Coping with morning toxemia will helpproper diet

Fri, 18 Jul 2014

Morning toxicosis of pregnant women – the trouble of half of women waiting
baby It is believed that the cause of morning sickness is
strong hormonal changes in the body. American
the researchers concluded that proper nutrition and reasonable
diet may allow pregnant women to almost completely get rid
from morning sickness.

It’s no secret that most modern diets lack
balanced content of vitamins and minerals. It is the deficit
important nutrients such as vitamin b6 and
magnesium may aggravate nausea during pregnancy. Scientists
Evidence has shown that an increase in dietary data
components can reduce toxicosis. To determine the amount
these substances, it is enough just to donate blood for analysis.

In particular, for the deterioration of overall health during pregnancy
meets the lack of magnesium, declining due to strong
perspiration, excessive consumption of coffee, salt, and also due to
stresses. To compensate for the lack of magnesium in the body
consume more nuts (cashews, almonds), beans, avocados,

Properly organized helps to prevent nausea
food: frequent meals rich in protein and healthy fats,
in small portions. Doctors recommend even a little snack
at bedtime, it also reduces the risk of morning

As products that strongly affect the reduction of toxemia to
minimum called ginger, chicken, turkey, beef, broccoli and
asparagus It is recommended to consume a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Important in this case, “good” fats and cholesterol. First
participate in the formation of hormones, the latter control them
production and production of bile that helps fats
digest. Fats that are not processed by bile and cause
nausea. It is important to follow with cholesterol, insufficient content
which may lead to the birth of a child with disabilities

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