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Tue, Oct 18, 2016

Holidays December 2

Banker’s Day in Russia

The banking profession has always been considered very
prestigious and profitable. However, only the initiates know what
complex and painstaking work lies behind the seeming simplicity and
since modern banking is high
technology, huge flows of information and a huge
a responsibility. Banking workers know firsthand
what is extracurricular work, short deadlines, reporting and

Laos Independence Day

In the late 1950s, internal conflicts in Laos led to
civil war, in which the United States and the Northern
Vietnam. The civil war ended in 1973 with the signing
peace agreement. In 1975, December 2, King of Laos Sawang
Vathana abdicated the throne under pressure from the People’s Liberation
An army that violated the terms of the peace treaty and took power in
country in their hands. So with the direct support
countries of the socialist camp, Lao was formed
People’s Democratic Republic.

UAE Independence Day

The UAE began its independence on December 2, 1971, when
six emirates have federated and declared themselves
independent state of the United Arab Emirates. Seventh
The emirate joined the UAE a year later. Just in this period
there was an incredible jump in oil prices, which gave a tremendous
economic impetus for the development of the state.

International Day for the Abolition

On this day of 1949, the UN General Assembly adopted
Convention against Trafficking and
exploitation of prostitution by third parties. As noted by the General
секретарь ООН в день принятия Конвенции, современные формы slavery
continue to flourish due to discrimination, social
inequality and vulnerability of people, which is exacerbated by poverty.

Folk calendar December 2

According to the folk calendar, December 2 (old style 19
November) – the day of memory of St. Avdius, who is believed to be
patron saint of family well-being and household. For
that any evil spirits could not get into the house, on the day of the name of Abdi
Guardian decided to knock on the doorposts and window frames butt
an ax. In addition, ancestors tried to Avdey not to leave the house,
to protect yourself from a cold.

Historical events of December 2

1409 год — открытие Лейпцигского университета,
which is currently the second oldest on
the territory of Germany (after the University of Heidelber). Opening
University was the result of the Hussite movement, which came down
to teachers and students of Charles University in Prague.
Students and teachers moved to Leipzig and almost immediately
resumed the work of faculties.

1804 год — провозглашение Наполеона Бонапарта
Emperor of France, which was the result of his popularity in
as a military general. In 1799, Napoleon broke up
Directory and representative bodies proclaiming the regime
consulates. In 1800, a constitution was approved. In 1802
Napoleon succeeded in passing a decree through the Senate
his authority for life, and in 1804 he became emperor

1805 год — поражение союзных войск в
Austerlitz battle. This battle was a decisive battle and entered into
history as the “battle of the three emperors” (Napoleon I, Alexander I,
Franz II). The battle took place near the town of Slavkov u Brna, on
currently located in the Czech Republic. Russian army
was under the command of MI Kutuzov and together with
The 25 thousandth army of Austrians had a numerical advantage over
the french. However, this did not help the allies to win. After
defeat Austria left the anti-French coalition, and Russia
continued the war as part of the Fourth Coalition.

1902 год — сильное землетрясение в Узбекистане,
magnitude at which reached 6.7-9 points. Epicenter
the earthquake was in Andijan, in which it was destroyed
many architectural structures.

1920 год — заключение Александропольского
Treaty – a peace treaty between Turkey and Armenia, which
marked the end of the Armenian-Turkish war. Military conflict
lasted from September to December 1920 and ended in defeat
Armenians. According to the peace agreement, the Turks received
control over the entire territory of western Armenia. The remaining part
the territory was controlled by Russian troops.

1942 год — получение контролируемой цепной
nuclear reaction. Italian-American physicist Enrico Fermi began
work on the topic of a chain reaction in a special uranium-graphite medium with
1939 Since 1941, a number of experiments were carried out to measure
neutron flux. The result of these studies was to obtain
neutron multiplication factor greater than one, which
suggested the possibility of obtaining a chain reaction in
large uranium-graphite lattice and was the beginning of the development
nuclear reactor. The construction of the reactor is over 2 December 1942
years, and it immediately produced a unique, invaluable
an experiment that showed a process of self-sustaining chain

1971 год — первая мягкая посадка на Марс,
which was carried out by the Mars-3 landing module,
developed by NPO im.Lavochkina.

