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Чт, 07 апр 2016 Автор: Зоя Сергеева

It’s nice to receive gifts, but no less pleasant to give them.

Especially if you do crafts for your mother with your own hands.

Many of us in our childhood started up boats in puddles or airplanes
into the sky.

And few knew that it was ancient Japanese art.

From simple sheets of colored paper, working in the modular technique
Origami, you can make amazingly beautiful balls kusudama.

With this we need a few sheets of color, better
double-sided, paper, ruler, simple pencil, scissors and

How to make a craft ball kusudama for mom do it yourself

We draw a sheet of paper in squares 7 x 7 cm and cut.
The size of the squares can be chosen arbitrarily, but keep in mind that what
the larger the workpiece, the bigger the ball will turn out and the more difficult it will be
place in the interior. One module needs five squares, i.e.
the total number of blanks should be divisible by five.

Fold the sheet in half diagonally and bend the corners to

We turn them to the side. Straighten paper folds with both
sides and turn corners. Do not forget to iron carefully

Next, close the folds. Now gently grease the side
parts of the workpiece glue and glue. We should get here
such a small module.

Glue together the five modules received and wait for the blank
will dry out.

Using glue, we connect the modules into a flower. Core can
decorate with bead, rhinestones, paper fringe.

We make a ball, gluing the required amount
flowers-modules. To facilitate the process, you can initially strung
modules on a string. In this ball used 12 blanks. You can
use paper of the same color or different, as prompted to you
your fantasy. In ancient Japan, girls made balls from
fine white paper and used them as a wedding bouquet.
Products made of two-color look very impressive.
papers: the middle of them is of one color, and the petals are of another. For
to hang the ball when gluing parts
put a ribbon or thick thread in the center.

Другие поделки from paper для мамы, выполненные своими
by hands

Of course, besides the Kusudama ball, you can
make many more interesting crafts. This will help us
The ancient art of quilling or paper twisting. This way
the manufacture of postcards or bulk products from thin paper
strips known for a long time. В древности монахи from paper с золотым
the edge was made light openwork jewelry amazing
beauty. We are in an office or creative store.
need to purchase special paper for quilling. Also us for
work will need a fixture that you can buy there, but
You can use a thin needle or a toothpick. Still us
will need glue for paper and colored cardboard that will serve
basis for future postcards.

Tightly wrap a strip of paper on the device for
quilling. Glue the tip and carefully remove the workpiece.

It is possible to make blanks of different sizes from colored stripes.
the most different forms. Also we wind paper, but we do not glue
immediately, and remove and slightly dissolve. Now glue the tip
stripes and fingers form a variety of blanks: eyes,
muzzle with ears, fish, tulip.

If you turn the device for quilling in different directions,
it will turn out completely different, but very interesting preparation with
wavy middle or edges. Of these strips can
make a frame for a postcard or photo, make
congratulatory inscription.

Now we take a cardboard that will serve as the basis for crafts
мамы своими by hands. This can be a postcard – congratulations on 8
March, Happy Birthday, Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy New Year or
just a beautiful picture.

Round blanks will be the heart of flowers, rounded –
petals, long – leaves. We glue the back side
twisted strips and tightly pressed to the cardboard. Next – turn
petals. Trunk and leaves run of green stripes. We put our
bouquet in a vase. You can show imagination and make strips of beautiful
рамку или congratulatory inscription. Work in the technique of quilling
allows you to make not only flat postcards and paintings, but also
three-dimensional three-dimensional products: vases, boxes, Christmas-tree decorations.

Another interesting paper handling technique, in which
получаются оригинальные поделки для мамы своими by hands, называется
trimming This is also a rather ancient and well-known method.
needlework. We will need multicolored corrugated paper,
sold in stationery stores, baseboard, pencil,
glue and scissors. Crafts made in this technique are obtained
light, airy. If desired, instead of corrugated paper can
use dense multicolored paper napkins.

Draw on a cardboard basis the alleged pattern: flowers,
animals, christmas tree, heart, initials. Cut the paper on
approximately 1 squares x 1 cm. Tightly wrap the butt
pencil leaf, while trying not to tear it. Grease
end part with glue and pressed to the cardboard base.

First you need to glue the paper sheets along the perimeter, on
drawn lines.

Next, fill the free space with leaflets selected
colors. It is not necessary to glue the blanks very tightly, but not rarely,
so as not to shine through the base. Postcard or picture is obtained
bright, cheerful and unusual.

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