Celandine: useful properties of the plant and itsapplication in traditional medicine, cosmetology. Contraindicationscelandine

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Celandine useful properties are very valued folk healers
since ancient times.

Grandmothers and great-grandmothers struggled with many ailments with the help of
infusions and decoctions of the miraculous plant. У celandine
there are practically no contraindications that allows to use it as
adults and small children. In addition, the plant enjoys
popular and in cosmetology.

It has been proven that its rich vitamin composition nourishes the skin,
strengthens hair.


Химический withстав celandine

The plant includes a huge range of nutrient
vitamin and mineral compounds. They are the ones doing celandine
so useful to the human body. Infusions based decoctions
plants strengthen the immune system, effectively fight diseases,
in home cosmetology used in recipes for skin and

The composition includes the following substances:

• vitamins of group A, ascorbic acid;

• essential essential oils;

• acids of organic origin;

• tanning compounds;

• alkaloids;

• Flavoloids with antioxidant properties.

Celandine: useful properties of a medicinal plant

Plant-based decoctions and infusions are recommended for adults and
children, both for preventive purposes and for the treatment of certain
ills. Было доказано, что withстав celandine оказывает
beneficial effects on all internal systems of the body.

Celandine: useful properties

1. Calms the nervous system, helps to cope with stress
and insomnia.

2. Strengthens human immunity, accelerates the recovery process
organism after an illness.

3. It has antispasmodic and bactericidal properties.

4. Removes accumulated slags, toxins and salts of heavy metals, in
the result normalizes intestinal motility and the work of all
digestive tract organs.

5. Normalizes heart rate and blood pressure.

6. Plant-based infusions and decoctions serve as prevention.
oncological diseases.

7. Ointments and lotions with celandine improve skin condition,
cure acne, nourish the dermis with vitamins.

У celandine противопоказаний практически нет. In spite of this,
before using the plant for medicinal purposes is recommended
consult with your doctor to avoid unexpected
reactions of your body.

Application in recipes of traditional medicine

1. Water infusion to normalize the liver. 1 dining room
A spoonful of dried herbs must be filled with boiling water (150 ml).
The product is infused until it cools, then carefully
filtered through a gauze napkin. The resulting infusion need to drink
on 50 ml 4 times a day, preferably before meals. Course normalization work
the liver is 2-3 weeks, then a break is taken.

2. Treatment of thrush. 3 tablespoons of herbs poured 3
liters of boiling water, boil for 15-20 minutes. When the liquid has cooled,
do not need to filter it. Broth poured into the pelvis when cool,
there you need to sit down for 15 minutes. This procedure is recommended.
repeat 2 times a day with thrush for 5 days.

3. Gargling with sore throat. Celandine useful properties
they can relieve inflammation of the oral cavity, heal a sore throat and even
chronic tonsillitis. It is necessary in the same proportion to mix the grass in
dry, pharmacy chamomile and sage (1 tablespoon). Collection
plants steamed with boiling water (200 ml) for 3-4 hours, then
filtered. The resulting infusion should gargle 5-6 times a day.
day. The next day, the throat will not be so sick, come down
redness. The general course of treatment is a week.

4. Celandine with a cold. With a cold and any coughing plant
It is recommended to brew like ordinary tea. Just such a tool
used to prevent viral infections. On 1 mug
кипятку достаточно 1 столовой ложки celandine. When tea is a little
cool, it adds a little honey. Such a remedy when coughing
and you should drink colds 3-4 times a day.

Celandine: useful properties для краwithты, домашние рецепты

In home cosmetology celandine is very much appreciated. If you want to
improve your skin condition, preserve youth and beauty of the face
for a long time, the recipes presented will help in this.

1. Decoction lotion for everyday use. 1 dining room ложку
chopped herbs (can be bought at the pharmacy) need to pour 100 ml of water
and put in a water bath for about 20 minutes. Thereafter
жидкость остужается и filtered. The resulting decoction lotion
stored in a refrigerator in a glass container. With the help of cotton
тампона им протирается лицо 2-3 раза в day. Tool aligns
facial tone, relieves acne and acne.

2. Refreshing mask. 50 grams of high fat cottage cheese
some fresh carrot juice and 15-20 drops of juice are added
celandine. Everything is mixed until the formation of gruel. Mask
Apply on face for 15 minutes, then rinse well with warm water.
This procedure is recommended. повторять 3 раза в неделю. Mask
perfectly refreshing face, removes signs of fatigue.

3. Purifying mask. Well beat one chicken egg yolk with
tablespoon of olive oil. Затем туда же добавить withк
celandine (10-20 мл), все хорошо перемешать. Полученный withстав
Apply on the face with a cotton swab with a thin layer (so as not to drain).
After 15 minutes, the skin is washed with warm water.

У celandine противопоказаний в косметологии очень мало. Recipes
для краwithты не рекомендованы только в том случае, если есть
allergic to plant.

Celandine in cooking

Surprisingly, gourmets are often added to culinary dishes.
plant in dried form. During heat treatment, it does not lose
its beneficial properties. К тому же, аромат celandine прекрасно
complements meat dishes and salads.

1. Vitamin “green” salad

Chop arugula (to taste), cherry tomatoes. Per serving
салата добавить половину чайной ложки celandine (сушеного
pharmacy). The dish is dressed with olive oil, left in
refrigerate brew for 30 minutes. Salad turns out very tasty
nutritious, fragrant and beneficial.

2. Delicious chicken baked in the oven

Chicken thighs are boned and marinated. For marinade
It is necessary to warm slightly 50 grams of olive oil, add to
него чайную ложку сухого celandine, немного withли и перца.
The resulting dressing is poured chicken, left to soak 5-6
чаwithв, затем выпекается в духовом шкафу 40 минут. The fragrance will be
unforgettable. This dish is eaten by both children and

Celandine: contraindications to use

Before proceeding to the treatment of medicinal plants, you need to
ознакомиться with всеми «но».

Celandine: contraindications

1. In case of gastric and duodenal ulcers, treatment with decoctions
и настоями celandine можно проводить только после консультации
doctor in strict dosages. Plant oversupply can result in
nausea, stomach pain.

2. Since the celandine lowers blood pressure, he does not
recommended in large quantities.

3. Women during pregnancy and lactation celandine
рекомендован, так как в нем withдержатся алкалоиды.

Celandine, contraindications and useful properties of which were
Presented – this is a whole home pharmacy. However, we must remember that
You can not abuse the plant. Overage of drugs based on
травы может привести к потере withзнания и даже вызвать

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