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Wed, Oct 19, 2016

Holidays December 1

Day of Military Glory of Russia

December 1 marks the victory of the squadron of admiral P. S. Nakhimov
over the Turkish squadron at Cape Sinop in 1853. This battle was
one of the first in the Crimean War, and the victory of the Russian squadron over
the Turks became crushing. In Russia, there are several
days of military glory, these days remember victories in battles,
which became decisive for the course of the history of the state.

World AIDS Day

Proclaimed by WHO in 1988, this day serves as a reminder of
the importance of combating the HIV / AIDS epidemic. December 1, traditionally
there are actions aimed at increasing public knowledge about
diseases, to dispel myths about her, propaganda is conducted
prevention and treatment of this disease.

Day of the prosecutors of Ukraine

This professional holiday received official status in 2000
year, as a tribute to the prosecutors of Ukraine for their contribution
in defense of human rights, the formation of Ukraine as a legal
state, strengthening the rule of law.

Iceland Independence Day

On this day in 1918, Iceland was declared independent
by the state. Previously, since 1380, she was under control
Of Denmark. During the XIX century, gradually gaining momentum
the liberation movement for the independence of Iceland, representatives
whom demanded the overthrow of the Danish government. In 1874 they
achieved limited autonomy and the adoption of the constitution, and in 1918
year on the world map appeared independent state of Iceland.

Portugal Independence Day

Since the end of the XVI century, Portugal was dominated by the Spanish
empire, and, more precisely, King Philip II. The country is increasingly poorer
suffered from inquisition and persecution of non-christian population. Long
This could not continue, and in 1637 swept through Portugal
a wave of popular uprisings, whose leaders began to push
independence requirements. The struggle was long and difficult, however
soon Madrid had no choice but to recall the governor
and recognize the independence of Portugal.

National Unity Day of Romania

This holiday is celebrated since 1918 – December 1 was exactly
signed an agreement between the Kingdom of Romania and representatives
Transylvania and Banat about merging into one state. Main
the goal was a joint effort to revive Romania, strongly
affected during the First World War.

December 1 in the national calendar

Plato and Roman. Winter pointers.

This day is dedicated to the memory of the great martyrs Plato and Roman,
who lived in the IV century. Although they did not preach Christian
faith together, remember them on the same day – December 1st.

Народная примета гласит, что по погоде в этот
day you can determine the nature of the future winter, and in detail, by
months: the warm morning promises a warm December, but if in the afternoon it becomes
frosty – January will be harsh, well, and judged by the evening temperature
how fast the winter will leave us. At night you can lift
head and look at the month – if a circle is visible around it, then
frosts will come very soon. In honor of this day there is the following
the proverb: “Plato and Roman seem winter to us, – what is this day, such
there will be winter. ”

Historical events of December 1

1800 – the city is named the capital of the United States

Washington was built from scratch and was originally founded as
capital city. This decision was made by the American government for
to avoid disputes and rivalries between existing
cities. From Philadelphia transported there Congress and December 1, 1800
the city held a solemn ceremony of proclaiming Washington
the capital.

1887 – saw the light of the first novel about Sherlock Holmes.

The name of Sherlock Holmes has long become a household name, books about his
Adults are credited to both adults and children. Arthur’s first novel
Conan Doyle with the participation of this character, “Study in the purple tones”,
It was published on December 1, 1887. Illustrations to
The first edition was painted by the writer’s father, Charles Doyle.

1891 – James Naismith invented the game of basketball.

Basketball is a game that millions adore. Professional
basketball competitions collect a huge amount
fans, and the names of the stars of the game are familiar to every boy. But,
few people know that this is not just a folk game, but an author’s idea –
December 1, the teacher James Naismith decided to diversify classes
physical education in college, and tied two baskets to the railing
gym, invited students to throw as many balls in
rival basket.

1913 – installation of the first line of the conveyor assembly at the factory
Ford Motor Company.

