Children’s hemp fever – photos, symptoms and methodstreatment. How not to confuse prickly heat in children with othersdiseases.

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Hurt and sensitive baby skin is vigorously protesting against any
incorrect external exposure. Wet diapers, stuffy and
wet heat, a lot of extra clothes threaten the appearance of prickly heat.
The variety of its manifestations is dangerous because young mommies can
it is easy to confuse these rashes with symptoms of an allergic reaction or
infectious rash and do not seek help from a doctor on time.
In order not to be mistaken, you need to know the main signs of chick fever.
and see how she looks.

What is prickly heat

Heat rash is a non-communicable disease that occurs most often in
summer heat, however, may occur in winter due to excessive
wrapping baby. Imperfection ducts sweat glands that
fully formed only by five to six years, violate the normal
the process of thermoregulation. With increased sweating occurs
blockage of sweat glands and irritation of tender childish

Types of prickly heat

Pnidale is of several kinds:

1. Red – separate nodules and bubbles are surrounded by reddened
skin, but do not merge. It occurs more often in the folds of the skin – in the groin,
armpit, on the neck. Rashes disturb the little one with a strong itch and
soreness upon contact. Usually annoying for one or two

2. Crystal – small silvery or white bubbles
appear on the body, face, neck of the child. Merging, they form
quite large spots and easily burst, remain in their place
flaky areas. The rash does not torment the crumbs with itching or pain and
dries in two or three days.

3. Papular – appears a few hours after
like a baby sweat. Small bubbles of skin color appear on
dry skin of limbs and trunk and, after some time,
disappear without a trace.

Other species, white and yellow, are complicated forms.

Causes of prickly heat in children

It is not by chance that, more often than not, a trough appears in places
where air access is difficult. Tight swaddling and too warm
clothes cause overheating during the hot season
baby The secret that sweat glands produce is not
evaporates, accumulates and causes irritation of tender
skin. However, there are other reasons:

– heat, stuffiness and humidity in the room – faithful companions
prickly heat;

– lack of regular baby bathing;

– hygienic use of too greasy cream – it
violates the skin breathing and impedes heat transfer;

– an allergic reaction to synthetic materials of clothing or
diaper quality;

– excessive sweating during fever

– the absence or insufficiency of air baths;

– Too tight and warm clothes.

The most prone to rash are weakened and
premature babies who are overweight and suffering

Symptoms of prickly heat in children

The main signs of prickly heat, the nature of the rash which depends
от ее вида, является сыпь, сопровождающаяся покраснением skin. She is
can be located only on one part of the body, for example, in the groin,
or occupy a fairly extensive space. Very small
newborn babies join sleep disorder and anxiety.
It can be easily confused with chickenpox, measles or
allergies, therefore, in case of doubt, it is better to consult
with a doctor.

In favor of the fact that skin rashes are just hellbane,
serves localization rash. The most frequent occurrences and
Causes of prickly heat are:

– neck – failure to comply with the rules of hygiene and heat;

– back – often the upper part. The reason is overheating and clothes from

– ass – the constant wearing of a diaper and the use of fat

– face – most likely, a rash indicates an allergic
reactions, although it can sometimes occur due to the spread of chickens
from the neck;

– on the head – only because of the constant wearing of the cap.

If you take the necessary measures in a timely manner, prickly heat disappears
very quickly, which cannot be said about allergic or infectious

Photos of prickly heat in children

Prickly heat
children photo 1

Prickly heat
children photo 2

Prickly heat
children photo 3

Prickly heat
children photo 4

Attention! If the baby suffers from unbearable itching, on the skin
pustules and cracks are visible, and the temperature is increased – it is necessary
visit the doctor!

To the symptoms in which pediatric consultation is necessary,

– swelling of the skin;

– cracks and sores, which produce an unpleasant smell;

– severe pain, itching and burning;

– temperature rise.

These signs may indicate the accession of an infection,
therefore, the help of a doctor is necessary. Localization and form of rash
It usually does not cause difficulties for the pediatrician to correct
diagnosis, only sometimes he prescribes the necessary tests or
dermatologist consultation.

