Cranberry juice – the benefits and harm of the drink. What kindCranberry has beneficial properties and contraindications.mors

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The benefits of delicious marsh berries – cranberries – have been known since ancient times.
times. People in the morning instead of tea and coffee drank invigorating,
Immune-boiling drink “boil”, which necessarily
Cranberries entered. Также готовили и пили бодрящий mors при
bowel disease, colds, infectious diseases,

Today, more and more people are replacing natural medicinal gifts
medications, forgetting how useful
properties have plants. Let’s talk about the benefits and possible harm
ароматного, вкусного напитка — клюквенного morsа.


Клюквенный mors: полезные свойства

The drink is useful due to the fact that the cranberries
contain a huge number of different trace elements:

• Natural sugar consisting of sucrose, glucose and

• Organic acids: citric, oxalic, glycolic,
benzoic, apple, quinna.

• Vitamin C, PP, E, H, K and group B.

• Pectins, which contribute to the neutralization and assimilation
by the body of heavy metals.

• As well as elements such as iodine, nickel, tin, manganese,
molybdenum, copper, calcium, iron and others.

The indisputable benefit of the drink is in its exceptional naturalness, in
the absence of any preservatives and coloring matter. Daily
употребление хотя бы 250 мл morsа снижает рецидивы различных
diseases, charges the body with its beneficial properties,
encourages, uplifting, improving tone and helping in the fight
with infections.

Клюквенный mors: польза

Cranberry among many other berries and herbs takes one
from the leading places, being an irreplaceable natural medicinal
due to the high content of vitamin and mineral

Apply the drink for the treatment and prevention
such diseases as:

1. • Viral infections. Cranberry fruit drink has and
anti-inflammatory, and antipyretic effect. Drink
neutralizes bacteria causing various diseases
respiratory tract, as well as angina and otitis.

2. • Infectious diseases of the urinary tract. Thanks
high level of minerals drink is strong
antioxidant that can slow the attachment of bacteria to the walls
internal organs that prevents the development of urinary infections
channel and bubble.

3. • Gastritis and gastric ulcer. Part of the drink
bio-active compound – betaine – effectively fights bacteria,
which lead to the destruction of the gastric mucosa. Use a drink
only in order to prevent disease.

4. • Varicose veins, swelling. Available in flavonoids contribute
absorption of vitamin C, strengthen the elasticity of blood

5. • Heart diseases. Polyphenols improve
the work of the heart muscle, normalize cholesterol levels. Drink —
excellent tool for preventive risk management
stroke, ischemic disease and atherosclerosis.

6. • Rheumatism. Клюквенный mors в теплом виде оказывает
positive effect in the treatment of rheumatism, and in the removal
salts from the body.

7. • Gynecological diseases (pyelonephritis). Often
клюквенный mors назначают к употреблению наряду с антибиотиками и
sulphamide agents, due to being part of the drink
guipure acid, which enhances the effect of drugs on
pathogenic microorganisms.

8. • Liver disease. Prevents fatty liver
part of the berries and, accordingly, the drink betaine.

9. • Diseases of the digestive tract. Drink рекомендуют к употреблению в целях
prevent gastritis, with inflammatory pancreatic processes
glands, with low acidity of the stomach, with diarrhea, thanks to
enhanced after taking the body’s production of pancreatic and
gastric juice.

10. • Diseases of the oral cavity. Included in the substance of the drink
reduce the frequency of reproduction of bacteria and microbes, thereby
preventing gum disease and caries development.

11. • Hormonal failure, obesity. For the work of hormonal glands
отвечает калий, содержание которого в клюквенном morsе достаточно
to prevent such diseases. Also use a drink
Recommended for complex treatment.

Drink способен бороться с бессонницей, отсутствующим
appetite, headaches. He has a thirst quenching,
refreshing effect, increasing mental and physical activity,
toning the body as a whole, activating the work of the immune background.

Клюквенный mors: вред и противопоказания

Despite the exclusivity of preventive and therapeutic properties
напитка, на его бесспорную пользу для организма, употребление morsа
can cause harm to the body.

• Клюквенный mors может причинить вред людям, страдающим такими
diseases like gastritis and ulcers. Drink хорош в профилактике данных
diseases, but with the current illness, drinking
provoke irritation of the duodenal mucosa and
stomach, which can lead to a deterioration in health.

• Противопоказан клюквенный mors и людям с пониженным давлением.
Inbox elements of the drink lower blood pressure,
that with the disease can lead to a crisis. Therefore drink
cranberry drink in this case should be extremely cautious and,
be sure to consult with your doctor.

• It is necessary to be careful in the use and allergies. Drink в
In some cases, it can cause an allergic reaction to
constituent substances.

• People liquefying drugs
blood. Флавоноиды, входящие в состав morsа, способны замедлить
метаболические процессы, снижая таким образом свертываемость blood.
Drinking in the treatment of such a disease can
weaken the effect of the drugs used.

• suffering from diabetes if not self-made,
а приобретения morsа. The beverage sold in stores contains
various sweeteners, coloring matter.

• When drinking a drink in large volumes (from two liters per
day) often there is a violation of the digestive organs,
which can later lead to diarrhea.

Как приготовить полезный клюквенный mors в домашних

Так как все перечисленные полезные свойства клюквенного morsа
relevant only for self-made drink,
refrain from buying a useless finished product. The
более приготовить клюквенный mors дома проще простого:

1. • Carefully scoop and rinse 150 grams fresh or
pre-thawed cranberries, mash it in a non-oxidizing
Pan wooden tolkushkoy.

2. • Put the berry sauce in half folded gauze, squeeze the juice in
glass jar.

3. • Cranberry cake pour half a liter of cold water, bring to
boil, strain.

4. • Add sugar to taste in hot infusion. Cool it down.

5. • Mix the previously squeezed juice and the cooled broth.

Каждодневное употребление клюквенного morsа в период заболеваний
brings the body invaluable benefits by strengthening the immune system and
preventing exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Помните: употребление природных
medicines is possible only after consulting with
specialist. Heal delicious.

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