Cut and dye hair during pregnancy:can or not?

Thu, 03 Mar 2016

Pregnancy, it is indisputable, is a wonderful time. But along with
joyful emotions, she brings and excitement, anxiety, and sometimes
makes you think about such issues that used to be
were taken for granted. For example, can
красить или стричь волосы во время беременности. WITH
On the one hand, well, of course you can, what questions may be. WITH другой
parties, grandmothers, aunts, and other relatives, especially the older ones
generations, from good intentions, begin to give advice.

WITH их слов, оказывается, многое во время беременности делать
you can not – cut your hair, and then the child will be born “with a short mind”, to paint
hair – “do harm to a child”, raise hands – “the baby will get entangled in
umbilical cord “, look at ugly people, knit and many more different
bans. Let’s say you can try during pregnancy not
knit, not sew, do not even raise your hands, but how to do without
haircuts or dyeing? After all, at this time you want to look like
can be more beautiful. Yes, and many modern women work in offices,
where you need to comply with the dress code and the proper makeup and
hairstyle Well, you will not come to work as not made up, with regrown
rooted or overgrown haircut. How to proceed?


Can or can not cut hair during pregnancy

WITHуществует довольно распространенная точка зрения, что нельзя
cut hair during pregnancy. How to treat this
opinion: should heed or be perceived as superstition? From where
Did this believe? It turns out that our long-standing
ancestors who believed that a person’s life force is in
hair – they protect, store information, lengthen life. therefore
hair was cut only in extreme cases, for example during
serious diseases – cholera, plague, etc. Washed and combed them in
certain lunar days, and, of course, did not cut during
pregnancy, so as not to deprive yourself of additional protection. All these
superstitions last for more than one century, but apart from prejudice nothing
are carried. In the body during pregnancy is hormonal
restructuring that positively affects the hair and their
appearance – they become thicker, silky, grow faster,
dormant hair follicles are awakened and activated. therefore,
If you want your hair to grow, pregnancy time is your chance.
And if you have short hair, put them in order and do
haircuts, have more often. Unfortunately, after childbirth, balance
and hair follicles that have awakened during
pregnancy time, returning to sleep, and hair,
grown from these bulbs, just fall out. therefore то, что многие
women are mistaken for postpartum “molt”, is nothing like
the return of the density of the hair to the original position. By the way
hairdressers say that if a woman has short
hair, and she cut them off regularly during pregnancy, then
they will fall out less than the owners of long hair, because
hair bulbs experienced less. If with a haircut
the situation has cleared up – it is possible to cut hair during pregnancy,
how to be with coloring?

Is it possible to dye hair during pregnancy

In ordinary life, many women look well-groomed and stylish,
visit beauty salons, dye their hair. During pregnancy
You have to think about the safety of such procedures. AND
A woman is faced with a question – is it harming the health of the future?
baby monthly tinting regrown roots? ANDли может махнуть
hand on beauty and walk with an untidy head, but be sure
that the child is safe. WITHпециальных исследований на предмет
the harmlessness of staining during pregnancy was not carried out, but
specialists – gynecologists and pediatricians advise expectant mothers on
just in case, refrain from coloring at the very beginning of pregnancy,
especially in the first three months, when
important organs of the fetus. And the danger is not so much
paint contact with skin, how many inhaled toxic fumes are outgoing
from ammonia contained in the dye. Yes, and pregnant themselves in this
period may refuse to visit the hairdresser in mind
toxicosis – the smell of paint can trigger another attack
nausea. WITHтилисты же советуют красить волосы во время беременности
non-ammonia paints – they have a more gentle formula, and
the painted qualities are no worse than traditional paints with ammonia.
Hairdressers warn that it is not always possible to get the right one.
color or tint after dyeing. AND в этом виновата не краска, а
again, hormones that change the structure of the hair. For the same
Reason can not “grab” perm. For a while
pregnancy can move away from full hair coloring and make
coloring or highlighting. With these staining methods
growing roots are not so noticeable, i.e. it is possible to tint them less often,
and there is no direct paint contact with the skin. If you still
afraid to use chemical dyes, you can paint
hair during pregnancy dyes natural – Basma,
henna, decoction of onion peel, chamomile extract. When seeking to
pregnancy time to remain well-groomed and beautiful, in each case
You can find a way out, there would be a desire. therefore, девушки, женщины,
future mothers, do not be afraid to visit hairdressers. Make fashion
haircuts, nice and stylish dress. You will become more
attractive, which will lift your spirits, will please
Beauty husband and charge positive emotions. And paint
hair or not, let each of you decide individually, in
depending on the state of health, the characteristics of your body
or personal prejudice.


Lena 11/26/2016 I believe that ammonia-free paint for a period longer than 4
months will not bring any harm ….. we go to work and breathe
exhaust is not harmful !? But to cut the ends of the hair, so it
definitely need to …. hair come into disrepair if you don’t cut it
about a year. Galka 03/27/2016 I was 18 years old when I first
I got pregnant, and as my mother did not dissuade me from the haircuts, I
stood his ground. well how В таком возрасте, да без укладки!))) AND
Neither of which, the children are quite healthy, or anything bad has happened.
Kristya 03/27/2016 I also hold the opinion that you should not paint
hair during pregnancy. At least – all sorts of chemical
paints, you can use henna. she is natural and safe. BUT
at the expense of a haircut … I would not risk it. Влада 27.03.2016 BUT я
I believe in let old, let in grandmother, omens. AND будучи два раза
pregnant, or when not cut hair. not to mention
painting … If you can suffer with staining, then with a haircut,
i think too !! Just in case …)))) Nasten 03/27/2016
Strongly against hair dye during pregnancy !!! For
it’s not even a question to me! On the health of women and so there is a mass
ways to act worse, but the child must be
protected! You can suffer a few months!

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