Methods of treating acne in children

For the effectiveness of treatment is required first to eliminate
the causes of heat loss. If the room is too hot, it is worth
take care to air temperature did not exceed 20-22
degrees When using synthetic fabrics should go
only on clothes made of natural fiber, and karapuza needs more often
“air”, leaving without diapers. Mom will have
stop being afraid that the baby will surely catch a cold without
extra blanket or too warm blouse, normal
air temperature will not allow this. Caring for baby
you should use oils and fat creams – powders in this
case will be much more efficient.

Get rid of the problem quickly and reliably help
following measures:

– it is better to bathe the little one with the use of decoctions of herbs – succession,
yarrow, oak bark, chamomile. Herbs are allowed to add to
Vodichku both individually and in complex, brewing in one
liter of water for 3 tablespoons of each of them. Chamomile will help
it is possible to get rid of itching for 10-15 minutes before bathing
rub the affected areas with a decoction. Many mothers add to
bathing water is a weak solution of potassium permanganate, it has
drying effect;

– after the bath, the skin of the crumbs must be thoroughly soaked in all
hard-to-reach places and powder. Part
hygiene products include starch, talc and zinc oxide.
Some of them contain anesthesin, which provides cooling
action, and panthenol, healing combed wounds. Better not
pour in the product, and gently apply it with a cotton swab;

– special ointments and creams – “Drapolen”, “Bepanten”, “Desitin” –
help speed up the process of the disappearance of the rash, only put them
need a thin layer and, preferably, do not wear a diaper until
full absorption. If potnya appeared on the ass, better than all
For a while, forget about diapers. The use of ointments is necessary
check with the doctor.

Means of traditional medicine: pour 7 leaves of laurel tree
a glass of boiling water, let it brew and wipe affected prickly heat
участки skin.

There is a possibility that, in spite of all the efforts of the mother,
get rid of trouble fails. In this case it is necessary
visiting a dermatologist, as it is possible that there is
a bacterial infection that cannot be cured without
antihistamine drugs and antibiotics.

Attention! If you have not managed to get rid of prickly heat in 3-4 days,
bubble contents become yellow or white, rashes increased
in size, and the baby is too restless – urgently to the doctor, possible

Prevention of prickly heat in children

Even in the presence of hot weather, if the child is properly dressed,
mom is hygienic, and dad takes care of
necessary microclimate in the apartment, the baby will avoid the appearance
prickly heat Clothing must be loose and breathable, swimming
daily, and changing diapers – regular. Air baths
rejection of thick swaddling and using only creams on water
основе или присыпки тоже помогут защититься от неприятной rash
Wash baby clothes should be only with special
hypoallergenic powders.

Prickly heat у детей – мнение доктора Комаровского

Yevgeny Komarovsky warns that a rash is not a cause, but
consequence, therefore, first of all it should be established, in consequence
what she appeared. The appearance of skin rashes can
become diathesis, mechanical damage, various infections,
allergies and even a reaction to blood clotting. To begin with
try to determine whether a rash is dangerous or not, and then
look for her culprit. If there are no signs of infectious
diseases, the baby is cheerful and active, and of all the symptoms
there is only a rash – the cause may be allergy, prickly heat, or
insect bites. Mom will have вспомнить предыдущий день и
try to figure out what could “sprinkle” the baby – buying
new clothes, eaten orange or small insect bites.

Attention! Dr. Komarovsky warns! If skin rash
the child has elements of hemorrhage, and the baby has vomiting immediately
call an ambulance!

Favorite doctor states – with the onset of heat
prickly heat is not uncommon. The accumulation of small pimples in the environment
reddened skin most often appears on the neck, gradually
spreading to the face, back and chest, behind the ears. Doctor
Komarovsky advises to dissolve in a glass of water a teaspoon of soda and
moistened in a solution with a cotton ball, with a light pat,
wipe the affected places several times a day. Can
use and simple starch, using it instead of powder, but
the main thing – as often as possible to keep the baby in the heat naked. Let me
Crumble rest from diapers and tight clothes, and his skin
enjoy the touch of cool air.

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