Cosmetics during pregnancy: what you need andhow to choose

Fri, Oct 21, 2016

This article is for women who want to look attractive
during pregnancy. It will be about changes in skin condition,
nails during this period, and cosmetics, which expectant mothers should
enjoy being in an interesting position.

Why change the usual cosmetics during pregnancy

Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy
in the body of a woman, often lead to a change in skin type, change
condition of hair, the appearance of stretch marks, pigment spots. On
certain substances may occur allergic reactions. On
elimination of these problems and directed cosmetic products
designed specifically for pregnant women.

From some of the usual jars and tubes have at this time
refuse, replacing them with more natural and gentle means. With
choosing cosmetics, preference should be given to the one that contains
on a minimum of fragrances and dyes, and on a maximum of natural
components. It is desirable that the packaging be marked that these
cosmetics are hypoallergenic and have gone through clinical
testing. Then you can be sure of their safety and

Your skin may become more sensitive and ordinary cosmetics.
will begin to cause irritation, manifesting redness or
rashes on the face. Do not be afraid of this state, when
Pregnancy is an everyday occurrence. Just time to change
cream by purchasing a special remedy for sensitive skin.

Cosmetics for stretch marks during pregnancy

During pregnancy, with stretch marks on the body, each faces
second woman. They are formed, most often, on the stomach and chest. Their
appearance brings its owners a lot of grief. This and
understandable, because the stripes will remain ugly marks on the body of a woman
for life It is very difficult to get rid of them without nonsurgical
almost impossible. Therefore, it is better to warn them
than to deal with them.

There are a lot of cosmetics warning
the appearance of stretch marks. To use them you need to start from the first
months of pregnancy. The main thing is to choose the cream. Should
pay attention to be based on natural ingredients,
and dermatologically tested. It is better if it includes
Vitamin E and natural oils that perfectly soften
skin, making it more elastic.

Pigment stains cosmetics during pregnancy

Few women manage without these during pregnancy.
large, auburn marks. Some do not pay them
attention, but most women are very upset to see their
reflection in the mirror. If the body pigmented areas can
hide under clothing, then the spots on the face are in plain sight. Not
it is worth worrying too much and get upset, console yourself with the fact that
This phenomenon is temporary, and after birth marks the marks
will disappear.

Not стоит с ними бороться, пользуясь отбеливающими кремами.
It will not bring noticeable effect, and the chemical substances contained in them
Substances and acids dry out skin and may cause redness.
and irritations. Better limit your time to stay
direct sunlight and use folk remedies – do
masks of parsley, cucumber, yogurt or sour cream. In the summer
period you must use a day cream with ultraviolet
protection. It is better to use medium or high.
degree of protection – not lower than SPF25 – SPF30.

Disguise pigment spots on the face will help decorative
cosmetics. Again, you should use the most natural.
means. Mineral has an excellent camouflage effect.
loose powder, which, moreover, does not contain preservatives and
other chemicals.

Nail cosmetics during pregnancy

So you want and during pregnancy shine to the tips of the nails.
But it was during this period that their natural beauty could not boast.
work out. After all, the body of the future mother requires increased
calcium content for the formation of bone tissue of the child. With
lack of its intake with food, nature takes calcium
independently from the body of the woman herself. Therefore, the nails in this
the period often does not look the best – they lose
strength, tarnish, exfoliate and often break.

To improve the situation, you need to follow the power –
take a multivitamin, eat cottage cheese and dairy products, and
also call for help cosmetics. There are special tools
to strengthen nails – cream, lotion, decorative and colorless
varnishes. To remove the varnish, you should use a liquid without

Do you use decorative cosmetics during
of pregnancy

What could be more beautiful than a woman in an interesting position? Only
a pregnant woman who looks after herself. Therefore, even waiting
baby, you can safely use decorative
cosmetics, only introduce small restrictions. Worth more
carefully monitor its shelf life and quality. Should
refuse waterproof mascara for her deletion
more concentrated and aggressive agents are required. To not
irritate the eye mucosa, it is better to change the eyeliner to

That the cosmetics did not deliver discomfort on the face,
it must be hypoallergenic, made on the basis of natural
components without hormonal and aggressive chemical
веществ.On присутствие в составе химии, которая может нанести
harm to the health of the pregnant woman may indicate a too bright color and
resistant perfume Famous Russian and European manufacturers
produce cosmetic products using only
mineral dyes.

Here are all the tips that will help navigate the choice
cosmetic products. Attend hair salons, manicure
and pedicure cabinets, take care of yourself. It will raise you
mood and bring mental comfort. Be beautiful, happy and
happy birth to you!


Alyona 03/25/2016 Oh, no! If at once, in the process of not
follow, then you can not come in the proper shape. Much easier
maintain beauty, and then only slightly correct it.
So I try to warn stretch marks immediately with creams. Faina
03/25/2016 And I, in general, have abandoned all cosmetics. For me now
practically nothing is as important as a child.
And when you consider how many poisonous drugs everywhere
ponapihano, then you should not buy it all and use it all. Here is
I will face, feed and take care of myself. Ksenia 03/25/2016 I don’t know what
From the principle of cosmetics did not change, the only thing that bought others
creams, and for an expiration date began to pay attention, that earlier
when did not do. And I bought myself a cream to prevent stretch marks,
how do you look at mommies with blue stripes … Maroussia 03/25/2016
almost all of my nails have now broken, and even short ones are exfoliated (((And
like eating different calcium-rich foods … and cosmetic
means I do not want to use, it seems to me that it will reflect badly
on baby I prefer all natural, natural. Varvara
03/25/2016 I generally had a huge amount of pigment spots
во время of pregnancy! I was just in shock! Before with this and not
faced. And what kind of masks I just did, and sour cream, and
cucumbers, and everything else. Notмного помогало. Lemon juice still

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