Cherry plum: beneficial properties of the fruit. Cherry plum:application in cooking, cosmetology and unconventionalmedicine

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Cherry plum refers to the fruit plum, only has a smaller
the size.

This is a delicious and fragrant fruit from which compotes are prepared,
jelly, various sauces. Also, fruits are used in folk

Cherry plum, which has a lot of useful properties, favorably
affects the overall health of the person. Fruit often
include in the diet menu, as its active ingredients
regulate metabolism, allow you to burn fat.

Fruit composition

The composition of the product includes a large amount of vitamins and
mineral substances. When heat-treated cherry plums, they remain,
therefore, fruit is useful to use in any form.


• vitamins: beta-carotene, B, ascorbic acid, E, PP;

• mineral substances – phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium,

It is best to eat ripe cherry plum, useful properties in
her most. The main thing that the fruit had a dense skin and was not
rumpled. Orycha perfectly stored in the refrigerator, you can also
freeze it for the winter, vitamins and minerals
will not lose.

Cherry plum: полезные свойства фрукта

In the diet of plum is indispensable. Fresh fruit in
chopped form can be added to a salad, sauce or dessert. Such
meals will help get rid of excess weight without fasting. Low
caloric content, the presence of dietary fiber and organic
acids – all this allows you to speed up the digestive processes,
effectively clean the intestines. Overweight will gradually be

Cherry plum: полезные свойства фрукта

1. Helps the body easier to process fatty foods.

2. Improves intestinal motility, has a light
laxative, solves the problem of constipation.

3. A large amount of iron in the composition allows to increase in
blood hemoglobin level.

4. Improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

5. Perfectly refreshes and quenches thirst.

6. Has choleretic and diuretic properties, removes
excess fluid, toxins and slags.

7. It also contains citric acid, which allows
Alyche act as an antioxidant.

8. Calms nerve cells, relieves stress.

9. Normalizes blood pressure, soothes the headache.

10. It is characterized by an expectorant effect, recommended for
catarrhal diseases.

11. It is useful for women during pregnancy, fills in
body deficiency of nutrients.

Cherry plum: полезные свойства в косметологии

In perfumery and cosmetology often use the fruit bone, from
It produces butter, no less useful than almond.
The shell of the fruit is part of the activated carbon. Cherry plum
It has a positive effect on the condition of the skin.
Cook at home healthy and nourishing masks.
The active ingredients of the composition give a general rejuvenating effect.
relieve acne and blackheads, give a healthy shine.

From cherry plum, which useful properties are invaluable, without difficulty
you can make some effective cosmetic at home

1. Nourishing face mask. The fruit is well peeled,
pulp knead and squeeze the juice. This juice with a cotton swab
evenly applied on face, left for 15-20 minutes.

2. Purifying face mask. From ripe cherry plum is peeled,
pulp is pounded with 1 tablespoon of fresh fat cottage cheese.
The resulting mass is applied to the face for 20 minutes, then washed off.
warm water.

3. Mask for dry skin. The flesh of two fruits is pounded into it
raw yolk is added, the mixture is whipped until homogeneous
masses. The mask is applied to the face and neck, while the skin
Massaged with fingertips. After 20 minutes, the skin is washed.
warm water.

4. Soft facial scrub. Cherry plums are carefully crushed
(to the state of powder). In the resulting mass is added a little.
fruit pulp and fat sour cream. Everything is mixed until
homogeneous mass is not formed. Scrub tips
fingers need to massage the face for 5-7 minutes, then rub it with a cube
ice, don’t wipe off with a towel.

Применение в народной medicine

Not surprisingly, plum is widely used in folk
medicine. Effective homemade recipes will help the hostess to use
useful properties of the product for their own purposes.

1. Laxative. Cherry plum лучше таблеток справляется с
the problem of constipation, not addictive, gently cleanses the intestines.
Cooking a decoction at home is not difficult. 200 grams of fresh
fruit poured 500 ml of boiling water, boiled for 10 minutes. Received
the tool is cooled and filtered, taken 3 times a day
before the meal.

2. Cold and cough remedy. It will take 500 ml of water
20 grams of crushed cherry plum root. Capacity to put on slow
fire, bring to a boil and leave on fire for another 10 minutes. Decoction
filtered after cooling, taken 3 times a day, 100 ml.
The next day, the person will feel better, overall
The course of treatment is 3-4 days.

3. A remedy for the treatment of the liver. 20 grams of flowers fetus
pour boiling water (200 ml), infused to full
cooling down The resulting infusion is filtered, the liquid is drunk 2 times
per day before meals.

Cooking Application

Many people like to use cherry plum in cooking. Beneficial features
fruit allows you to cook not only delicious, but also healthy
the dishes.

1. Compote from fruits

For the preparation will need to prepare well ripened.
fruits. Cherry plum тщательно промывается теплой водой, раскладывается по
pre-prepared banks. Then you need to cook sugar
syrup – 2 liters of water 1 kg of sugar. The resulting mixture is also
spreads on banks. To make compote aromatic and healthier,
There you can also add basil, fragrant geranium and a few berries.

2. Sweet jam

Cherry plum промывается, разрезается на 2 части, косточки вынимаются.
Brewed syrup – for 1 kg of fruit you need 2 glasses of water and 1.2 kg
Sahara. Plum is dipped into a boiling mass, boiled for 30 minutes, then
gas must be turned off and leave the mixture to infuse for 4-5 hours. After
this jam is cooked until cooked on low heat, unfolds
on sterilized banks.

3. Sherbet cherry plum

To prepare you will need 1 cup of fresh cherry plum juice, 1
литр воды, немного сушеной перечной мяты, 150 грамм Sahara. 300 ml
water is brought to a boil, mint drops there, boiled for 5 minutes,
cooled and filtered. 700 ml of water is boiled with sugar,
then mint decoction is added there, everything is thoroughly mixed.
When the mixture has cooled, pour the cherry plum juice, mix the mixture and
put in the fridge.

Contraindications to the use

Cherry plum, полезные свойства которой были представлены,
really favorably affects the general condition
organism. However, excessive consumption of fruit results in diarrhea,
heartburn, increases blood sugar levels.

It is not recommended to eat cherry plum for people with peptic ulcer.

Важно отметить, что в кулинарии можно
использовать только мякоть fetus, косточки оставляются для
cosmetic purposes (they contain prussic acid).

Cherry plum — вкусный и полезный продукт. Submitted recipes
will help to use all the vitamins of the fruit for the benefit of your

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