Cystitis during pregnancy

Cystitis during pregnancy
Sat, 29 Oct 2016

Approximately ten percent of all pregnant women during
baby’s expectations are faced with a disease such as cystitis.
Future mothers, who had previously encountered this disease,
probably will experience its aggravation against the background of pregnancy. Going on
this is due to hormonal changes in the body and disruption of normal
vaginal microflora. Untreated infections
bladder often become the main cause of severe or
preterm delivery. Bacteria that accumulate in the urinary
pathways may move closer to the kidneys and trigger the development
more severe inflammatory process – acute


Symptom cystitis during pregnancy

Typically, the diagnosis of cystitis is not for professionals
special difficulties. Almost always chronic cystitis
accompanied by complaints of nagging pain in the lower abdomen, rapid,
painful or false urination, fever.
At the slightest suspicion of this disease, the doctor must
recommends that a pregnant woman pass a general urine test and a urinalysis according to
Nechiporenko, necessary for the detection of conditionally pathogenic
pathogens bacteriological urine culture, as well as DNA diagnostics
major infections.

In the case of detection in the urine of a pregnant white blood cell, as well as
identifying pathogens such as staphylococcus,
gonococci and streptococci, doctors often make a diagnosis of cystitis.
Recommended for prescribing the most appropriate treatment
do an ultrasound of the urinary organs to
exclude the presence of concomitant diseases. In order to clarify
the nature of the disease, cystoscopy and cystography are performed. Data
research reveals the existing degree of development
inflammatory process, its shape, the presence of stones or tumors in
bladder. Conducting these studies and analyzes
is essential for accurate and timely diagnosis
cystitis, as frequent urination may indicate and
about other diseases of the urinary tract or kidneys.

However, it is not uncommon for pregnant women to have cystitis.
asymptomatic. That is why before each visit to the doctor
It is necessary to pass a complete urinalysis to determine this in time.
unpleasant disease.

Treatment of cystitis in pregnant women

While waiting for the child to treat cystitis is necessary.
The acute stage of the disease quickly turns into a more severe
chronic form of the disease. Despite the fact that
symptoms that characterize the acute stage of cystitis
quite brightly, only the upper part is affected by inflammation
mucous membrane of the bladder. In the chronic stage of the disease
the infection penetrates deep into the mucous and is much more difficult to
treatment. In some cases, signs of acute cystitis through
some days go by themselves but after some time
repeat again.

Many existing drugs designed to treat
cystitis is absolutely not acceptable during pregnancy. Besides
in the first trimester, you need to be very careful about any
even at first glance absolutely harmless, drug therapy.
At the slightest suspicion of cystitis, be sure to gently refer to
a doctor who professionally assesses a woman’s condition and selects
correct therapy. Urologist, in conjunction with observing the pregnant
a woman by a gynecologist, given the duration of the pregnancy, designates the most
antibacterial drugs that are sparing for the fetus. Along with the use of
drugs inside the body, gives good results
their introduction into the bladder through a small catheter. No way
In case of self-treatment, it is impossible to apply thermal procedures.
or drink herbal teas, because many of them are categorically
contraindicated in pregnancy.

Prevention of cystitis during pregnancy

The main reasons provoking the development of cystitis during
pregnancy, are the presence of inflammatory processes
genital organs, sexually transmitted infections,
hypothermia as well as irregular or incomplete emptying
bladder leading to stagnant urine. To avoid cystitis
expectant mothers need to register on time in the female
consultations, take all routine tests and pass the necessary
examinations with other doctors. Pregnant women need not take care
only their health, but also the health of their baby, so
you can not supercool, dress should not only be beautiful, but also
warm, and favorite kapron tights better postponed until the next
of the season.

To avoid the disease described, pregnant women need
especially closely monitor the hygiene of the genitals. Often in
the basis of the development of the inflammatory processes of the bladder lies
penetration of various bacteria into its sterile environment. Such
pathogens are often bacteria from
digestive tract. Female urethra
located in the immediate vicinity of the anus, with
this is its small width and length facilitate quick hit
infection in the bladder.

At the slightest need it is worth completely emptying the urinary
bubble. If the expectant mother does not suffer from edema, she will benefit.
drink plenty of water. Especially effective is cranberry juice or
juice, it contains a large amount of vitamin C, boosts immunity
organism and reduces the risk of infection.


Barbara 20.07.2016 I suffered from this disease for many years and
drugs Supraks solyutab and Uro-Vaksom brought me back to normal
of life. I was treated for three months and did not even expect to get rid of these
torment. If the cystitis is chronic, then you can cope when taking
both drugs i. Supraks Solutab (7 days) then Uro – Vaksom
(3 months) or both drugs at the same time. From cystitis these
drugs are the best !!! Lenok 05/27/2016 During pregnancy
I grabbed cystitis. Scared of course great, but I’m fine
helped drug Uro – Vaksom. It reduces the likelihood of transition.
disease in a more severe and protracted form and avoids
supplemental antibiotics. After birth a year has passed
and so far so good. Lenok 05/25/2016 During pregnancy
I grabbed cystitis. Scared of course great, but I’m fine
helped drug Uro – Vaksom. It reduces the likelihood of transition.
disease in a more severe and protracted form and avoids
supplemental antibiotics. After birth a year has passed
and so far so good. Marika 03/26/2016 What are we, pregnant,
beautiful. Hollywood rests altogether. Thanks Mother Nature for
such happiness. Well, no fly in the ointment like. It does not happen. Vasilina
03/26/2016 I have cystitis, nothing I live with it. Strictly perform
doctor’s instructions, believe in the best. Only positive emotions and
mood :)

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