Curd diet

tvorozhnaya-dietaCurd diet с каждым днем все больше и
gaining momentum in popularity among those who want to lose weight. But,
how does it actually work?

From some people you can hear what needs to be excluded
any dairy products using diet.

Others, in contrast, swear that this is an easy way to lose weight
and prepare your body for the beach season.

As you already know, products are vital for
our health, as they supply the body with many nutrients
substances. Kefir, cottage cheese, skimmed milk, sour cream and others
dairy products contain vitamins, minerals and amino acids,
which are necessary for the normal functioning of our

They also contain calcium, which is extremely important for
young children, adolescents and women. And what’s more, these
Products are not only tasty, but also nutritious.

Cottage cheese contains:

  • 17% protein.
  • 18% fat, although there are low-fat and
    low fat versions.
  • Many vital nutrients that can
    help prevent fractures, strengthen bones and reduce chances
    development of heart and kidney diseases.
  • Amino acids and easily digestible proteins

As a unique creature of nature, cottage cheese contains simply huge
количество различных питательных substances. It is necessary for
normal digestive process lactobacillus, as well as a large
amounts of vitamins and trace elements: calcium, iron, phosphorus and

Protein, amino acids and calcium contained in cottage cheese are necessary,
to help normalize blood cholesterol levels, are beneficial to
prevention of liver disease. Thanks to the gland normalized
кроветворные функции organism.

To lose weight fast, use a low-fat diet.
cottage cheese. Because of the optimal combination of low-calorie foods,
it does not require any rigid framework of restrictions and combat


Curd Diet Options

1. Наиболее популярный вариант – творожно-молочный. AT
during the day you need to eat 350 grams. cottage cheese (fat content of 10%) and drink 1
l kefir or milk. This amount of food should be divided into
5 servings. Approximately 70 gr. творога и 200 мl milk at one time

2. Пять раз в день необходимо съедать по 100 гр. cottage cheese.
AT качестве жидкости используйте зеленый чай или отвар шиповника без
add sugar. ATы должны выпивать его не менее 2 литров в

3. Для каждого приема пищи – 100 гр. fat free
cottage cheese with 1-2 teaspoons of wheat bran, pre
(20-30 min.) Steamed over boiling water. In one day you need
eat 400 gr. cottage cheese, divided into 4 portions. To main
You can add honey, berries or fruits to the dish.

The first three options are difficult or, as they say, “
shock ”, and are used only when you need to
lose weight fast The duration of these variations of the curd diet is not
more than 3 days. 4. Нежная (мягкая) диета на твороге.
Duration – 7 days. Eat only one main course –
cottage cheese – in combination with such products as: vegetables, fruits and berries
– and you will lose about 3-4kg. overweight.

From time to time, to maintain your ideal weight
do fasting days on the cottage cheese. AT течение дня вы можете его
eat only low fat and drink water.

Curd diet прекрасно стимулирует обменные процессы в
in combination with dairy products is not only
for weight loss, but also used for the prevention and
treatment of many diseases.


This power program can be safely attributed to several
diets that have virtually no contraindications. Perhaps,
the only disadvantage is its diuretic properties. Therefore,
one must be very careful of people suffering from diseases
urinary system and kidneys.

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