Channel “Russia-1” closed the TV project “II can! “

Sat, 25 Oct 2014

Channel “Russia-1” took off the air just recently begun project
�“I can”, in which many representatives of cinema and
show business. Olga Buzova reported on this event in her blog.
TV presenter admitted that she was very upset by this decision
which crossed out a whole month of hard work of the show team.
Buzova expressed the hope that the leadership of “Russia-1” come to his senses
and return the program to the screen.

It should be noted that for the most part the audience approved the cancellation
tv show Two of the six programs filmed were shown, however
It is noted that the project is quite boring: a lot of advertising and
chatter on the air. In addition, viewers did not like the presenters.
Vladimir Stognienko and Timur Rodriguez.


Ivan 10/26/2016 This show is not on the First Channel, but on the Channel
“Russia 1”

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