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Mon, Oct 31, 2016

Holidays December 14

Day of the Chernobyl NPP liquidator

In the elimination of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was involved a large
number of specialists. December 14 was adopted by the act of surrender of all
defenses over the destroyed 4th power unit. Sarcophagus was
Passed a few days earlier. In 2006, by decree of the President of Ukraine
December 14, officially became a memorable day of liquidation
an accident. On this day, its heroic participants are honored,
as soon as possible at the cost of their own health to protect the world from
radiation propagation. Recognition of this day as an official memorable
day reminds the world of the threat of radiation, and the status
liquidators, many of whom need constant
costly treatment. Certificate of liquidators in 1986
Got just 5,000 people. In the sarcophagus works
far more people participated (about 650 thousand) half of
they are residents of Ukraine.

Naumov day

In Russia, since ancient times, this day was called “wise.” It was believed
that St. Naum can “bring to mind,” that is, teach something
or think up. Earlier on this day, children came to the teacher.
Since the training was inextricably linked with the punishments with rods,
the mother mourned the difficulties coming to her child and lamented,
accompanying on the road to the teacher. On the first day the children worshiped three times.
the teacher, and he “rewarded” the students with three symbolic blows.
Parents offered the teacher a loaf with bread and salt wrapped in
towel, inside convolution put tuition fees. Sometimes classes
paid for products – chickens, eggs, milk, bread. The main
The principle of the old school was unquestioning obedience.

Safar (Beginning of the second month of the Muslim calendar)

After the main month of the Muslim calendar Muharram
comes safar. The autumn season has a symbolic yellow color, and
Safar is associated with falling leaves and deserted streets,
empty Mecca. The whole Muslim calendar is based on the moon
cycle, first introduced it into use in 638, a close ally
Prophet Mohammed the second caliph Umar ibn Al-Khattab. It was he
put much effort into rationalization pretty
contradictory time systems.

Day of the victims of the Latvian tragedy in Abkhazia

The 1992-1993 Patriotic War in Abkhazia brought
numerous victims. Georgian-Abkhaz conflict caused
the deaths of 84 people, including 35 children and 8 pregnant women. AT
Gudauta city buried the remains of the victims of the Latvian tragedy – shot down
December 14, 1992 plane, making a charity flight.
AT Гудауте установлен мемориал памяти жертвам трагедии, в этот день
mourning meetings and wreaths and flowers are held there. AT месте
takeoff aircraft in the city of Tkuarchal also installed a memorial.

Folk calendar December 14

Memory of the Holy Prophet Nahum

AT Галиллее в VII веке до нашей эры жил prophet, который написал
the book of prophecies. Her writing dates back to 663 BC. e.
The once mighty Assyrian state, with its capital in Nineveh, fell
under the blows of enemies, as the inhabitants mired in sins. Naum
He predicted this fall and considered it a fair punishment for sins.
На Руси Naum почитается как покровитель образования. AT этот день
remember the sayings related to the study: “The root of learning is bitter, yes
плод его сладок» и молятся Святому Naumу: «prophet Naum острит

Memorial historical events of December 14

14 декабря 1542 года — Мария Стюарт объявлена
Queen of France

The young queen was only six days old at the time. Through
a few months, an official ceremony. AT 1943 году
pro-British government was formed, into the country
many exiles returned. Under the Greenwich Treaty of Mary
was to marry the son of the king of England. ATпоследствии, Мария
abdicated the throne in favor of her one-year-old son. Mary’s life
Stewart ended sadly – she was imprisoned in a dungeon and
later publicly executed.

14 декабря 1893 года открылись ATерхние торговые
rows in the center of Moscow, later renamed GUM

At the opening of the complex attended by Moscow Governor Sergey
Romanov and Princess Elizaveta Fyodorovna. AT основу строительства
buildings put psevdorussky style. AT гигантских продольных
Passages placed over a thousand stores. 16 Meter
the spans are glazed with an arched way, additionally there were three
large hall. ATнешне здание было отделано финским гранитом и
Tarusa marble. AT настоящее время государство не является
the owner of GUM, trading rows belong to the Russian company Bosco
di Ciliegi, selling luxury goods. Largest shopping
The complex of Europe is considered a monument of architecture of the federal

14 декабря 1911 года Роальд Амундсен достиг
South Pole

Amudsen went to this victory for several years, postponing the expedition
For undefined period. Originally Amudsen was going to conquer
North Pole, however his expedition did not take place due to
ahead of his American Frederick Cook. First achievement
was the opening of the Northwest passage from the atlantic ocean to
Quiet. AT 1910 году началась знаменитая экспедиция в сторону
Antarctic. She went to the South Pole on dog sleds.
On December 14, the flag of the expedition of Amudsen was hoisted over the North
a pole, exactly one month before the arrival of another in this place
researcher Robert Scott.

