Created device to facilitate childbirth

Mon, 09 Jun 2014

It is no secret that birth in water is becoming more and more popular.
It is believed that the child, having left the womb of the mother and immediately
having appeared in water, tests considerably less shock, than the kid,
born the traditional way. In addition, many mothers celebrate
that the water is somewhat relaxing, reducing the natural
childbirth pain. However, according to experts, despite
the listed positive aspects, giving birth to water have a whole
near the “cons”.

Thus, it is extremely difficult for midwives to take such a birth:
you have to literally bend over the side of the pool
or a bath to keep track of the process of childbirth. Have been
cases where doctors even used for better visibility

All this, however, will soon be abandoned,
thanks to the development of Loughborough University specialists who
created a special illuminating mirror for use in
water. The mirror is attached to a special flexible handle that
greatly facilitates its operation. Along its edges is located

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