Carrot diet for weight loss – your pledgeslim body!

morkovnaya-dietaAt first glance, it is quite simple and
simple vegetable diet, however, due to some of its
features it is quite difficult to lose weight, despite
relatively short duration.

But do not despair! All you need is right.
prepare your body and strictly follow our

One week before the carrot diet, you should start
gradual correction of your daily diet: fully
give up coffee and alcohol-containing drinks, try
drink more spring or well-purified water, eat at a minimum
fatty and fried foods, practically limit access to the table
various confectionery products.

Highlights about carrot diet for weight loss

This is a very effective nutrition program that will help you.
guaranteed to part with more than 3 kg. overweight in just 3 days

The main weapon of carrots is a high content in its
fruits of a special component – carotene – a formidable antioxidant,
which, getting into the body, using a set of liver enzymes
transformed into vitamin A. What’s interesting: there is no more in the world
other vegetables or fruits commensurate with the amount of carotene in
composed than carrots. It is also rich in other useful items.
Ingredients: vitamins (B, C, D, E and K groups), fiber
(swelling in the intestines, permanently creates a feeling of fullness, plus
well solves the problem of slagging of the body) and iodine
(recommended when the performance of the thyroid

As for the beneficial effects of vitamin A on the body
man, he limits the development of many
common diseases such as hypertension,
arthritis, cancers, atherosclerosis and even cataracts, leads
normal metabolic processes, encourages the development of mental
abilities and protective forces of immunity. Eating whole fruits
carrot perfectly removes plaque, like a brush.

At the time of the diet, get ready for the morning, afternoon and evening
you will always be surrounded by carrots. This fact is extremely annoying and
causes many to go the distance but remember that your
reward for “works” will be guaranteed weight loss
at least 3 kg.

Important! The duration of the carrot diet is only three.
day, another day, leave to the correct exit from it.

Before you eat carrots, it must be
Brush well. The outer layer of peel try
cut to a minimum, because in it are those very
useful components that have the greatest impact on
successful result.

According to many leading experts in the field of nutrition,
it is better to use carrots in a natural way without use
heat treatment that can destroy the vast majority
of vitamins.

Features daily diet menu for carrots

The main diet course is carrot salad, which
Eat at least 4 times a day.

The recipe of its preparation is as follows:

Grate with a large cell rub 2 carrots, add a little
vegetable oil, lemon juice, honey (optional, but his
the allowed amount is not more than 1 tbsp. spoons a day) and one
chopped fruit to choose from – it can be kiwi, apple, orange,
pomegranate or grapefruit.

As a result, the output you get the portion that you want
eat at one time (do not forget about the condition for honey). At all
the daily rate of carrots is not regulated, so you can eat it
absolutely no limits. For breakfast, an extra must
drink a cup of yogurt or yogurt (in extreme cases, eat
tablespoon sour cream). This is due to increased digestibility.
carrots in combination with fat.

If at some point in the diet you can no longer look at
bored salad, it can be replaced with carrot or any other
vegetable juice (best in the evening). Throughout the day not
forget to follow a decent drinking regime – at least 2 liters –
based on pure spring water or green tea without sugar.

On the fourth day, that is, the day you quit, your diet
does not significantly change, but in addition you can
to diversify 200-300 gr. lean meat (such as chicken
breasts), a couple of slices of whole grain bread and boiled potatoes
(2-3 things).

Недостатки: Как и любая диета, морковная также имеет свои
�”Features”. Due to its high fiber content (fiber), it
creates a strong load on the digestive organs, which can result
in the appearance of constipation.

In this case, the program must be urgently interrupted, since
the effects of digestive disorders do not cover the benefits of her

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