Chemical diet for 4 weeks

  • 1 Chemical diet Osama Hamdiy – description
    • 1.1 Basic rules of diet
    • 1.2 Menus for 4 weeks – table
    • 1.3 Pros and cons
    • 1.4 What could be the results?

How to lose weight without starving? How to lose weight, not counting
calories? How to become an example of an ideal figure, not bringing yourself to

On these and many other issues related to “losing weight without
special efforts “,” the special technique of the American
Professor Osama Hamdiy, designed to combat excess
calories in people with diabetes.


Chemical Osama Hamdi diet – description

Adding the word “chemical” to the above Osama Hamdy diet
not by chance. All such menu restrictions come into our lives for
to radically change the diet.

Chemical, she’s an egg, Osama Hamdy diet is recognized as one of
strictest and demanding its full observance, with a large number

In addition to losing weight, the menu of a chemical diet according to the method of Osama Hamdy
will provide you with a partial aversion to products containing sugar.
That is, during the power on this constraint, you are so
you will get used to exist without sweets, that you do not want them
use and at the end.

Menu chemical diet for 2 weeks will lose weight by 5-7 kg.
Therefore, if you wish to extend the 4 week limit,
the result will be twice as much.

Basic rules of diet

Chemical diet for 4 weeks – испытание на выносливость
everyone who decided to fight with excess weight and defeat him.

This chemical food restriction is assigned to strong
losing weight His scheme is as follows: the more you weigh, the more
will lose. With only one condition, you must observe the following
menu rules:

  • drink plenty of fluids daily;
  • allowed diet soda, coffee and tea without sugar;
  • in the case of an unplanned diet termination,
    back to the very beginning of her food.

Do not forget about the most important rule of adherence to diet
Усамы Хамдий: главный продукт питания в меню – куриное

Категорически запрещены такие продукты, как
bananas, grapes and mango.

One of the main limitations of the chemical limit is
ban on potatoes. Osama Hamdy believed that the slightest use
food containing potatoes will destroy the whole essence of the system
power supply.

Menu for 4 weeks – table

Menu of the chemical diet for the first week:

Breakfast is the same for all days – 2 boiled eggs.

Day of the week Breakfast Dinner Dinner
Monday  2 boiled eggs  fruit and fresh orange juice  250 grams of lean chicken
Tuesday   –  stew of lean meat and vegetables  cucumbers, tomatoes and diet bread
Wednesday  –  tomatoes with cheese and dietary bread  150 grams of steamed beef
Thursday   –  fruits with low fat yogurt, orange juice  drink lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes with low-fat
Friday   –  steamed omelette  vegetable stew with low-fat fish bits
Saturday   –  fruit with juice  vegetable and lean pork stew
Sunday   –  steamed omelette and orange juice  salad and low fat kefir

Second week:

Day of the week Breakfast Dinner Dinner
Monday   2 boiled eggs  salad of green leaves  one orange
Tuesday   –  fish with vegetables baked in the oven  one grapefruit
Wednesday   –  baked fish and vegetables  steamed omelette
Thursday   –  150 grams of low-fat cheese with sour cream  fresh cucumbers and tomatoes
Friday   –  baked beef fillet  vegetable stew
Saturday   – chicken with vegetables baked in the oven  fruit and cottage cheese
Sunday   –  250 grams of chicken meat baked with tomatoes  grilled chicken and tomato juice

Third week

В особенности третьей недели питания по диете
Osama Hamdy enters the possibility of unlimited use of that
or another product presented in the menu.

  • Monday: все фрукты и фруктовые соки,
    except bananas;
  • Tuesday: овощное рагу, приготовленное на
    a couple;
  • Wednesday: яблочное пюре и томатный сок;
  • Thursday: листовой salad;
  • Friday: мясо, приготовленное на a couple;
  • Saturday: апельсины;
  • Sunday: фруктовый салат.

Fourth week

  • Monday: 250 грамм вареной курятины и
    the same fish, two oranges;
  • Tuesday: 200 грамм запеченной курятины с
    fruit salad;
  • Wednesday: обезжиренный творог и овощи;
  • Thursday: фрукты;
  • Friday: отварная курица и листовой
  • Saturday: нежирный сыр и огурцы с
  • Sunday: нежирная рыба.

If this diet does not suit you, study the diet menu.
Maggi for 4 weeks.

Advantages and disadvantages

All chemical “interventions into the body” are introduced into it as
good and bad. Consider the main pros and cons
The limited menu of Osama Hamdy:


  • reduced hunger;
  • balanced menu;
  • access to a limited menu for people of all ages


  • the same food in the menu;
  • long duration of the limited menu;
  • strict rules.

What could be the results?

With proper observance of the food restrictions of Osama Hamdiy,
for 4 weeks you can lose weight from 20 to 30 kg.

Great the probability of getting used to such a diet and voluntary
limiting yourself in sweet high-calorie foods. results
chemical diets depend on your physique and on the reaction
organism on some products.

Overall, the results are positive: slim, stable
digestive system functionality and good mood.

Lose weight due to chemical limitations of Osama Hamdy is not easy not
only physically, but also morally. Power Shift
provokes a deterioration in well-being and this is reflected in
emotional background.

Another thing, when visible first results. Then the mood
самооценка и, главное, самочувствие – на высшем уровне.

Photos before and after the chemical diet look as follows
in the following way:

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