On this day, an event occurred that forever changed the approach to
mass production. Henry Ford was keen to increase the amount
produced cars and increase productivity even
not knowing how much the world will change his idea – a conveyor assembly.
Now it is used everywhere, from food companies to
huge engineering plants.

1990 – the construction of a tunnel under Channel channel.

Construction of the Eurotunnel passing under the water column and
connecting the UK with continental Europe
call one of the most ambitious and ambitious construction projects of the twentieth century.
It was on December 1 in 1990 that two brigades of sinkers dug
the tunnel from the french and british sides met halfway and
united parts of the tunnel into a whole. From then until the UK from
France can be reached in less than three hours by train.

1991 – the first presidential election and referendum on
Independence in Ukraine.

December 1, 1991, the historic for Ukraine happened
event – the first round of the first presidential elections. In the same
the day a general referendum was held, to which only
One question: “Do you confirm the act of proclaiming independence
Of Ukraine? “. More than 90% of the population eventually answered the question
affirmatively In the presidential elections, Leonid won

December 1 born:

Николай Иванович Лобачевский (1792 -1856),
Russian mathematician, creator of non-Euclidean geometry. One of
the greatest Russian scientists and educators, Nikolai
Lobachevsky more than 40 years he gave teaching. is he
was an extremely versatile scientist, had deep knowledge in
mathematics, physics, astronomy. Innovative textbook
Lobachevsky on geometry, in which he departed from the adopted then
Euclidean canons, during the life of a scientist was not accepted at home,
however it was later translated into many languages ​​and extremely highly
appreciated by the world community.

Георгий Константинович Жуков (1896 — 1974),
Soviet commander, Marshal of the Soviet Union. One of the
famous commanders of the Second World War, Zhukov earned
the greatest glory for the victory at Stalingrad is precisely this defeat
It eventually became fundamental to the victory of the Soviet troops over
n fascist army. He also participated in operations
lifting the blockade of Leningrad, in the Moscow and Kursk battles. Exactly
Marshal Zhukov, on behalf of the High Command of the Red Army, accepted
Germany’s surrender on May 8, 1945.

Всеволод Михайлович Бобров (1922 — 1979),
soviet footballer, hockey player, football and hockey
coach. Legendary athlete, who gained fame on the football field in
matches for Dynamo Moscow. However, his talents were not limited
football – Bobrov was the only participant in the world Olympiad
honored to be the captain of both football and hockey
national team. Injuries forced him to leave football and in the early 50s
Bobrov fully concentrated on hockey, where he could still reach
greater success. Vsevolod’s coaching career was also remarkable.
Bobrova – under his leadership the USSR national hockey team twice
won the world championship.

Вуди Аллен (1935 год), американский
film director, writer, actor, producer. Legendary director,
Four times winner of the Oscar. His filmography is incredible
is extensive and includes such classic tapes as
�”Annie Hall”, “Shadows and Fog”, “Bullets over Broadway”, “Everything that you
always wanted to know about sex, but were afraid to ask. ” Confession
received and literary works of Allen, collections of stories and
plays Despite his advanced age, he continues regularly
make new films, act as a producer and actor, and
participate in comedy shows.

Геннадий Хазанов (1945 год), советский и
Russian actor and actor of conversational genre. For his long career
Gennady Khazanov managed to try himself in a variety of genres –
parody, clowning, reprise; however, he became famous thanks to
his first character – a culinary college student. After
This actor brought to life many more images, and also played in
theater and cinema. Since 1997, Khazanov heads the Moscow Theater

Гарик Сукачёв (1959 год), российский
rock musician, leader of the Brigade-S and The Untouchables groups, actor,
director, composer. Equally known as an actor and as
musician, Sukachev has released many albums (both solo and in
Brigade-S and The Untouchables, starred in a large
the number of films (“Fatal Eggs”, “The Sky in Diamonds”, “Blind Man’s Bluff”),
repeatedly and successfully tried his hand at directing
activities (“Crisis of middle age”, “Holiday”, “House
Suns “).

Name Day December 1:

Именины сегодня празднуют Николай, Plato and Roman.

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