Childbirth at home. What is dangerous home birth.

Wed, 06 Jan 2016

The phrase “home birth” sounds ridiculous, stupid, frivolous,

Why are some women currently giving away
preference for just such kind? Why do they want to give birth at home?
the main reasons why women venture home
childbirth: 1. My home is my castle. Nobody hurt homes, native walls
will give strength, save from disaster. My husband is near, my support and support.
After birth, the baby will immediately see the father, and this is very important.
Home conditions are the most comfortable, home is cozy and warm.

4. Freedom of conduct. At home I can behave as I want,
no one will look askance at me. Can I give birth in the bathroom or
the pool is not so painful.

6. Near my private obstetrician. The doctor is always with me for a minute
Don’t let me out of your sight. All the above statements are not that
other than delusions, misinformation, the result of a panic fear
women of childbirth. Let’s sort out the reasons:

1. At your home there is no adult and children’s intensive care unit,
which, in case something goes wrong, can save you and
your baby life. The house is relaxing, and during labor it is important
focus and work. In the hospital, no one thinks you
offend. Sensitive, understanding nurses, doctors and midwives will
watch you carefully, cheer you up, and sometimes scold to
you did not forget and understood that a positive result of childbirth in
Mostly depends on you. Many maternity hospitals have a program.
“Family birth”. If you so want your husband to be close by
important moment for both of you, there are no obstacles to this. BUT
It is such a pleasure to be cheaper than giving birth at home. Modern
maternity hospital differ in the increased comfort. Cozy, clean, warm and
in the prenatal, and in the generic, and postpartum unit. At your service
comfortable transforming chair for childbirth, jacuzzi, fitball and much
another. Of course, you have to pay for convenience, but again, it is worth
cheaper than home births. BUT чем хуже в роддоме? During the bouts
do what you want – dance, sing, shout, play – staff
Maternity hospital is no surprise. As mentioned earlier, in
Superior chambers have a Jacuzzi with hydromassage, and this
you do not bath.6. You can choose any maternity hospital and any doctor,
conclude a contract in advance with the doctor. As soon as you depart
water or fight begins, all you need to do is call
to your personally qualified obstetrician. Your birth will take exactly
the person with whom you have contracted. The same doctor will
observe you from the 36th week of pregnancy and for a month after
childbirth. BUT акушерам-самоучкам, работающим на дому, доверять не
worth it.7. Eating during childbirth is strictly not recommended. Drink to you and
в роддоме разрешат, также как и принять душ, и поспать.BUT теперь о
the problems that are waiting for you if you give birth not in the state
maternity hospital: 1. No professional equipment, no children’s doctor –
hence, there is no proper care for the child in the first, most important
minutes / days of his life, there is no conclusion of doctors about the state of the baby:
рост, вес, окружность головы, живота, показатели по BUTпгарду -,
which are entered into the exchange card. Without these significant figures
difficult to further examination of the baby. Some vaccinations
make children in the first few hours of life. Just do in the hospital
three vaccinations. Of course, you will have the opportunity to make these
vaccinations in the children’s clinic, but not earlier than the child
be a month, sometimes three months. But there are no guarantees
that during this period of time the baby will not get sick of what they are doing
vaccination in the maternity hospital. Treatment is known to be always harder.
prevention.3. BUTбсолютно точно то, что у вас возникнут проблемы с
registration of the baby: obtaining a birth certificate,
insurance policy, maternity allowance, registration. Even if baby
born in the hospital, you need to spend a lot of time and effort on
solving these problems. BUT уж если дома, или даже в карете скорой
help, then you need to gain unlimited patience so that everyone
explain to the public officials calm voices
why it happened, and not otherwise, and even to prove that the child
It is yours. Do not give birth at home. Do not endanger
your life and the life of your son or daughter. Do not create yourself
unnecessary problems. Do not waste money.


Natalya 11/22/2016 Immediately it is clear that the article was written by a bad person
owning information, in general the article is more like a customized one.
Home births are different, I’m not talking about childbirth with “spiritual
акушеркой” – это действительно очень опасно. BUT профессиональные
midwives at home birth (at least I know)
received additional education abroad, where
specially taught. This is not a junior medical professional reporting
to the doctor, but an independent responsible unit that can
assess the situation and send the woman to the family home for the doctor
interventions. Not everyone can give birth at home. why choose
home childbirth, and not in the family house? Houses individual approach to the woman
rather than a health care approved scheme for everyone, prices are lower than
contract in the hospital (although this fact is not important at all), childbirth is
a divine miracle, and not necessarily an operation with medicines,
usually home births are chosen by women who are not vaccinated
children in the hospital, doctors will never give birth
intervening, they are sure that no woman without their help give birth
can not, it is very difficult to find a hospital to give birth in that position in
which is convenient to the woman, not doctors. Many cases when the woman in labor
and the child needs medical assistance, they need to give birth in the hospital, but there is
women who are better not to interfere in childbirth. This determines
skilled experienced midwife during pregnancy and early
generic activity. midwives have everything they need to
assisting the mother and child, but the complications are much less
than at the maternity hospital due to more gentle intervention, women are less likely
rush at home giving birth to even very large children. And the kids are much
less stress at home, why do you think that a child is not appreciated,
as well as in the hospital. Inspect, evaluate, weigh,
measure, enter the data. No problems later with the design
no birth certificate, that’s a lie. Dad goes to Zacks and
makes out the child. In general, the birth of a child must be approached very
responsibly, and where to give birth should be decided by the woman herself, after weighing everything
“pros and cons”. I gave birth to two in the family (I remember both times as
a nightmare and the doctors and I hurt the children, although as the next
Experience has shown, I can give birth very well), and two of them are already at home – this
real miracle and happiness. Tomiris 01/01/2016 Dumber article I do not
read !!! Well, of course the hospital is fine! Especially those who
give birth at home “worried” about the fact that they are no longer vaccinated
put))). Yes, and they do not put them at all, if the author of the article is not in

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