Chinese teacher went to jail for endingexam 4 minutes ahead of time

Tue, 01 Nov 2016

A court sentenced a Chinese college employee to a year.
stay in prison for giving a premature signal about
completion of the entrance exam.

According to the Reuters news agency, Xiao
Yulong, a 54-year-old resident of China, whose main place of work is, before
Recently, there was one of the central Chinese colleges,
became the main target of hatred for several hundred chinese
applicants. The fact is that Yulun, in June of the current year, during
passing by future students of one of the entrance exams
college, signaled the end of the exam for 4 minutes 47 seconds
ahead of schedule.

As a result of this act, more than a thousand applicants
met the deadlines and were forced to surrender their not
completed work, almost five minutes earlier than anticipated.
Waiting for a low score for an exam that was interrupted this way,
parents of applicants did not lose time and hide their
dissatisfaction with the incident, in connection with which it was filed
corresponding complaint about a negligent employee to a local committee
of Education.

After reviewing this sensational case, the court ruled
sentence a man to one year’s imprisonment, under article
about negligence in the performance of official duties. In connection with
family circumstances, Xiao Yulong will incur deserved punishment
with a delay of one year. The Chinese himself, took a similar reprieve, as
reduction of the actual length of stay in prison.

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