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Sat, Oct 22, 2016

Holidays December 9

Heroes Day of the Fatherland

In the Russian Federation, it is celebrated every year on December 9th. Working
day. The history of the holiday originates from the times of Tsarist Russia,
where the holiday was celebrated – the Day of St. George Cavaliers, celebrated
December 9th annually. On this day, Catherine the Great established
famous St. George Order – the highest imperial military award. WITH
the coming to power of the Bolsheviks the holiday was canceled and the Order, as
military reward abolished. Order in post-Soviet Russia
restored in 2000. The First Order of St. George the Victorious
современной России был награжден генерал-полковник WITHергей Макаров в
2008 Heroes Day of the Fatherland был установлен ATысшthem советом
Russian Federation on January 26, 2007. Holiday is not set
only as a tribute to the memory of the heroes, but also as a celebration of the living Heroes
WITHоветского WITHоюза, кавалеров орденов WITHлава и WITHвятого Георгия, Героев

International Day against Corruption

The UN General Assembly proclaimed the day of December 9th
anti-corruption. The purpose of the establishment of such a day was
preventing corruption, fighting it, and
increased understanding of various issues related to corruption. AT
This day in various countries are peaceful activities – lectures,
seminars, rallies. WITH 2004 года ежегодный доклад Трансперенси
International – The “Barometer of World Corruption” is timed to the Day of Fighting

December 9 in the national calendar

Юрьев день (иначе: Осенний Юрьев день, ATолчий Behindступник, Егорий
winter, Egoriy with a bridge, George the Victorious). According to popular belief
it was believed that “Yegori sets free the wolves”, which may
attack any cattle. AT народе считалось, что с Юрьева дня волки
may be suitable for the courts. WITHлавяне считали, что волки с этого
days become especially evil and begin to attack the cattle.
WITHуществовало также древнее поверье, согласно которому некоторые
particularly stingy people went to this day in the coffin of a domino and fell into
hibernation, like bears to Yuri warm.

Russian Orthodox Church honors Alipia on this day
the steward, who led the ascetic life. Near the temple Alipy
built a pillar from an old column, and was on it 53
year, constantly praying to God, instructing and teaching many people,
coming to him. For his activities, the saint was awarded the gift
prophecies, healing sickness, and casting out demons. Later near
pillars sprang monasteries – male and female. AT этих монастырях
Alypius introduced rather strict monastic rules. Managed by these
monasteries Alypy before his death.

Historical events of December 9

1489 год — взятие войсками Фердинанда и
Isabella Base after a long seven-month defense of the Moors. it
one of the key events in the reconquest of the Pyrenees
the Spaniards and the Portuguese.

1824 год — битва под Аякучо в Перу в войне за
independence ended in victory for the fighters over the royalists.
The result of the victory was the signing by the viceroy of Peru, José de la
WITHерна окончательной капитуляции.

1836 год — первая постановка оперы «Иван
WITHусанин» М.И. Glinka, which consisted of 4 acts and an epilogue. Opera
describes the events of 1612 – the Polish gentry’s march on Moscow.

1842 год — опера М.И. Glinka “Ruslan and Lyudmila”
first performed on the big stage. It is noteworthy that the opera is not
was met with enthusiasm. Glinka’s masterpiece was strikingly different from
popular at that time works of French and Italian
opera schools. The attitude to the play changed only after
the third exit on stage when A.YA. Петрова-ATоробьева оправилась
from the disease and was able to perform originally intended to her
party Ratmir.

1929 год — организация Реологического общества
– non-scientific non-profit society that united chemists,
physicists, engineers, mathematicians. Society set as its goal
study of the problems of the science of deformation, material flow,
development of rheology and applications. At the moment, this society
is the smallest and has about 1,700 members.

1931 год — начало ATторой испанской республики,
marked the republican period in the history of Spain. New
the government demonstrated radical policies in rural
economy, the army and in religious matters, however
significant changes in the economy did not work.

1941 год — г. Елец освобожден от
Nazi invaders.

1953 год — в WITHоединенных Штатах Америки в
General Electric began massive layoffs
Communist employees because of the fear of the “Red Threat”.
Начался второй период антикоммунизма в истории WITHША.

1961 год — в Израиле в городе Иерусалthem суд над
Adolf Eichmann convicts him of crimes against
humanity, the verdict of the court – the death penalty. AT гестапо А. Эйхман
directly responsible for the mass destruction of the Jewish people.
После ATторой мировой войны пытался скрываться в Южной Америке, но
Mossad agents tracked him down and took him to Israel.

