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Mon, Nov 07, 2016

Holidays December 20

Militia Day of Ukraine

In 1990, the law of Ukraine “On Police” was adopted, two years later
approved by the official state professional police
celebration. Today, all police units (criminal police,
State Automobile Inspectorate, public police
security, security police, transport police, special
militia) allocate the best employees, award the distinguished,
honor all who make a reasonable contribution to ensuring
the safety of citizens and the prevention of offenses. Besides,
the police are responsible for disclosing crime and search
criminals, crime prevention, security
on the roads and more.

Yule – Anglo-Saxon holiday

A holy and mighty celebration brings the trolls together,
elves, gods and goddesses, the living and the dead of the Lower Worlds. Believed
that those who have the gift to communicate with other worlds, leave this day
their bodies. During Yule, clan members gathered together for a large
feast. Traditions to Dress Up an Evergreen Tree in Christian Christmas
They take the sources from Yule. Eki, pine, fir are considered as
symbol of life during the winter frosts. Duration Yule – 13
nights, between sunset and dawn. This is the distance between
over the years, stopping between worlds. At this time, rotates
spindle of fate, oaths are given. Superstition that the new year
spend as he is met, also originates in this

Day of the national security bodies in Russia

National security is closely related to such concepts as
development of personality and society. State security of the country
is in the hands of state security officers who
protect the vital interests of citizens from external and internal
threats. The history of the holiday begins in 1917, when it was first
The All-Russian Emergency Commission was formed. Title
The organization has changed several times, and today this day is dedicated
employees of the Security Authorities of the Russian Federation.

International Day of People Solidarity

The International Solidarity Day is a day of unity and mutual assistance.
people support in social groups
a friend. The UN General Assembly in its resolution notes that
An entire decade of alleviation of poverty has passed. Expected 21
millennium will revise the fundamental values ​​of humanity and
the main one will be the solidarity of people. Mass media
information on this day post thematic articles and transfer
notes on blogs and online resources. The emblem of the day is the emblem
UN representing all the continents on which people live. Branches
Olives symbolize peace on the planet.

Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Intervention in Panama

The events of 1989 for the country are memorable and tragic.
American troops attacked Panama, the death toll as a result
interventions of the strongest army of the world, according to different sources,
reached 3-7 thousand. Prime Minister Noriega was dismissed.
The American army tried to present in the face of the world
the public this operation, as exemption from the drug mafia and
dictatorship of the general, however, during its implementation suffered a large
number of peaceful people. December 20th are commemorated events.
about the dead.

December 20 – Chicken Christmas in Serbia (St. Ignatius Day

Serb mistresses on this fun holiday collect eggs from chickens and
conduct several rituals. Waiting for the guest who first came into the house
man is declared “chicken anointed.” He is obliged to sit on
pillow and “carry” eggs. Then he breaks the pumpkin. Scattered
Seeds symbolize the birth of a large number of chickens. At attention
the sitting guest is served snacks and Serbian vodka. If guest
copes well with its responsibilities, chickens rush well, and
many chickens are hatching. Chicken Christmas members of the whole family
threw into the furnace a log and a tree branch for good luck and good luck. Branches
stored under the roof of the house until they begin to trot chickens. Also
watch the weather. Good crop predict snow or

Folk calendar December 20

Memory of Saint Ambrose of Milan

In the IV century in Italy there lived a preacher and poet Ambrose, who
famous for the fact that he was able to put hymns. He had a huge
the authority of one of the great teachers of the church, influenced
policy of the country, received the post of perfect Northern Italy. AT
at the end of his life he sacrificed his whole fortune for the needs of the church. is he
could work wonders with his prayer. С этого дня Русь ATеликая
preparing for the main holiday – Christmas. Girls
rejoiced at the speedy Svyatki and anticipated the festivities with the guys. AT этом
no other holidays are assumed, therefore girls are all
the strength was given to the preparation of the dowry — sewed, knitted, embroidered.
Dowry exhibited at a wide review to rate them

Significant historical events of December 20

20 декабря 1699 года — переход России на новое

That same day Peter I signed famous decree on transition to
new countdown and commanded to celebrate the New Year by
European example on January 1st. AT указе было предписано всем
arrange spruce branches in the house and as a sign of fun
congratulate each other. The new 18th century began under the gun
fireworks and fireworks. Muscovites were obliged to let the muskets
rockets near the houses. The procession continued on the Jordan River 6
January The great king himself remained in military uniform this time.
with its regiments (Preobrazhensky and Semenovsky), in caftans with
golden buttons. Boyars and service people were obliged to wear
Unusual European costumes – Hungarian kaftans. Women also
dressed in a foreign fashion.

