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  • 1 Cold wrapping from cellulite at home
    • 1.1 How does a hot wrap differ from a cold one?
    • 1.2 Are there any contraindications?
  • 2 Recipes
    • 2.1 Для slimming
    • 2.2 With varicose veins

Термообертывание – одна из многих процедур,
which contributes to very rapid weight loss. Quickly throw off
overweight and tighten the skin is possible at home. The
view while losing weight, reviews will help get rid of cellulite,
tighten skin and smooth the upper layer of the epidermis. For today
there are a large number of recipes for
проведения процедуры в home conditions.

Unlike the hot-looking procedure,
прохладное практически не имеет противопоказаний и может
used even by certain categories of people, for example
nursing or pregnant. The вид осуществляет тренировку
blood vessels in a short time and relieves cellulite in
home conditions.


Cold wrapping from cellulite at home

Используя ледяное обертывание для slimming возможно:

  1. Reduce subcutaneous skin fat.
  2. To improve the tone of the skin in problem areas.
  3. Remove stretch marks in areas where they are present or prone to
    by him.
  4. To clean the skin, remove the horny layer
  5. Remove excess and stagnant liquid from the top layer
  6. Get rid of cellulite in the first and second stages.

For use at home you will need
специальная пищевая пленка, которая создаст
thermal effect and improve penetration of active ingredients into
skin and subcutaneous layer. In case you have such
disease like varicose veins, you can safely
apply this type of wrapping, however, on local areas

In order to properly perform the procedure as cold so
and hot wraps, you must carefully prepare the skin or
separate plots. First of all should be taken
распаривающие процедуры, такие as горячая ванна или душ
You can then apply a scrub that will remove the top layer of skin and
will help smooth out its relief.

At home, according to reviews, it is possible to apply such a recipe
scrub: put the coffee cake, after use in the coffee
car or in the usual Turk and then add olive oil.
The resulting mixture should be applied to the skin after taking a bath.
or hot shower. Move up and down during
few minutes and only after that you can start cold
mind according to the method. The рецепт широко используется в салонах
and beauty centers, but it is quite possible to hold it at home, so
as it does not require special components or
ingredients. Scrub also helps to cope with edema.

How hot is a wrap different from a cold one?

Hot appearance is a procedure that promotes expansion.
blood vessels and warming the skin, getting rid of cellulite.
People who suffer from varicose veins, psoriasis and
other skin diseases are strictly not recommended
применять данный вид процедуры в home conditions.

Based on the effectiveness of both procedures are completely different and have
different effect. Cold look is aimed at cellulite
action hot on activating blood circulation and
losing weight

Are there any contraindications?

But despite all the simplicity, this procedure has
contraindications that are by no means worth

Contraindications to cold sight

  1. Individual intolerance of products, on the basis of which
    This type of procedure is performed.
  2. Tendency to allergic reactions on the skin. In this case
    It is recommended to check the product in a small area of ​​the skin.
  3. Acute cystitis and other diseases of the genitourinary system in
    acute period.
  4. Damaged skin due to mechanical stress –
    open wounds, scratches and abrasions.


There are several effective recipes for cold wiping,
which contribute to skin tone, getting rid of cellulite and
promote weight loss.

Best Recipes For Cold Wrap At Home
Cellulite conditions:

  1. Необходимо взять яблочный уксус, добавить в
    He has a few tablespoons of cold water. For achievement
    the maximum result should be added to the mixture a few spoons
    dry mint extract. After which it is necessary to wrap the body or
    problem areas with cling film and make active movements –
    squats or pushups. Procedure to conduct courses – once in 2
    of the week.
  2. Использование картофельного пюре. For this
    recipe will need a few large potatoes – grate them on
    coarse grater, add dry mint extract and turn into food
    film. Wrap should last about an hour.
  3. Рецепт масляной процедуры. Take any
    base oil, for example grape seed or coconut and
    add a few drops of essential oil of any citrus, better
    orange or grapefruit. With the help of the film will turn around and wait
    about half an hour.

Для slimming

The most effective cold wrapping for

  • It is necessary to take in equal quantities such an additive. as
    agar-agar and mix it with a few drops of essential oil
    citrus and egg yolks (3-4 pieces). Apply the mixture on
    prepared skin for 20-30 minutes before bedtime for food
  • Mix apple cider vinegar with cool water in a ratio
    1:5 . Moisten gauze bandages with liquid and wrap the waist.
    thighs and abdomen. The procedure lasts 1-2 hours. After take a warm shower
    and lubricate your skin with a moisturizer. Each time the amount of vinegar
    can be increased.

Based on the reviews, it can be noted that most women
got rid of extra centimeters in problem areas, approximately, for
several courses of regular use. You can apply this
recipe for varicose veins and the presence of pronounced stretch marks.

With varicose veins

With this disease, it is necessary to use an oil mixture and
bandages. However, there is a proper bandaging procedure, which
is to start bandaging from the bottom up.
It is best to use olive oil or grape seed.
With proper wrapping with varicose veins worth
first wrap the abdomen and thighs, and only then the buttocks. Helps
this procedure and from cellulite.

Cold wrap for varicose veins –

1 способ: Размочите в воде комнатной
temperature kelp (1-2 hours). After wrap problem areas
водорослями  и завернитесь film. Lie down and enjoy
procedure 2 hours. Laminaria can be used 2-3 times, leaving
raw materials in a cool place for no more than 3 days.

2 способ: Разведите в теплой воде голубую
clay (the mixture should be creamy). To enhance the effect
You can add a few drops of lavender essential oil. Lubricate
plenty of space with a clear manifestation of varicose and zakutytesya 2-3

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