Career ceased to please, and the movementservice ladder almost stopped? Think aboutFeng Shui!

Ср, 07 мар 2018 Автор: Наталья Семенова

What to do if you need to stimulate career
growth? Feng Shui Specialists offer unambiguous advice. Activate
north side and the elements of water!

Север — это сторона света, которая как раз и
manages a career. One has only to activate the energy of qi, how are you
at work immediately go up the hill. Север и элемент
взаимосвязаны и вместе контролируют северный

1. Put an eight red aquarium near the north wall
fish and one black. You can add more fish
but there should be nothing less. Always keep in the aquarium
cleanliness If any of the fish has died, immediately remove it.
from there.

2. A fountain can be installed on the north side. Stay tuned
so that the water does not leave the room and does not flow towards the door
or window. If water flows in the indicated directions, it means that
career escapes you. If water will flow in other directions,
career will begin to build.

3. If there is no aquarium or fountain, you can on the north wall
Just hang a picture or photo with a picture of a waterfall.

4. In the photo or picture the flow of water should be directed.
certainly to you, not from you.

5. If you have a garden, create a waterfall in the north.
Water must flow without fail towards your home.

6. Do not place photos or paintings with standing water at home.
marshes, stitch river or ocean. However, a storm at sea, ocean or
the river is also not suitable – the energy of the rioting water is too powerful
and destructive.

If the water element can not be inserted into the interior or
garden, it can be replaced with a metal element – metal
accessories, objects, trays and even frames for photographs or

Determine the right direction

If you work at home, you can use a compass to check where
look at the windows of the working room. Despite the fact that the northern
luck and career are on the side, it doesn’t mean that
office must be in this place.

The right job where you are pleased to be. If you
sit at the table, and the view in front of it seems very comfortable to you, which means
this is your place. If something causes you at your desk
inconvenience means the table is not very good for you
place and need to be moved.

If you work at the right table for you, then
such work will contribute to your career growth.

Architecture change

North Angle

If you have trouble with your career, you need to check whether
your home shape. It is necessary that on the north side be sure
any corner. Angles seem to be in any house. But your can
be designed so that it is on the north side of the corner and not
will be.

If the northern corner in your home is not, you can get out of the situation
in the following way:

– Move to the house where there is a corner on the north side.

– Change the design of the house so that the corner appeared.

– Place the plants on the floor or stands so that they
made an angle. At the same time it is impossible to take plants with leaves in the form
thorns, and also with the pointed form of a leaf. Put another in this
the room is a fountain with water.

Removing sharp corners

Sharp angles created by ridge roofs and other elements
interior, can negatively affect a career.

To avoid the impact of an acute angle on luck, between it and
Desktop need to put the plants. Only they should not have
sharpened leaves, thorns or spines. They should be with round
or oval leaves.

Additional nuances

There are many daily nuances that have
impact on career development. This is your environment, office gossip,
power struggle, lack of respect and other such matters. From
Some of these phenomena can protect you Feng Shui.

Colleagues and office gossip

If you are surrounded by unfriendly gossip colleagues,
check the table layout.

1. From your seat you must see the door. If you видите всех,
no one can scare you into your room
a sudden appearance.

2. Mirror. If you сидите спиной к двери, и переставить стол не
there is no possibility, you can put a round on the table
mirror so that it can be seen in the door and
members of it.

3. Wall behind. Well, if you sit with your back to the wall. it
the most successful position, because in it you are protected.

4. Useful pictures. Place in office an image of colorful
rooster. The rooster will eat up all the negative moments of yours.

5. Crystals. To drain negative energy, put it on the table.
pyramid of amethyst or crystals.

Power struggle

In some offices, people are constantly fighting for power. To you
this struggle did not concern, it is necessary to do the following:

1. Stick to the north side. At meetings and negotiations
sit in the northern part of the room. Never sit on the corner
the table because it’s where negative energy.

2. Follow the location of colleagues. If your office is working
other people, put the table in such a way as not to face
another employee nearby. If this is not possible,
put between him and you houseplants.

4. Activate the northwest corner. it поможет в работе. To
to do this, you need to place precious objects there

Symbols and career

In the teachings of Feng Shui, there are special characters and objects with
with the help of which you can attract success in your career.

1. Green plant. Small plant with round or oval
leaves will attract wealth and success if you put it in
Southeast of your table.

2. Image of a mountain. Position a photo or picture with
the image of a mountain right behind your desk or chair. Wherein
the mountain should be level. There should be no cusps on it.

3. Red bird. Any red bird in feng shui is
symbol of success. Hang a picture or picture on the southern wall.
a bullfinch or some other bird and energy
will flow to improve your career.

4. Chairs with high backs. To карьера шла в гору, в офисе
All chairs should have high backs.

5. Crystal balls. The crystal ball has always been magical.
symbol of attracting good luck. For a career, he is also suitable. Ideally,
It has the shape of a hexagonal crystal. He can be any
size. If you place it in the southwestern part of the office, it will help
create trustworthy relationships with colleagues.

6. Lighting the south side. In the southern part of the office add
lighting. Thus, you can increase your feng shui
professional reputation.

7. Threelegged toad with a coin. itт символ удачи надо поставить
on the table opposite the door. Then good luck in business
will accompany always.

8. Figure 8. In your telephone number must
attend figure “8”. Its nice to have among the rooms
credit card, bank account, business license and
other documents. All this will attract success. If in your office
there are photos or home plants, they must also be
arranged in groups of 8 pieces. Thus, will create
suitable conditions for the movement of good energy.

9. Elephant. The figure depicting an elephant must be placed in
north office. Wherein хобот слона должен быть обязательно
raised up and not down.

11. Horse. The horse must be placed in front of your desk.
in the southern part of the office. The horse will bring you career growth, fame and

Career outside the office

Not all people work in offices. Even if you work at home,
feng shui to attract good luck at work you still come in handy.
For this:

– use the image of the number “8” to attract

– keep your table clean;

– get a keychain with a rooster figurine – it will protect you from
Gossip and disagreeable actions of your competitors.

Career path does not have to be difficult. In feng shui for that
Various ways are provided. If you даже произведете не все
The actions described in this article, and only a few, are
greatly facilitate your career growth.

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