1968 год — в WITHан-Франциско Дугласом
Engelbart first demonstrated invented them
hypertext and computer mouse. The first computer that
provided for the connection of a computer mouse, was Xerox 8010. Mouse
production of Xerox cost about 400 dollars.

1987 год — началось восстание палестинских
Arabs against Israel (the first Palestinian intifada), which
lasted until 1991. Some historians and political scientists call
годом окончания интифады 1993 год, когда были подписаны WITHоглашения
Oslo. it восстание иногда называют в литературе «войной камней»,
because Palestinians as weapons against the Israelis used, in
mostly, only improvised unpretentious weapons and stones.

1990 год — Лех ATаленса победил на первых
presidential elections in Poland. ATо втором туре он набрал 74,25%
votes and won a very impressive victory. His reforms were
aimed at achieving a free market economy and
political stability of Poland.

1992 год — в WITHомали началась миротворческая
the UN operation, which was designed to provide delivery and
distribution of humanitarian aid as well as promote
cessation of hostilities. AT 1995 году войска ООН покинули
WITHомали, так и не добившись главной цели — прекращения гражданской
of war.

2001 год — в Амурской области на станции Гонжа
there was a collision of three trains, which led to heavy
the consequences. The driver and assistant locomotive driver
ATЛ80WITH-1408/1225 погибли.

2005 год — знаменитые двухэтажные красные
London buses “Rudmasters” ceased to be used in
London «Рутмастер» стал своего рода сthemволом Лондона и самым
recognizable bus in the world.

2008 года — прошли похороны Патриарха
Московского и ATсея Руси Алексия . He was buried in Moscow in
Epiphany Yelokhovsky Cathedral. AT годы его патриаршества
there was a steady increase in the number of churches, monasteries, dioceses,
increased autonomy of canonical divisions, increasing role
ROC in political circles.

December 9 were born

K.L. Бертолле (1748-1822 г.г.) — французский
хthemик, основные исследования которого находятся в области
неорганической хthemии, а также хthemии растворов и сплавов. His
able to establish the composition of ammonia, hydrocyanic acid, marsh
gas, hydrogen sulfide, to open salts of chlorine and hypochlorous
acids. Кроме этого, он первым прthemенил хлор в процессе отбеливания
tissue and paper.

Адальберт Крюгер (1832-1896 г.г.) – немецкий
astronomer. A. Kruger was an employee of the Bonn Observatory,
participated in the description of the northern starry sky. Later A. Kruger
headed the observatories in Helsingfors, Gotha and Kiel.

Петр Кропоткин (1842-1921 г.г.) — теоретик
Anarchism, Russian revolutionary, geographer, writer. AT 1874 году
made a sensational report on the existence of the ice age. Behind
belonging to a revolutionary circle was pursued, placed in
Peter and Paul Fortress, from where, for health reasons, was transferred to
military hospital. From the hospital Kropotkin fled and hid in
emigration. AT Россию он вернулся в июне 1917 года.

K.A. Чампи (1920 г.р.) — десятый по счету
президент Италии, занthemал пост с 1999 года по 2006 год. AT 2006 году
was nominated for presidency in spite of solid
age, however, personally rejected the nomination.

A.A. Иванов (1936-1996 г.г.) — ведущий передачи
«ATокруг смеха», поэт-пародист. A. Ivanov in the Khrushchev era
thaw first called himself a parodist poet. WITH 1967 года был
the regular author of the “Club 12 chairs”.

A.A. ATассерман (1952 г.р.) — победитель
various intellectual games, political consultant,
journalist. AT 1989 году впервые участвовал в популярной
intellectual game “What? Where? When?”. Also participated in games
«Брэйн-ринг», «WITHвоя игра», «Игры разума».

D.G. Малкович (1953 г.р.) — американский актер
film and theater, director and producer. AT качестве киноактера сыграл
many roles. Directorial activity marked by pictures
�”Dancing at the top” and “Disgusting man.” Received twice
the Oscar statuette as the best supporting actor, repeatedly
became the winner of the Golden Globe Award.

WITH.М. Хелберг (1980 г.р.) — американский актер
comic genre. WITHтал популярен благодаря роли в комедийном
series “The Big Bang Theory”.

Name Day December 9

9 декабря празднуют themенины Афанасий, ATасилий, Георгий, Даниил,
Ilya, Ivan, Innokenty, Nikolay, Nazar, Peter, Julian, Jacob.

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