Childfrey: a different look at “freedom”

Fri, 21 Nov 2014

Childfrey or a life without children is a growing current,
which threatens us all with a lonely old age. Well, seriously – this is
principled position of many young and not very people regarding
the need for procreation. We decided to collect the main
the postulates of childfree activists and look at them in other

Children are terrible: they are helpless, they require constant
attention, limit life and interfere with career

Difficult to argue. But! In the courtyard of the 21st century, and all modern mommies
enjoy the benefits of high-speed Internet and actively communicate on
forums and in social networks. No, no, they are not only looking for recipes for meatballs and
They talk about how many times their kids haunted them. Joint
events, walks, meetings on interests decorate difficult everyday life
mothers Well, in 2-3 years all the “decree-girls” will again become
accountants, teachers, judges, doctors, supervisors and even
by the investigators. Now imagine what kind of career you can “stir up”
with such a circle of close acquaintances!

Children can inherit my faults.

Or they may not inherit – it’s not we who decide, but nature and sets
our chromosomes. There are no flaws only in the saints, and we are all fine
We get along with our height and weight, thick lips and chest size,
education, development and ability. Moreover, everything in life
you can change: breast size – by operation, level of development
– with the help of a good school and university.

I do not want to become a mom of a new Hitler or

If you are going to raise a child in a doghouse, instead
cartoons show “Emmanuel”, beat 3-4 times a day and feed
raw meat – then yes, it is better to abstain. Baby with good
growing up in normal conditions will become in the future
just a good person.

I do not want children, I do not have maternal instinct

Appetite comes with eating, instinct appears around on
fifth to sixth month of pregnancy. Man is more developed, but
still an animal. And in animals (recall biology) instincts
Maternity, too, not forever, and manifest in the period of growing
offspring, then disappear safely. By the way, childfree
among animals not seen.

What if my theoretical child doesn’t want me to
giving birth?

So what is it worth getting consent? Writing a statement: one copy
in the hospital, the second – in the housing office, waiting for an answer and decide. Well, seriously
– in life, much is solved for us and without us. Let’s imagine
if for this reason Einstein and Popov were not born,
Edison and the Wright brothers, Da Vinci and Tchaikovsky. We would all live in
dugouts, would have slept on rags and burned the splinter, confessing by long
in the evenings, the principles of free relations.

There are so many people on the planet

And who so decided? Marya Petrovna, a retired biologist or another
�Green activist john crucifying himself in front of
American parliament? Nature is smarter than them combined – she herself
�”Regulates” how many people need to give birth. It has long been observed that after
epidemics and wars in the “fashion” includes large families. In periods
stability is considered normal to have 1-2 children. This is no accident:
This is the influence of biorhythms, subconsciousness about other things beyond our control.
factors. So relax – nature itself will decide everything.

I have no right to have children in a world where there are so many

Not a problem at all – we become volunteers in the Baby House or
shelter, help than we can and give children kindness. It will be
more efficient and better than spreading empty statements. well and
the ideal option is to adopt a child. На одного несчастного orphansу
It will be less, plus the birth itself is not necessary. And the principles are preserved, and
good deed done.

I grew up in poverty and do not want such a fate for a child

Do you live in a crooked hut? Eat “treat” from
nearest garbage? Do you spend all the money? Hardly. Foolish to consider
poverty, the inability to buy a child “iPhone” instead of the usual
phone. And the world will not forgive you if you, because of your principles, do not
give life to a new scientist, artist, inventor, writer or
just a good, kind person.


Ольга 18.11.2016 “Let’s imagine если бы по этой причине на
the light did not appear Einstein and Popov, Edison and the Wright brothers, Da Vinci
and Tchaikovsky. “What nonsense? If not them, so others
would make their discoveries, take to the air and so on. The dumbest
argument. In contrast, you can bring another. Had Hitler’s mom
made an abortion, it would be a great blessing for mankind. Everybody
on abortion! Kotov 11/16/2016 Nature decides for herself, yeah. Are you generally in
Course HOW she solves this problem? Yes, infant mortality
about 50%, children – 20-30%. Any serious infection – almost
guaranteed death. No premature-freaks-downs-dtspshniki
did not survive in principle. So nature yes – regulated. You
agree to all this rvenut? Remember, out of your 3 children will survive 1.
Persuaded of the Black Sea Fleet 16.11.2016 The most important argument was not brought: not
want! Here I do not want children, and that’s it.

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