Can pregnant women sleep on their backs and on their stomachs?When pregnant can sleep on the back and abdomen

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Hormonal changes occur during pregnancy
organism, provoking discomfort in women during sleep.

The habitual posture is now unavailable, because growing every month
belly puts its boundaries for the future mother.

Can pregnant women sleep on their backs and on their stomachs?

This question is relevant among the fair sex in
interesting position.

Of course, it all depends on the duration of the pregnancy and the individual
features of the body.

Can pregnant women sleep on their backs and on their stomachs: drowsiness and

In the first trimester of pregnancy, drowsiness is common
phenomenon. It’s not worth worrying about, much less
fight sleep If the body needs rest, then so
need to.

By the end of the term of carrying chad begin other problems with
сном — insomnia. The causes of the phenomenon are different. Rounded belly not
allows you to find a comfortable position for a woman, anxiety reigns in your head and
different thoughts about how the birth will take place.

If it is not worth fighting with sleepiness, then for insomnia the doctors
strongly recommend taking urgent action.

What you need to do for quality and full

1. Fresh air. Regardless of the weather, women need to find
10-15 minutes to stroll outside in the evening. You can also just
open wide the window, air the room.

2. Warm milk with honey, drunk in the evening, copes with
insomnia. If there is no milk, you can simply drink tea with mint.

3. Discard all bad thoughts. If a woman is in the shower
worry – it provokes bad sleep. Need to understand that
the birth of a child is wonderful that finally it will be possible
Meet your son or daughter. Positive thoughts
promote better sleep.

Can pregnant women sleep on the back and on the stomach: when
restrictions appear

In the first trimester, a woman can afford to sleep on her stomach
because during this period it has not increased significantly. But,
if this posture is loved, it is recommended to wean it off as
possible before.

Sleep on his stomach

You can only sleep on your stomach in the first few weeks.
of pregnancy. A woman must realize that she is not alone now
inside, right under the heart, there is a small child. Some
the fair sex stop sleeping on her stomach like
только узнают о of pregnancy. This is the right decision.

Sleep on your back

Few people know that from the second trimester of pregnancy to sleep on
back is not very useful. The uterus begins to increase in
size, the fruit grows and presses on the intestines more and more. Also
there is discomfort in the lower back and spine. All this can
lead to the fact that the fetus will not be enough oxygen.

Sometimes the baby in the womb itself makes it clear to his mother that he
uncomfortable when she lies on her back and you need to roll over on her side.

Signs that make it clear that you are sleeping on your back

1. Frequent fainting and dizziness.

2. Low pressure.

3. A sharp increase in heart rate.

4. Difficulty in breathing.

5. Sharpens hemorrhoids.

Some представительницы прекрасного пола списывают симптомы
for pregnancy. If one of the listed symptoms is present
you need to stop sleeping on your back as quickly as possible so as not to
harm the fetus.

Is it possible for pregnant women to sleep on the back and on the stomach?
posture for a good rest

There are no more questions about whether pregnant women can sleep on
back and abdomen – doctors do not recommend. It remains to understand
What posture will be optimal for women in an interesting

Doctors have proven that it is best for pregnant women to sleep
on the left side, while the right leg should be bent in

What gives such a position

1. Regulated blood flow to the placenta, which allows the child
getting the right amount of oxygen for the right

2. Disappear lumbar pain.

3. The swelling in the legs and arms decreases.

4. Regulates the work of the kidneys, which is especially important in the latter

5. The normal work of the heart vessels of the future is maintained.

Also рекомендуется подбирать правильные подушки. Pregnant
a woman can experiment with them a little. For example,
a small lay under the belly and legs. This will be especially
helpful in the last trimester to avoid seizures.

Сон — это очень важно для женщины в interesting position. Her
you need to gain strength, because the labor activity takes very
a lot of energy.

Can pregnant women sleep on their backs and on their stomachs? Tips
for future mothers

1. Если женщину мучает insomnia, ни в коем случае can’t идти
to extremes and take sleeping pills no matter how safe
they were not. Any medicine taken during pregnancy
affects the child – it must be remembered.

2. Women in an interesting position need to abandon
drinking carbonated water and beverages, which include

3. If you suffer from severe toxemia at bedtime, it is recommended to drink
a glass of kefir and eat a few crackers. Drink big quantity
воды на ночь can’t, чтобы не нагружать почки.

4. The daily routine should be measured. Need to try
go to bed and wake up at about the same time
the gap.

5. If convulsions are tormented at night, it means that the body is not
enough calcium. A woman should add more foods to the diet.
which is a trace element.

6. Fear and anxiety before childbirth – this is normal.
To cope with this, women are recommended to attend special
курсы for future mothers.

7. Every day you need to walk in the fresh air, especially
useful before bedtime. No matter how bad the lady felt, sip
fresh air will have a positive effect on her condition.

Women in an interesting position should
keep your sleep. It is very important to transfer the baby in the womb only
positive emotions, because he is associated with his mother’s umbilical cord and everything
feels. If the woman is well rested, the child will not
strongly push and disturb at night.

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