Catherine Shavrina appointed psychiatricexpertise

Mon, Apr 21, 2014

Catherine Shavrina was questioned about the DPT, the culprit
which she has become. In addition to various examinations, investigative
authorities appointed and psychiatric examination of the singer.

Shavrina gave the first interview after the tragedy, in which
said that doctors had already given her permission to go for a walk.
The actress takes a lot of drugs, is undergoing treatment, because in
The accident suffered her face badly. Shavrina argues that
gradually recovering, despite what is still present
emotional shock.

According to the singer, on the day of the tragedy she was not drunk, because
does not perceive alcohol. Shavrina argues that до сих пор не
can understand how that accident happened. According to her, she is very
disciplined driver, always careful, rarely
exceeds the speed of 80 km / h. The singer admitted that she does not exclude
option where someone pushed her car and she’s
to keep control of the car, abruptly unscrewed the steering wheel. Just then and
there was a collision with Audi, which, according to Shavrina, was traveling with
great speed. Now experts are checking the brake system.
car singer.

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