Child and karate – what to expect and what it costsfear? Misconceptions and myths of parents about the karate section,sensei’s opinion

Чт, 16 ноя 2017 Автор: Екатерина Данилова

Thinking about recording a child in the fashion section
karate? Wouldn’t that make it worse? Almost all parents are early or
late this question is asked!

Dispel the most common doubts and myths about karate.

A child has poor health — he cannot be in karate (often
cold, heart disease, diabetes, liver problems or

Pediatricians often reject karate for children who have
health problems. This is not a sentence!

If you inform the trainer, he, within
individual sparing approach, it is able to train
your baby, taking into account its features.

Contraindications for practicing karate
diseases is only a serious pathology of the spine,
specifically – the cervical of his department.

The child is small, he is still early in karate

You can start practicing karate as soon as your child begins
walk It can only be individual workouts that
held in the form of a game and last only 15-20 minutes. Purpose of such
classes – general physical training, the formation of interest in

The average child is able to engage in the karate section
from the age of 3 and even if he starts crying and asking for “to
Mom “, it does not mean that it is too early to give it to the section. It is only
indicator of strong affection and fear of losing mom. Exactly
children get used to kindergarten, let’s say.

It happens that after several sessions the coach tells the parents:
your still early, come back later. This does not mean that you have a bad
child. Maybe the coach just did not find the approach to the child, could not
seize his attention and captivate occupations.

I already have an aggressive son, where he is also in karate!

Karate classes – do not increase aggressiveness and do not form it.
The child is not taught “to beat everybody”, he is being prepared to defend himself and
protect the weak.

None of the normal trainers will “play off” children between
By itself, will not give the opportunity to tease to offend children

Parents who gave up their “very aggressive” children in
Karate do not regret it! Moreover, they note that already through
year children have become much calmer, talk about the weak and strong
on their sides, and in fights they show leniency, making it clear
enemy superiority “bloodless methods.”

He will be beaten there! I’m afraid of injury

This is generally groundless excitement. No one is beaten there,
more at the very beginning. The first thing you start learning, the total
physical training, strengthening of muscles and ligaments and skill training
fall so that there are no injuries.

In other words, karate classes are not only safe for
your child, but also prepare him for surprises in everyday life and on
the street.

If an untrained child, having slipped on a wet floor,
can break a face and break a hand, then baby, at least a year
retired in karate – habitually technically grouped and
Carefully fall on its side, even scratches will not be!

If you have heard enough “scary stories” that karate is
permanent injuries, you know, someone was very unlucky with the coach.

The child is already big, his peers have been engaged there for a long time and he
it’s too late to start

It’s never too late to start practicing karate.

This sport allows you to quickly progress, developing
agility, flexibility, strength.

For example, an ordinary unsportsmanlike boy at 10 years old can catch up
in terms of karate skills of their peers for one year. Even those
who was engaged from 5 years! And for a couple of years he can even

We are believers, religious norms do not accept karate

Yes, aggressiveness and rivalry are things that
Orthodox people try to avoid. On the other hand, the desire
to protect and protect yourself and your loved ones is not a sin. Karate
teaches modesty, calls for helping the weak, be courageous.

Any priest will say that no matter what you do, it is important
keep and increase faith and benefactor. To avoid
pride, aggressiveness, rituals contrary to the canons of the church.
A lot of clerics continue to be engaged in martial arts,
even taking a dignity.

Karate надо рассматривать как замечательный источник здоровья и
strength In a healthy body, as you know – a healthy mind!

Karate girls are not suitable!

Suited, still as. Karate classes strengthen your back for
women guarantee the absence of problems with the spine in the period
pregnancy and after childbirth. Stretching, the ability to maintain posture,
dexterity, endurance and composure – that’s what a girl gets
diligently comprehending the basics of karate.

To be able to defend for girls today is also relevant
problem solved by training in the karate section.

Besides, if a girl is brought up in a family without brothers, then
sections of karate she has a real chance to learn how to communicate with
boys, understand their psychology and behavioral patterns, learn
get on with them. An important skill that will further facilitate
her making contacts with the opposite sex.

What can a child achieve: ask an experienced trainer

Kihon, Kate and Kumite are the degrees that those who overcome
engaged in karate.

Кихот – это система движений основанная на
attacking and defensive techniques, which are allocated from the kata. Here also
can be attributed some combinations of moving techniques.

Ката подразумевает собой определенные
complexes, while their performance in relation to karate includes
quite specific standards.

Кумите – это бой с соперником.

We will focus on the fact that to overcome the initial stage in
style karate can only those athletes who are definitely
clearly prepared physically and also differ
mind and specific subtleties of character.

What is the style karate program possible to convey to children? AT
In most cases, an ordinary child, not taking into account the particularly gifted,
may not always prove himself in many situations and reflect on how

At first, we advise parents to consider karate classes,
as a special, very comprehensive form of general physical fitness.
Only when a child is 10–12 years old can you usually
talk about understanding and making sense of his choice as karate
directions for self-improvement.

We do not set a goal – to advertise karate. There are many others
sports that will help your child at any age harmoniously
develop, for example, swimming. Karate сегодня — это наиболее
affordable sport “for everyone” and it deserves your trust.
Главное, найдите опытного и грамотного trainer.

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