1990 год — пилотируемый космический аппарат с
Soyuz TM-11 international crew launched to the Mir station.
This flight was called the first commercial flight, because among crew
attended by a Japanese journalist, Toyohiro Akiyama, who broadcast
regular television and radio reports to the Earth. Besides him on board
there were cosmonauts Musa Manarov and Viktor Afanasyev.

1992 год — создано и отправлено первое
sms message The message was transmitted in the UK with
computer to a mobile phone operating in the GSM network.

Born 2 december

Джозеф Белл (1837-1911 г.г.) — профессор
Edinburgh University, famous surgeon. He was intimately familiar
with writer Arthur Conan Doyle and became the prototype of the famous
detective Sherlock Holmes. Joseph Bell was versatile.
intellect, it was equally easy for him to give both humanitarian and
applied Science. One of his most serious hobbies was
study of the effects of poisons on humans, which he regularly
spent in his own laboratory.

Жорж-Пьер Сера (1859-1891 г.г.) —
post-impressionist artist, creator of a new original genre
painting “divisionism” (“pointillism”). Georges Cera was born in the capital
France in a rich family lawyer. His new style in fine
art was to use the transfer of shades using
the effect of merging small parts – individual color dots merge
in an unusual shade when viewing images from a distance.
The most famous paintings – “Sunday Day”, “Bathers in Anyer”,
«Анжелика у скалы» и etc.

Мария Каллас (1923-1977 г.г.) — американская
Opera singer. She was a versatile female singer.
repertoire from classical operas to works by Puccini, Verdi and
Wagner. The rise of the career of Maria Callas was accompanied by
LPs and a good relationship with Walter
Legge, a representative of a well-known record company.

Александр Яковлев (1923-2005 г.г.) — советский
public and political figure, one of the ideologists of the Soviet
�”Perestroika.” Since 1944, he was a member of the Communist Party, and in the period
1995-2000 was the leader of the Russian party of social

Джанни Версаче (1946-1997 г.г.) — итальянский
fashion designer. Under its own brand produced clothing, cosmetics,
perfumery, accessories, dishes, cars, furniture, phones
elite class His career began with the help of his mother – the owner
fashion store. Gianni helped hem clothes, pick up
necessary accessories, supply fabrics from European capitals.
The features of the clothing of his collections is the combination
incompatible: aristocracy and rebellion, baroque and
punk culture. His bright, defiant clothes didn’t leave anyone.

Люси Лью (1968 г.р.) — известная американская
actress. Popularity came to her after playing the role of Ling Wo in
TV series “Eliya Macbil.” For this role, Lucy was nominated for
receiving an Emmy Award as best supporting actress. Besides
of this, she is known for her roles in the Angels
Charlie “,” Chicago “,” Kill Bill “,” Kung Fu Panda “, etc.

Франческо Тольдо (1971 г.р.) — итальянский
Footballer, speaking at the position of the goalkeeper. From 1995 to 2004
He played for the Italian national team. Club career began with
youth teams “Milan” and “Verona”. Later he played
clubs “Trento”, “Ravenna”, “Fiorentina”, “Inter”.

Бритни Спирс (1981 г.р.)- американская
поп-певица, автор песен, actress. Debut album “Baby One More
Time “, released in 1999, at one point made it worldwide
popular. In total, Britney Spears currently has 7 issued
albums. Her work has been awarded several Grammy awards as
the best vocal female performance, the best vocal album,
best dance record.

Name Day December 2

On this day, the birthday of Alexander, Adrian, Benjamin,
Valentin, Gregory, Gerasim, Dmitry, Denis, Ivan, Illarion,
Ignatius, Constantine, Michael, Porfiry, Peter, Sergey, Fedor.

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