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Young mothers who are breastfeeding their babies at once collide
with a huge number of restrictions, including those that even
not tested during pregnancy.

Most of the usual food after the birth of a child is
for a woman is banned because of the risk of harming the child’s digestive tract or
cause him allergies.

And most often the question arises: what kind of cookies can be nursing?
moms: oatmeal, shortbread, with fillings, covered with icing, and you can
Is it at all?


Can nursing mothers cookies? Pros and cons

To avoid possible problems, the future mother is still at the stage
pregnancy should figure out what you can eat after giving birth,
and what not.

Cookies, at first glance – a harmless sweetness, but how much we
we can find pluses, so many minuses for this product.

• Cookies – quick snacks available at any time of the day.

Babies spend a lot of time on their hands, often wake up
at night, breastfeeding takes hours. Sometimes a woman can in
During the day, do not even find the time to eat normally. In such
The case of the cookie becomes a great snack. This is convenient, but right there
оборачивается и минусом — бесконтрольное поедание cookies может
lead to indigestion, slow metabolism.
Cookies are still not able to replace good nutrition, about this
need to remember and try to use only as a one-off

• Cookies are an available source of carbohydrates, and carbohydrates give
energy to the body to support life.

If you figure it out, it turns out that the cookie contains quick
carbohydrates that can not sufficiently saturate the body,
but lead to weight gain.

• Sweet cookies contribute to the production of hormones that raise

It is important in conditions of stress, lack of sleep and general weakness after
childbirth. But here you need to know when to stop, because sweet can easily
cause allergies in the newborn.

Зная все плюсы и минусы cookies, кормящей маме можно попробовать
enter it into the diet, but it must be done carefully and carefully
monitor the behavior of the baby, in time to notice if
there was a swelling or allergic reaction.

What kind of cookies and how much can you eat lactating mothers?

При выборе cookies в первую очередь нужно обращать внимание на
the composition of the product. So, you should leave the purchase on the store shelf,
if it contains:

• dyes;

• margarine;

• chocolate;

• jam;

• any additives E.

All of these components can lead to an allergy in infants. If
eat cookies during the breastfeeding period, you need
try to extract from it the maximum benefit for the body or even
would do no harm. Самыми безопасными видами cookies, которое можно
lactating moms are:

• fillet;

• Maria cookies;

• oatmeal;

• drying and rolls;

• crackers.

In addition to the allergic reaction, a large amount is not even sweet.
baking in mom’s diet can cause tummy problems in a baby
and lead to an irregular stool. Byрция cookies зависит от
individual reaction of the baby and his age:

• even non-sweet varieties should be excluded immediately after delivery;

• by the end of the second week if the baby is not disturbed
можно попробовать 1-2 штуки сухого или овсяного cookies;

• by 1-1.5 months old, the mother can eat 5-6 pieces of unsweetened

• from 3 months you can try the sweet varieties, but limit
consumption is still the same 5-6 pieces. Cookies with icing and
artificial food additives should be excluded for the entire period

What can replace cookies nursing mom?

Breastfeeding lasts at least a year. During such a long
time it is difficult to limit yourself, especially if the nursing mother was
сладкоежкой до childbirth. For this period, you can replace cookies
less tasty and much more healthy foods.

Сырники в духовке. For their preparation
do not need butter, cheesecakes consist of cottage cheese, flour and eggs. By
Essentially, this is a protein, and not a carbohydrate delicacy. To diversify
their appearance and add taste and benefit, some moms
Were fit to add in them vegetables, fruits or juice. Carrot
cheesecakes have a sweetish taste and a beautiful crust, with beetroot
juice rich in iodine and iron, filled with dried fruit to taste
качествам лучше всякого cookies.

Домашнее овсяное печенье. Nursing moms
можно использовать любимый рецепт домашнего cookies, в котором
there will be only fresh proven foods and oatmeal instead
wheat. Such cookies replace a few spoons of porridge, and not
is an empty and useless product. Thanks to
A cookie consists of ground oatmeal, it is rich in wholesome
fiber, removes toxins from the body and absolutely does not harm
to kid.

Блины из овсянки. Another variety
delicacies of oatmeal and healthy breakfast. One big damn
equal portions of porridge and has all its useful properties.

Кукурузные хлопья. If you really want to quickly
anything chew on, you can’t think of anything better than corn.
flakes. In their composition there is only cornmeal, salt and water.
Despite the considerable caloric content of such “correct” flakes are
source of complex carbohydrates, and, therefore, will benefit the mother and not
affect the quality of milk.

Домашние конфетки. Moms whose babies are already
a little grown up, can afford to tea homemade sweets from
dried fruits. They consist of twisted raisins, dried apricots and nuts,
the resulting mass is divided into balls and dipped in cocoa. If neither
one of these components alone has not provoked allergies
child, then mom can eat these sweets without fear for health
baby Again, remember the measure, no more than 4-5 small
balls per day.

How to choose store oatmeal cookies that can be nursing

Oatmeal cookies, perhaps, the only thing that actually brings
health benefits.

Состав овсяного cookies по утвержденному ГОСТу очень строг:

• wheat flour;

• oat flour;

• butter;

• vanillin;

• cinnamon;

• malt.

Such cookies help cleanse the intestines and improve
digestion of women, removes cholesterol, improving the quality of blood vessels and
facilitating the work of the heart does not contain sugar and does not cause
allergic reaction in babies.

In addition, such cookies contain less so-called
�”Empty” calories and gives the mother a good energy, including
for milk production.

From all this we conclude that it is possible to oatmeal cookies
есть кормящим мамам с первых недель жизни baby Should only
select the composition that is baked according to the standard.

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