare the calorie content of fresh apricot
    and dried – dried apricots, it turns out that the caloric content increases in
    geometric progression. In 100 g of apricot only 44 kcal, and in 100
    Mr. dried apricots already 215 kcal.

BUT вот насчёт бананов и авокадо
nutritionists did not come to the same opinion. Some experts still
propose to include a banana in the diet, despite the high
calorie and glycemic index, since only one fruit
can replace a full meal. But it is better to eat it on
breakfast so that all the energy is spent throughout the day.

Avocados are also high-calorie foods, but
rich in unsaturated fatty acids and carnitine. Last thing
compound is a vitamin-like substance that
enhances the conversion of fatty acids into energy, thereby not
letting them postpone to stock.

Fruit diet for weight loss

There are several types of fruit diets:

1. Монодиеты — это когда в рационе присутствует
only one fruit. Its maximum duration is 1 day.
A fasting day is arranged once a week. It is necessary for him
purchase 2 kg of the selected fruit and divide them into 4-5 receptions.
The most popular fasting days:

  • apple;
  • orange;
  • pineapple;
  • grapefruit

2. Смешанные диеты, когда в рационе
there are different fruits.

Фрукты для похудения

3. Комплексная диета — к плодам добавляют
other products. is heа наиболее щадящая из всех, так как туда
protein and carbohydrate foods are included, that is, the ration most

Mixed fruit diet for 7 days

Experts recommend a mixed diet on average.
7 days, then “protein” starvation may occur. Depending
from the health of a person its duration can be adjusted –
decrease or, conversely, increase.

It is necessary to observe drinking regime, drinking about 2.5 liters.
fluid. Preference is given to fresh juices, decoctions and clean

For the diet, use a variety of fresh fruits or prepare
salads. Sample menu, which adhere to the week:

  1. In the first morning reception, it is better to eat a banana, as it gives
    saturation for quite a while.
  2. For second breakfast it is enough to eat apples or
  3. At lunch, preference is better to give citrus.
  4. Enough for an afternoon snack to eat kiwi or a pear.
  5. For dinner – pineapple.

If you have a famine before bedtime, you are allowed to eat a handful of berries
– currants, blueberries or an apple bite. For lunch and dinner you can
cook fruit salad.

Recipes for fruit salad for weight loss

On a fruit diet, pay attention to the following.

Recipe number 1

  1. Take 2 large size oranges, 2 ripe kiwi, 1 banana,
    pomegranate kernels halved fruit, fresh mint.
  2. Fruits are thoroughly washed and cleaned. Oranges cut into slices,
    the rest of the fruit – thin circles.
  3. All mixed, shifted on a plate, sprinkled with grains
    pomegranate and decorated with mint leaves.

Recipe number 2

  1. Grapefruit, pineapple, mint leaves washed.
  2. Fruits are peeled, it is better to do it with a sharp knife to
    juice has not flowed out.
  3. Cut into pieces and mix.
  4. Mint leaves can be rubbed with a teaspoon of sugar and
    add to salad.

Recipe number 3

  1. Take 2 apples or pears, 10 ripe plums and half pulp
    small melon.
  2. Apples (груши) очищают от кожуры и удаляют семена. Cut them
    small cubes.
  3. Plums, removing the bone, chopped straw.
  4. Melon pulp is also cut into cubes of small size. Everything
    The prepared products are transferred to a bowl and mixed.
  5. If desired, add natural yogurt to the salad.

For breakfast you can also prepare a fruit salad from

Restrictions and contraindications

The fruit diet is one of the most beneficial diets, but also
there are limitations. In case of an allergic reaction to
they do not consume any fruits and replace them with other fruits. BUT
also it cannot be used for chronic diseases
желудочно-кишечного тракта, сахарном диабете (о допустимом
diabetes diet for diabetes is described here).

In addition, each fruit has its own contraindications, therefore
using this diet is necessary before you start to consult with
doctor and identify the presence of hidden diseases. Pregnant and lactating
women are contraindicated in any diet.

So, the fruit diet can be followed at any time of the year.
choosing fruits seasonal. This is not only an opportunity to lose one.
weight, but also excellent cleaning of the whole body. If you wish, you can
экспериментировать с разрешенными фруктами, готовя salads.

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