Constipation in a newborn what is the reason and whatto do – instruction for young moms

Wed, Jun 24, 2015

Young moms are carefully eyeing feces
the long-awaited firstborn to make sure his diet is correct
and baby health.

Diarrhea in infants causes a lot of trouble and causes
reasonable concerns of parents. However, another is no less dangerous.
the reaction of the fragile organism of the baby – constipation in newborns is quite
A common problem that causes bitter crying and anxiety to the baby.

Normal chair in the newborn

The first days of life the vast majority of newborns eat
useful and tasty mother’s milk. Normally, the baby poops so much
once a day, how many times gets your delicious “lunch”. TO
indicators of normal stool include:

– consistency – mushy and homogeneous, resembling

– color – most often yellow, maybe with a brownish tinge
or a slight admixture of green;

– smell – sour-milk, without stench;

– the process of bowel movements – without tension, effort and

In babies who are forced from the first days of life to be on
bottle-fed, the stool is slightly different – it is thicker, the color
darker, has a characteristic smell of feces.

Signs of newborn constipation

Decreasing the number of feces may depend on my mother’s
menu and should not cause concern. However, some signs may
testify to the disruption of normal functioning
intestinal tract of a newborn:

1. the baby did not coca more than a day;

2. usually insatiable, the little man stubbornly refuses
mother’s breasts;

3. The baby often cries, sleeps poorly, worries and misses

4. fecal matter is hard, sometimes mixed with blood, and the process
wailing and tense.

These signs indicate that the baby has constipation, and
needs help.

The most common causes of constipation in newborns

Factors affecting the functioning of the small intestine,
a lot, and caring mom should try right
determine the true cause of constipation:

– the transition from breastfeeding to artificial – baby
This type of mixture or any additives may not be suitable. High
iron content, for example, can cause stool retention;

– the wrong mother’s diet – foods such as rice, bananas,
nuts, flour products, cocoa are quite capable of causing
constipation in the toddler;

– forced nursing mother’s intake of such drugs as
papaverine, no-spa, drotaverine, sorbents, antibacterial agents
and some others. If necessary, the use of medicinal
funds, you need the mandatory advice of a doctor about choosing the most
the sparing means;

– insufficient amount of water with artificial

Finding out the cause of an unpleasant illness is much easier.
cope with it and save the little one from suffering. Some
experts call, among others, some psychogenic causes
constipation. One of them is forced separation from mom, with
which the new man spent in close communication as many as nine
months. Therefore, the baby is more likely to take on his hands, and not to pay
it is time only during feeding. Young moms, by virtue of their
inexperience requires much more time for homework.
However, communication with the baby, his health and psychological state
– what could be more important than this after the birth of a new member

What is the danger of constipation in a newborn

Reasons to be concerned with establishing this diagnosis in
a small patient is enough – it is important not only to restore
normal bowel movement, but also cleanse the body, because
poisoning toxic decomposition products deliver a lot
troubles. Hyperexcitability, restless sleep,
anxiety is only the appearance of intoxication. Sometimes
poisoning of the body is accompanied by vomiting, which, in turn,
threatens to dehydrate.

The inability to get rid of accumulated feces leads to
their considerable compaction, and the attempt to poop turns into
The real test for the baby. In addition to the pain experienced,
there is a real risk of injury to the mucous membrane,
the formation of cracks and the occurrence of hemorrhoids. Often constipation
accompanied by swelling of the tummy, which causes additional
suffering newborn.

Feasible help mom with constipation in a newborn

If this problem occurs for the first time, help a little
sufferer can try to own. Eases the torment
gentle massage of the tummy clockwise. Do it better after
eating, mother’s hand should be warm. With colic and increased
gassing can be dill some water. Good tool for
Awakening the intestinal activity is the exercise “bike”, and
also a bath with warm water. Attention! No way by
advice “experienced” grandmothers, can not be used as
laxative soaps. It irritates the tender mucous
child and can cause a strong inflammatory process
bleeding and ulceration. If constipation does not causes
discomfort in the baby, do not calm down and rely
at random – it is simply necessary to consult a doctor.

What else can mom do to avoid such situations and
make life easier for your toddler? Experienced doctors advise:

– immediately remove from your diet medications and
products that can cause constipation. To replace undesirable
Dishes can be included in the menu of porridge, delicious salads from vegetables and
fruits with olive oil, prunes, dried apricots, yoghurts and kefir,
add dill and parsley whenever possible;

– drink more, the required volume of liquid – at least one and a half
liters. If the baby is fed artificially, do not forget to give
him some water;

– quite possibly, the problem has a psychogenic background. Need to
more often take the child in his arms, it will help ease his

– it is extremely undesirable to sharply abandon the breast
feeding or changing the mixture – it is better to do it gradually.

Need to обязательно помнить – лекарственные средства, если без них
can not do, should only appoint a doctor, and folk
remedies for constipation in newborns can give completely
unpredictable result. Any laxatives do not solve
the problem, the treatment should be comprehensive and be prescribed by a pediatrician.
Success depends on the timeliness of seeking help, so it’s not
worth tormenting doubts and postpone a visit to the pediatrician. After all
crumb is so vulnerable and needs timely support!

Что говорит доктор TOомаровский

TOак считает доктор TOомаровский, врожденные аномалии достаточно
can rarely cause constipation in a newborn, however
there are constant problems with the bowel movement of the baby, their
should be excluded only after examination by a specialist. More often
two common diseases are possible:

– Hirschsprung disease – lack of nerve receptors in the walls
the colon is causing a serious disturbance

– dolichosigmoid – sigmoid colon significantly
elongated and has an extra loop.

These defects are not always amenable to conservative treatment and sometimes
it is necessary to apply a surgical method. But fortunately, they
are so rare that dietary correction in
overwhelmingly, your child will be the best
профилактикой constipation.

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