Daily intake of urine protein

  • 1 Daily intake of protein for humans
    • 1.1 C-reactive protein
    • 1.2 In women
    • 1.3 During pregnancy
    • 1.4 In children
    • 1.5 Norm of protein in blood

Each of us at least once passed urine for analysis. This is standard
medical research that gives enough information for
diagnosis and treatment of almost any disease. Analyzing
The doctor can identify almost any ailment.
early stage.

Proteins are complex molecular compounds involved.
in all processes occurring in the body. But their appearance in the urine
often indicative of any violations.

Анализ мочи на его наличие, назначают в следующих

  1. 2 weeks after infection with streptococcus.
  2. Routine inspection.
  3. To verify the effectiveness of the previously prescribed treatment.
  4. In cases of kidney and urinary-excretory system as a whole.

Often, when detecting protein in the urine, the doctor asks for a repeat
undergoing the procedure. This is because the patient is bad
prepared before collecting the analysis. Therefore, be sure to wash
sex organs with soap and use sterile packaging.

В моче его быть не должно совсем, но допустимым
content is 0.033 g / l.
But it is important to understand that
proteins are an essential component for normal functioning
organism. On average, 40 grams per day are needed, but this value
calculated individually.


Daily intake of protein for humans

To replenish protein losses, use is necessary.
products, both animal and vegetable origin. Will be
better if you do not eat too much protein. Otherwise he
come out with urine.

Норма потребления протеинов в день для взрослого
rights should be determined by taking into account the level of physical

  • sedentary lifestyle: 1 kg of weight – 1.2 gr. protein;
  • physical activity 2 times a week: for 1 kg – 1.6 gr.
  • classes 3 or more times – 2 oz. per kilogram.

It is based on the ideal weight for your height. For
This height must be subtracted from centimeters 100.

C-reactive protein

C-reactive protein: что это такое и сколько должна быть

C reactive protein (CRP) is a protein produced by
by the body to assist in the fight against inflammatory
processes or injuries. Normally, its concentration should not
превышать 1 мg / l.

With reactive protein increased in
следующих cases:

  1. Autoimmune diseases – disorders of the immune system
    (lupus, rheumatoid arthritis).
  2. Local inflammation – tonsillitis, peritonitis.
  3. Bacterial infections are the highest here.
    содержания С реактивного белка в крови (до 10 мг на
  4. Viral infections – slight excesses (up to 3 mg / l).
  5. Damage to the integrity of the tissue – it provokes a sharp increase
    bacteria, which leads to an increase in CRP.
  6. Heart disease – heart attacks, myocarditis.

Among women

The protein in the urine in women can range from 0 to
0.033 mg / l.
Determined in laboratory conditions. Material
for research can be collected during the day.

Здесь подсчитают суточные потери протеина вместе с мочой —
no more than 150 mg / day. But if you wish, a one-time
portion – then the analysis will be carried out using electrophoresis.

Mainly in women, protein is increased due to physical exertion.
or malnutrition, and stress can also affect
hypothermia and late pregnancy.

When monitoring the bottom indicator, you need to know that
what foods will increase it. These include:

  • confectionery;
  • salty food;
  • vinegar-based pickles;
  • alcohol and mineral water in large quantities.

You should also limit ascorbic acid intake and increase
volume of fluid consumed. The rate of protein intake per day for
women depends on age and physical activity. On average this
70-80 grams per day.

But it all depends on what goals it pursues.
the fair sex. For похудения количество пищи,
rich in protein, better to increase. Thus, to achieve the desired
the result will be easier. But along with these actions will have
reduce and carbohydrate intake.

During pregnancy

Throughout pregnancy, the future mom needs
to control her health, because now she is responsible
not only for myself, but also for my baby. The obstetrician gynecologist will
require delivery of urine for a series of studies at least two
once a month.

The rate of protein in the urine during pregnancy should not exceed
0.033 мг/л,
но в некоторых случаях допускается превышение
up to 0.14 mg / l – in any case, each indicator will be taken into account by the doctor

Causes of increased protein:

  • eating large amounts of protein
  • incorrect collection of analysis;
  • pyelonephritis – often accompanied by back pain and
    increased body temperature;
  • preeclampsia or oxygen starvation of the fetus – this phenomenon is characteristic
    for the second trimester.

In children

The amount of protein in the urine in children is a very important indicator of health.

Usually, the pediatrician prescribes to give the urine for analysis in
нескольких cases:

  1. Before vaccination.
  2. 1 time per year for scheduled survey.
  3. During the illness to confirm the correctness of the selected

The rate of protein in the urine of a child should not exceed 0.036
g / l.
This means that there is no cause for concern.
The excess of this indicator may cause the development of a number of
diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease, epilepsy,
hypertension or lack of fluid in the body.

But most often, an increase in protein indicates malnutrition:
in infants – an excess of complementary foods in the form of mashed potatoes and juices, in children
older – an excess of protein-rich foods on the table

Blood protein norm

For определения этого показателя нужно провести общий анализ
blood. This will help diagnose a number of diseases at an early stage.
and start timely treatment. Количество протеина в крови
depends on the patient’s age and individual characteristics
organism. Этот показатель колеблется от 50 до 80
g / l.

It is important not to forget about your health and timely control
condition of the body as a whole. Only in this case can
count on early detection and subsequent treatment of a number

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