Cooking oatmeal, good drink.Side effects from eating oatmeal, harm,contraindications

Пн, 20 мар 2017 Автор: Юлия Еркова

The taste and aroma of ordinary jelly from various fruits is familiar to many
since childhood, but the drink loved by people can be brewed not only from
juicy fruits, but also from oats.

Oatmeal kissel is considered an independent dish,
which was served to the table during the time of its existence

Its relevance has been preserved to this day because
huge benefits of the drink to human health.


Features of the composition of oatmeal: the use of components
a drink

Oat is a cereal culture in which the nutrients
are in optimal concentration for the body. Composition by 40%
represented by starch, 18% is protein and 7% is organic
fats. That is the ratio of substances and makes cereal
easily digestible by the human body product.

The composition of oatmeal is rich in vitamins:

• vitamin A – an element that promotes rapid regeneration
tissue, beneficial for hair growth, vision, conditions
nails, skin, teeth. Vitamin A is a disease prevention
urinary tract, respiratory system, digestive

• B vitamins – a set of substances that improve activity
circulatory systems that protect the body from forming
thrombosis. Also substances improve memory, brain function,
visual acuity, the functioning of the adrenal glands;

• vitamin F has anti-allergic effects on the body.

• vitamin E compensates for the lack of estrogen in the body,
responsible for preserving youth and slowing the aging process
cells and tissues of the body.

Components of oats minerals:

• Calcium – helps strengthen bone tissue, has the ability
relieve stress, suppress allergies, improve clotting

• iron – a component involved in blood saturation
oxygen, increases hemoglobin levels and provides
positive effect on the functioning of the thyroid gland;

• magnesium – improves the work of the central nervous system, heart, normalizes the flow
processes in the intestine and digestive system, stabilizes
the work of the prostate and bladder;

• fluoride is the best component for caries prevention and
osteoporosis, which acts as a natural immunomodulator;

• potassium – a means to prevent swelling and removal from
the body of excess fluid, its salts have a positive
influence on the work of cells of the kidneys, liver and brain.

In addition to trace elements and vitamins, the composition of oatmeal is rich
amino acids. •

Valuable qualities of oatmeal: benefits for the body

The benefits of oatmeal kissels are primarily explained
numerous healing properties of the cereal itself. All healing
the quality of the culture is completely transferred to the finished drink, the consistency
which allows it to be completely absorbed in the body.

There are several diseases in which it will be helpful to include in
ration oatmeal pudding. Among them are such species and

• disorders of the digestive system;

• general weakness of the body, fatigue;

• insomnia and depression;

• peptic ulcer and gastritis;

• bloating, dysbacteriosis, flatulence;

• high blood pressure;

• diabetes;

• all types of hepatitis;

• pancreatitis and cholecystitis;

• memory problems;

• atherosclerosis – both treatment and prevention;

• all manifestations of a nervous imbalance;

• prevention of thrombophlebitis;

• skin diseases;

• disorders of the thyroid gland.

Oat jelly is the product that is useful to people in any
age, especially in the elderly and children. Included in the diet of the elderly
people he is able to heal the body even with many
diseases of a chronic form, and also to restore a reserve of forces,
energy, recharge vigor.

Oatmeal has such a set of useful properties:

• оказывает на организм общеукрепляющее impact;

• helps the body recover faster in
the postoperative period and after suffering severe

• cleans the body, removes toxic substances from it, including
including lead, as well as slags, has a positive effect on the microflora

• снижает показательно вредного холестерина в blood;

• has a choleretic and anti-inflammatory effect;

• increases the body’s defenses and strengthens the immune

• positive effect on metabolism;

• increases life expectancy;

• is capable of replacing any antipyretic drugs;

• effectively used drink to combat excess weight.

Oatmeal kissel has long ceased to be ordinary food, and
turned into a real full-fledged medicine that is capable
save a person from many ailments. •

Противопоказания овсяного киселя и вред a drink для
of the body

Oatmeal jelly is famous not only for its great benefits for
health, but also the absence of contraindications. Everything
attempts of scientists and specialists to find side effects
crowned with success.

The only contraindication to taking oatmeal kissel is
cereal intolerance culture or her
components. In other cases, the dish will be useful to all.

Harm product can only bring in cases of abuse
them. Eating jelly in excessive amounts or in small doses,
but quite often can lead to an accumulation of mucous matter in
digestive system. But such an adverse reaction is very difficult.
to achieve, since the jelly has another amazing property –
as soon as the body is saturated with the product, then it fails
eat more spoons of food.

With caution and caution to use the product should
treat people with renal failure, pathology
liver or severe gallbladder disease. •

Rules for taking oatmeal kissel without harm to health

The best time of day for eating oatmeal is
morning. It is equally well suited for use as
main course for breakfast, as well as a supplement to the light
Meal Приём a drink должен осуществляться натощак, при этом
the mixture should be drunk warm.

Тем, кто имеет проблемы с лишним весом и желает
fight with them, you can include oat jelly in the program
losing weight In this case, you will need to try to strictly observe
the prescribed dosage, eliminate from the diet of fatty foods and food with
high calorie. Snacks should be replaced with 100 grams
jelly every time or drink a drink before meals. More meaningful and
noticeable results of weight loss will be when replacing oatmeal cocktails
morning and evening meals for 1 month.

When using oatmeal jelly as a therapeutic
или профилактического препарата пищеварительных сбоев,
нарушений функционирования внутренних органов и систем
для повышения защитных сил of the body необходимо ежедневное
inclusion in the diet. The daily rate at the same time makes 200 g, to drink
you need a drink in a warm form. This dish is suitable for
use over a long period until
first positive results or complete improvement.

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