Cooking blackberries for the winter: the secrets of the experienced. howtake care of blackberries in the fall: pruning and shelter afterfruiting

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Blackberry is a distant relative of raspberry.

The fruits of this shrub are black and red, they are rich
vitamins A and C.

how и малина, ежевика нетребовательна к условиям

But in order for the plant to bear fruit well, it will take regular
Blackberry care, especially in the autumn when the shrub
preparing for the winter.

how ухаживать за ежевикой осенью?

Preparing a blackberry for the winter, you need to carry out a number of procedures:
pruning, dressing and shelter from frost. how и когда это

Blackberry Trimming

Blackberry pruning has its own characteristics. It should be held
regularly, which ensures the normal growth and development of the bush.
Первую обрезку проводят только на втором году cultivation. Further,
The bush is cut at the same interval, i.e. every two years. Have
adult bushes remove all otblodivshie lash.

Important! If blackberries are grown without
shelter, the whip shortened to a height of 1.5 meters.

Blackberry autumn pruning is carried out when the whips die. Wherein
remove one-year dried whips, old otblodilshie shoots
cut off at ground level. In addition, you need to trim all unnecessary
shoots that interfere with the formation of the bush. All remaining whips, on
which is expected to harvest, you need to pinch. Also need to cut
damaged and diseased branches of the plant.

All rubbish must be removed from the site and burned in this way.
securing the blackberry from all sorts of diseases.

Fertilization in the fall

Regular fertilization increases the winter hardiness of plants. AT
autumn is better to feed blackberry phosphorus-potash
fertilizers, in the composition of which there is no chlorine. Also under each bush
make superphosphate and compost. Soil after that is good
digging up.

Important! Before fertilizing shrubs
need to water well.

Preparing Blackberries for the Winter: How to Cover the Plant

Blackberries are a heat-loving crops, so bad
tolerates harsh climate. If neighbors in the dacha claim that
grow a bush without shelter, then do not believe it. Have опытных садоводов
have their own secrets for plant care. The first thing you need to understand
what threatens the blackberry in the winter, and then decide what to cover her.

Cold, moisture and heat – the main enemies

The shrub can withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees, but
with a sharp decline, even -5 will become critical temperature for
blackberries. Upright shrub species can withstand
decrease in temperature to -30 degrees, but in the conditions of Russia they need
additional shelter from moisture. Modern varieties of creeping
plants will not survive the winter without additional shelter, because
they freeze out the kidneys or root system. Of course, the snow serves
natural insulation, but you can not hope for it. ATедь сегодня
there is snow cover and rivers flow tomorrow.

When to cover the blackberry? If stable frosts are established
to -5 degrees, then it’s time to prepare covering material.
The approximate time of the shelter is the end of October or the beginning of November. But
here everything is conditional, in each region the dates may shift, in
depending on the weather. Earlier bush shelter only
hurt the plant. ATедь тепло — не всегда благо! Under influence
The blackberry’s positive temperatures continue to grow and melts away. ATнутри
excess moisture accumulates in the shelter, the roots do not get damp
enough oxygen and begin to rot. With the arrival of frosts
the plant dies.

Haveкрываем ежевику: на что обратить внимание

• Для blackberries губительны не только малоснежные зимы, но и
thaw when frosts are replaced by rains. AT таком климате возникает
the risk of icing of the roots and kidneys, which leads to death

• Improper shelter leads to decay of roots and shoots. Under
covering water accumulates melt water, there is a greenhouse
Effect. Such an environment is favorable for the development of bacteria and fungi.
You can save the shrub only if the shoots are topped.
It is not possible to save the injured underground part, it is better to find
new seedlings.

• Especially often the problem of decimation occurs in the southern
regions where even the first thaw will become critical. Therefore for
shrub mulching do not use moisture-absorbing materials or
film. It is better to use agromaterials.

how выглядит ежевика зимой

Blackberries cover as well as grapes. To do this, whip removed from
supports, laid on the ground and pinned. ATзрослые побеги
upright bushes bind, not bending down to the soil.

The main problem is the excessive wetting of the shrub under
covering material. To do this, shoots sprinkled with dry leaves,
spruce, corn. Over agrofibre establish a framework from
boxes, phisher or plywood in the form of a hut.

Important! Haveкрывать нужно не только растения,
but also the ground beneath them. The more space covered, the better.
ATедь греет именно земля. Aisle also need to cover improvised
materials: film, burlap or agrofibre.

how подобрать идеальный укрывной материал для blackberries

Before every gardener, the question arises, the better to cover
blackberries for the winter? Some prefer the film, others – agrofibre. Have
Each method has its pros and cons.

• The film cannot be applied in the southern regions of the country when in winter
There is no stable minus. Temperature drops, thaw and moisture
destructive for shrubs. The film is used in harsh winters
when the minus temperature lasts throughout the winter, and
snow cover will provide additional shelter.

• When covering with foil it is important to use a layer of
mulch layer between the material and the plant. If it is not,
that shoots frozen.

• Agrofibre or agrotextile – non-woven material that
passes the air. He does not give the plant mock up even in the period
thaw. The disadvantages of spunbond include the ability to skip
water ATо избежание намокания поверх укрытия используют
mulching with spruce branches, corn or dry leaves.
Underходит для применения в теплых регионах.

• Better between white and dark agrofiber.
light, it is not so hot in the spring.

• AT северных регионах с устойчивыми морозами можно применять
synthetic winterizer. It is laid on a layer of dry foliage. If winter has stood out
little snow and warm, then such a shelter is not suitable.

Cooking blackberries for the winter: gardener’s mistakes

1. When mulching shrubs can not use sawdust. it
moisture-absorbing material, which with the advent of freezing temperatures
turns into ice. With the arrival of spring, such shelter will be long
warm up and sweep, which leads to the death of the bush or
impaired development.

2. Beginning gardeners often mulch shrubs with straw, but
this is not necessary. AT ней поселяются грызуны, которые вредят
побегам и корням plants. In addition, in the spring there is a problem like
remove the rotted straw from the bush.

3. If covering material is late to be removed from the bed, then blackberry
may suffer from heat. ATесной укрытие снимают до набухания
the kidneys.

At first glance, autumn blackberry care in preparation for winter
It seems difficult, but it is not. Those gardeners who have experience
working with raspberries, in particular preparing raspberries for winter, without difficulty
cope with her distant relative.

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