Childbirth with my husband? Of course not!

Wed, Feb 11, 2015

In Russia, partner births are becoming more and more
popular. And let those couples who have “given birth” in this way
Several karapuzov advise other parents choose precisely this
methodology, on the “innovation” are only a few. The reasons for this are not only
in the cost of the procedure. Principles are also important.
prevailing in society for many decades.

In most Western countries, joint childbirth no one
will surprise If American statistics are right, then 95% of the newly minted
dad seek to relieve the spouses suffering by being present at
the birth of his child. About the same statistics and the Europeans,
because there the father in the delivery room is not only a sign
financial well-being, but also boundless love for the spouse.

In our country, not every maternity hospital, a doctor, and the family is ready for
joint birth. But as if there were those who have given up with her husband,
strongly advise future moms to follow their example and
abandon prejudice. Couples who decided on partnerships
childbirth, argue that the greatest happiness in the life of a woman –
feel her husband’s support in such a magical and responsible
moment. And those who gave birth “in the old manner”, on the contrary, adhere to
opinions of their “great-grandmothers”, believing that the husband should not see them in
�”This condition.” There’s no point in saying who’s right and who’s wrong
because each of them is right in its own way.

For some, joint labor is a natural process, while others
try to keep the romantic relationship and psyche of her husband from
�“Generic” shocks that not every man is capable of
painlessly migrate.

Women who give birth without a husband are convinced that childbirth is serious
work for which maximum concentration and full
giving back to the process, so the pale as a wall husband is on
verge of fainting, does not facilitate the appearance of the baby, but only
aggravate the already not too pleasant condition of the mother. Calmer
if there is an experienced doctor and midwife next to the woman in labor,
who will help not only advice, but also deed.

It is also very important to be able to control your body during
contractions, and shaking the second half will only add problems and
will stop you from relaxing.

Many young parents ask themselves: are cooperative
childbirth? Of course, but only if the spouses are not
decided why they need it. Is support for each other important to them?
friend or is it just a tribute to fashion and the desire to prove their
courage to each other or shoot the whole process on camera?

But be that as it may, every woman wants to be for her
the men are perfect, and the disgusting screaming aunt lying in the delivery room
unlikely to have a positive effect on the psyche of men. Have been
cases when such a spectacle became the cause of the divorce, because
how a gentle male psyche was broken by such a “terrifying”
pictures and even the appearance of the baby did not help her recover.

Curious, but some future moms “take” husbands to give birth
only so that they see their suffering. From my side,
there are men who attend childbirth just to
prove their wives that they are not “weaklings.” According to doctors, such
joint labor resembles a tragic play in which the main
the heroine dies, and “not a wimp” rushes around her.

What kind of complementarity and guessing the slightest wishes of the mother
in general there can be a speech? What kind of confidential atmosphere can
speak? After all, without these factors, thinking about partnerships
worth it. In truth, even a sincere desire to be with my wife
in this “difficult” time is not enough. Without sensitivity to the wishes of the spouse,
empathy, the ability to help and support, without knowing the process from a
I don’t go to birth at all. After all, few of the men
really ready for the process.

One knows all about the business, the other masterfully makes repairs, the third
can write poems. Every man knows how his own, precisely
Therefore, it is very difficult to imagine that every future father
able to help his wife in childbirth. As a result, 95% “turnout” of male Americans
for the birth of his spouse looks pretty fabulous.

Of course, partner childbirth as a whole is natural, but consider
that they are absolutely “normal” is not too fair. Many
future parents have lofty feelings for each other, they want
provide support in a difficult moment, ready for the appearance of a small
lump of happiness and could well remain in childbirth together, but with
this part at the entrance to the maternity ward. Just sometimes so
better — and it makes no sense to explain this.


Olga 02/13/2016 I agree with the last paragraph entirely.
I am happy for those who bore themselves together, but she herself does not

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