Children from single-parent families grow up psychologicallyinferior

Tues, 06 Dec 2016

It is no secret that incomplete family today – not uncommon.
Canadian scientists, after researching the data, found that
children who are raised without a father may exercise in the future
aggression towards others.

The experiment was conducted on laboratory mice, which were divided
into two equal groups. The first lived in a “complete family”, under the supervision of
the male, the second immediately after the birth of the male seized. Experiment
showed that the mice from the second group became more aggressive.
A study of rodent brain showed abnormalities,
distorting the perception of the world.

Scientists are absolutely sure that the data obtained can
approximate to the study of such a person. In most
Families ozzet represents power and authority. Therefore the absence of a chapter
family often leads to deviant behavior of the child: excessive
constraints, misconceptions about role relationships in
family. In addition, children who grew up without a father showed the worst
learning achievement. Mother-educated girls tend to
tested the Electra complex. Often women with such a complex
marry men much older than themselves to at least somehow
to compensate for the absence in childhood of a strict and caring father.
Boys grow up with a lack of confidence in their
strength, own opinions, unable to fend for themselves. Have them
as a rule, there are no leadership qualities.

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