Can pregnant drink coffee? Benefit andpossible harm of invigorating coffee for a pregnant woman and her futurechild

Чт, 05 май 2016 Автор: Ольга Затевахина

It is sometimes difficult for pregnant women to struggle with the changed predilections in
nutrition and no less difficult with well-established habits.

What, for example, do a woman start her day every morning
from a cup of aromatic coffee, if she found out that she was carrying a baby now
under the heart?

How to proceed?

Can a pregnant woman drink coffee or it will adversely affect her
baby health and health?

Can pregnant drink coffee? Opinion doctors, advice,

Nutrition and lifestyle issues for pregnant women are often controversial.
among the relatives of the future mom and in various forums.

Coffee is considered to be far from useful drink. From coffee
vessels narrow, pressure increases and heartbeat quickens.
Here lies the main pitfall, as in pregnant women
pressure is often lowered, and how can you give up the cup
favorite drink, which in this case is supposed to bring
only benefit?

The largest studies on this subject were conducted in
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. In 2010 it was
The unequivocal decision is made that a small amount of caffeine is not
can seriously affect the course and outcome of pregnancy and
worsens the health of the future mother and her child. According to
research, the maximum daily dose of caffeine should not
exceed 200 mg per day for an absolutely healthy woman who is not
disturbed before problems with the heart, blood vessels, not suffering from
swelling or high blood pressure. It should be understood that the fortress and
types of caffeinated beverages are very diverse, therefore
consider the main.

If you translate 200 ml of caffeine into a ml of drink, it turns out that
pregnant women can drink coffee without exceeding the following volume:

• 94 ml espresso;

• 750 ml of instant coffee;

• 1 liter of black tea.

Regular exceeding the maximum allowable amount
caffeine entering the female body of a pregnant woman leads to
almost double the incidence of sudden interruption
pregnancy, in other cases, newborns suffer from
lack of weight and hypoxia. Coffee can provoke a miscarriage on
any term, but in the first trimester this figure is still increasing to
2.4 times the number of miscarriages, among women,
whose diet was not caffeine.

Based on these studies, doctors do not recommend consuming
coffee during pregnancy or at least make sure that
the daily dose of caffeine was exceeded.

What kind of coffee can you drink pregnant? Safe Coffee Recipes

During pregnancy, the natural desire of a woman becomes
to lead the most correct and healthy lifestyle. But
hormonal surges, dramatic changes in mood and taste
habits sometimes interfere with the expectant mother to be protected from the desire sometimes
have a cup of coffee. In this case, it is important to secure as much as possible.
themselves and the baby from the harmful effects of the drink, so pregnant
you can drink coffee only with milk to reduce concentration

The basis of the drinks with milk is classic “Espresso”,
for which 14 grams of ground coffee beans are brewed in 50 ml of water. On
выходе получается 30 мл крепкого drink. Adding a simple or
foam milk and cream in different proportions can be obtained
Cappuccino, Latte or Brive. The amount of milk in these drinks
added approximately in proportion of 2: 1.

This list does not have “Macchiato”, so common among
coffee lovers. The fact is that the concentration of caffeine in it
much higher, because no more milk is added to a cup of “Macchiato”
half a teaspoon.

Coffee shops often offer “Cappuccino” with various
additives – cherry, chocolate, etc. Pregnant doctors are strongly not
recommend ordering such drinks, because they do not put
a piece of chocolate or a berry, and concentrated syrup is added,
in which there is absolutely no natural ingredients.

How can a pregnant woman get rid of the desire to drink coffee? Than him
can I replace?

Medical research still leaves a share
doubt some women, can she, while pregnant drink
кофе или лучше совсем отказаться от этого drink. Anyway
You can try to fool the body and replace coffee with other more
useful foods and drinks.

Before looking for a substitute product, you need to decide what to
actually encourages to drink coffee, what sensations
is a woman experiencing?

• Desire to taste or smell the coffee. Cocoa or cinnamon taste
no worse, and some even like it more.

• Lack of energy, drowsiness. Invigorating properties
attributed coffee actually takes place, however, they are strongly
exaggerated compared with other drinks:

– a glass of clean cool water will wake up and
enjoy the start of the day. The water in this case is even
advantage, it is more accessible and does not require time for
preparation, like coffee, which must first be brewed.

– tea with lemon. Lemon has a tonic effect on
the body, and tea contains caffeine, slightly different in composition
from coffee, therefore acts on the body more gently.

– fruits, berries. As a rule, during chewing the body does not sleep
may, therefore, a few pieces of fruit or berries, especially
sour, relieves from sleepiness and at the same time enrich the body
with vitamins.

The desire to drink just coffee may indicate a lack
some trace elements in the body. In this case, they can
get not only from drinks, but also from food.

• Phosphorus. Deficiency leads to nervous exhaustion, fatigue,
irritability, weakness, sometimes alternating too violent
activities. Phosphorus can be obtained by adding fish to the diet,
cottage cheese, peas, beans, black bread, cereals, cabbage, carrots, pumpkin,
milk products.

• Sulfur. Heart palpitations, joint pain, brittle, weak
hair and nails, constipation – signs of a lack of sulfur. It is contained in
cabbage, cereals, onions, garlic, apples, eggs and cheese.

• Iron. Signs of anemia – dry and sensitive skin,
pallor, weakness, dizziness, loss of attention. A lot of iron
found in liver, beef, buckwheat, oatmeal, beans, dogrose,
apples, berries.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that in no case
it is worth replacing regular coffee with caffeine-free coffee. This
the product has undergone multiple chemical processing and even almost
in the absence of caffeine in the composition is able to cause the body
only harm.

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