Daddy, play with me: how to draw a father tochild care?

Fri, 04 Apr 2014

Popes ignoring their parental responsibilities – alas, not
rarity. Their wives often fall into the trap of endless excuses
– “the child is too small and frightened by its fragility”, “instead of
the expected boy – the future footballer, the girl was born “or
�”Dad needs some more time.” Reasons covering unwillingness and
the inability of the second parent to fully participate in life
child set. But maybe it’s worth opening your eyes to a problem
and start acting?

How to be one whose husband was not involved in taking care of the baby from the very first
days, becoming the best babysitter for babies and reliable assistant for
spouses? Change it with a flick of a wand or loud
a shout will not work, you will have to start revising your principles and
position and correct mistakes.

What factors are detrimental to the insecure

  • Страх. Constant fears that her husband’s awkward hands
    will be able to cope with the care of the baby, irritation from the wrong
    manipulations with pampers and clasps of clothes only strengthen it
    reluctance to engage with the child. If you are determined to do
    dad’s reeducation – remember that there should be no criticism
    In words, neither in a look, nor in a heavy sigh. Admire and admire
    young beautiful father.
  • Чрезмерная самостоятельность. Of course, the child is not
    allows you to engage in lengthy squabbles over parental
    duties. Time does not wait, and mom is much easier to do everything
    itself, not relying on the hapless father. But just so dormant
    parental instinct plunges into even greater hibernation. After all
    responsibility is born in the process of caring for the baby.
  • Ограниченное общение. Dad disappearing all day on
    work is a frequent excuse for an existing problem. Tired husband
    has the right to rest after a hard day’s work. But women,
    providing their husbands with the integrity of leisure, and harm them,
    and child. Who said that playing with a son or daughter is hard
    work for a tired person? This is a charge of energy, good mood
    and enjoying family warmth.

How to realize your plans?

Of course, the tips are good on paper, but how to teach your husband to live by
your approved plan? For this you have to look at yourself with
parties. Track your arguments, mood, and tone.

  • Жалобы. Attempts to appeal to compassion and change you to
    maternal post will not give the desired result. Dad of course
    will give a helping hand and stay with the child for a while while you
    �”Come to life.” But such a request will give a negative color
    communication with the child – because you are not attracted to her husband fascinating
    occupation, and previously told him about the upcoming “penal servitude.” Not
    dramatize the process of communicating with the child, the image of a driven horse
    hardly encourage your mate.
  • Скандалы и уговоры. Look after your own child
    – not a service or a favor, but a natural obligation of both
    parents. Therefore, do not ask in advance, beg and
    agree on simple things – sit an hour with the baby, play
    with him or read. So you just scare in advance
    spouse and give your request the appearance of a complex and global
    tasks. Put the partner before the fact – you will be away for a while, and
    He perfectly cope with the task.
  • Ожидание. Do not believe the comfort of girlfriends
    and relatives. Father’s instinct does not know the concept of “time”, and those
    who says their husbands are involved in caring for grown ups
    kid, cunning. Most likely, the circumstances and the maturing of the child
    allowed my mother to loosen her grip and calm down, finally allowing
    Father to get to know your child closer. Not ждите чуда — действуйте.
  • «Папа пришел!» – а вы не забываете встречать пришедшего
    from the work of the husband of this phrase? Maybe accumulated all day
    resentment does not allow you to show your sincere joy, and after you
    and children start to be shy? Charge your main assistant
    In a positive way right from the doorway, engage in the process of communication and play.

You know your spouse as a big and strong adult.
Such knowledge prevents you from seeing the main feature of all men in it.
– there is a big child inside. This quality can bring great
damage if a wise woman only provokes jealousy and
rivalry for attention. But you can also reap the benefits – in fact
this childishness makes fathers get into much faster
the process of playing with a child, forgetting about age, time and adults

Text: Vera Guler

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