14 декабря 1947 года – начало денежной реформы
and cancel food cards

ATведенная в начале войны карточная система продовольствия
worked in the country for 6 years. AT 1947 году была проведена денежная
reform. ATведены в действие новые купюры, в десять раз уменьшающие
nominal value of previous banknotes. Repeatedly
pointedly reduced the prices of essential goods and
convertible government loans. Gold content of the ruble
remained the same, so people very quickly felt
the positive impact of the reform.

December 14 were born:

Нострадамус (1503 — 1566 годы), великий

Michel de Notrdam is from Provence. Among his hobbies were
medicine, art, astrology. The plague epidemic claimed the lives of members
his families are wives and children. Nostradamus works as a doctor, saving lives
people across the country. The prophetic gift manifested in him in Italy. ATо
the second marriage he is born six more children. Prophetic
the visions visit him constantly, he founds the almanac
predictions. His admirers were famous people, including
Queen of France Catherine de Medici. He became her court healer and
an astrologer.

Ранбир Радж Капур (1924 — 188 годы), «king»
indian screen

Starting at the age of 6, Raja Kapoor’s entire life was associated with Indian
cinema. Even as a child, he performed in the theater of his father. is he
went through all the stages of studying the skill in cinema, working
actor, director and graphic designer. His first film is like
director and actor allowed to open his studio. The film “Tramp”
became a real triumph, having received at the Cannes Film Festival the main
prize. Then he became the best director of India, and also received on
фестивале в Карловых ATарах хрустальный globe. His studio has become
one of the leading in the country, films triumphantly marched across the screens
around the world and continue to be interesting and exciting.

Тихо (Тюге) Браге (1546-1601 годы), знаменитый
danish astronomer

Astronomy became his vocation. is he сам выполняет многие чертежи
for astronomical instruments, makes the famous star
globe. is he написал несколько книг по астрономии, первая – «О новой
star “, brought him worldwide fame and place of teacher in
the university. is he создал каталог на 1000 звезд, используя при этом
special observatory on the gift of King Frederick 2
the island.

Зинаида Александровна ATолконская (1792 -1862
years), princess, cultural figure of Russia

AT 1825 году в ее доме образовался салон для знаменитых
writers. Его посещали Мицкевич, Баратынский, ATеневитинов, а также
Pushkin. is heа была членом кружка «Общество истории и древностей
Russian “. Именно Зинаида ATолконская отправляла в Сибирь жен
Decembrists. Последние годы жизни ATолконская провела в Италии.
Известно, что ее связывали дружеские отношения с Н. AT. Гоголем.

Nikolai Фёдорович Щербина (1821- 1869 годы),
Russian poet

ATсе его произведения описывают древнегреческие сцены. Nikolai
Shcherbina was brought up in a family with Greek roots, life and legends
this people were absorbed, as they say, with their mother’s milk. First
his poem “Sappho” was written at the age of 13 years. Success with readers
He had a collection of “Greek poems”, as well as his other
poems. Interestingly, based on the verse “After the Battle”
written by the famous Russian song “The Sea Spread Wide.”

Георг VI (1895-1952 годы), Британский

George V became the king not only of Britain, but also the supreme
правителем Канады, Австралии, ATеликобритании, Южной Африки, Индии и
Ireland He later became the Commander of the British Armed Forces
and Canada. is he являлся адмиралом флота, маршалом Королевских и
Австралийских ATATС. George VI was an active opponent of fascism, in
during the war years he was in France and Africa, in Normandy, along with
their troops. His daughter Elizabeth is the Queen of England and

Name Day December 14:

AT этот день празднуют свои именины Дмитрий, Naum, Порфирий.

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