20 декабря 1803 года Соединенные штаты Америки
bought the state of louisiana

The vast territory between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains
belonged to several centuries of France. For these lands American
the government has posted 15 million dollars. Square USA immediately
almost doubled. For the population, the transition to citizenship
The USA has become a real tragedy, since languages ​​have been supplanted,
spoken by immigrants from France and Spain. This led to
interracial discord, the spread of the Ku Klux Klan, the apartheid regime
and Jim Crow laws. AT штате цветное население преобладало вплоть
until 1900.

20 декабря 1958 года – открытие памятника
Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky

The monument to the creator of the Cheka stood on the square for 33 years. Then on this
the place was placed a stone in memory of the victims of Stalin’s repression.
The sculpture Dzerzhinsky transferred to the Crimean shaft. Moscow City Council
believes that the restoration of the monument to its former place may contribute
split into society.

20 декабря 2000 года — разрешение палатой
Lords of human cloning in England

�“Against” were only 92 people, “for” – 212.
Implied embryonic cells will be used
only for medical and scientific purposes – to find a cure for
cancer, treatment of Parkinson’s disease and leukemia. Patience and
caution against the desire to help sick people: confrontation
when passing the law was very active. Heads of religious
denominations, the head of the Anglican church and the Tibetan monks were
categorically “against”, but the decision was made.

December 20 were born:

Питер Де Хох (1629 — 1685), живописец,

In the paintings of de Hoch carefully designed interiors
sunlight was experimentally depicted. Most often on them
depicts people in the process of action. It could be commoners
or tall persons, they all did some work. Besides,
он известен как семейный portraitist.

Алексей Александрович Баландин (1898- 1967
years), founder of the school in the field of catalysis in Russia

Alexey Balandin was a talented scientist with a wonderful
education, but it did not save him from prison during Stalin’s
repression. However, the scientist was released, and he became the head
technical laboratory. is he разработал мультиплексную теорию
Catalysis and received with the Stalin Prize. But it did not save
его от повторных repression. The scientist was again arrested and sent
in Norillag. The state decided to use his knowledge. Sitting in
camp, he worked in the laboratory for the preparation of nickel powder. AT
1953 rehabilitated, and again awarded the Order of Labor
Red Banner.

Ким Ки Дук (1960 год), южнокорейский режиссер и

The Korean artist had several formations, served in the marine
infantry, however, the passion for painting led him to study in Paris.
Here he felt the artistic and literary inclinations,
started writing scripts and making films. AT фильмах: «Натянутая
bowstring “,” Real Fiction “,” Wild Animals “, for all the time
almost no words were spoken. These are bright parables, leisurely
spoken by the language of images, where there is much silence, but the words seem
superfluous. Also в Европе проходят выставки картин Ким Ки Дука.

Мария Юрьевна Skobtsov (1891- 1945), русская
writer, nun

Maria Skobtsova lived a short life, and devoted many years
serving God. AT молодости она писала книги, была дважды замужем,
had two children. Becoming a nun, she was the head of the student
Christian movement founded a hostel for women and
charitable organization of assistance to immigrants in Paris. Skobtsov
known for being located in her house during World War 2
headquarters of the resistance movement in France. for this she was cast into
concentration camp, where she died soon. AT 2004 году Мария Юрьевна Skobtsov
was canonized.

Дэвид Джозеф Бом (1917- 1992 годы), талантливый

David Bohm’s studies of plasma, synchrotron and
synchrocyclotron used in the creation of the atomic bomb in the United States.
Cooperating with Einstein, he wrote his main work “Quantum
theory”. Another significant discovery of Bohm is the quantum effect.
the interconnectedness of “Aaronov-Bohm”.

Name Day December 20

Ivan, Ignat, Leo, Mikhail, Alexey, Anton, Pavel, Peter, Gregory,
Nikifor, Sergey, Julia.

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