Can nursing cucumbers and when to enter them intodiet? In what form can you eat cucumbers nursing mom without hurtingbaby

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Cucumbers are needed by a nursing mother to saturate the organisms –
your and your baby – all the necessary vitamins and

Their main wealth is fiber, which copes with
constipated and increases peristalsis.

Fresh cucumbers are often included in diets because they are
low-calorie product.

Is it possible nursing cucumbers and how they will affect the body

Can nursing cucumbers and what are their benefits

Despite the fact that the vegetable is 95% water, it contains
many vitamins (A, B, C, E, PP) and trace elements (magnesium,
zinc, chlorine, iron, sodium, calcium, fluorine, potassium).

It is rich in iodine, which has a positive effect on work
endocrine system. Potassium included in cucumber improves
the work of the liver and kidneys and prevents the development of diseases
of cardio-vascular system.

The use of cucumbers nursing mother leads to the normalization of work
Gastrointestinal tract, restoration of normal metabolism and better absorption
protein food. Due to the high water content in the cucumbers, they
have diuretic and choleretic action, which is useful for
normalization of the kidneys.

Cucumbers rich in fiber and alkaline salts make exchangeable
processes in the body and contribute to the neutralization of acid
compounds that enter the body of a nursing mother with another

Can nursing cucumbers: their effect on the body of infants

Breastfeeding specialists say that in the first
two weeks after delivery, the mother is obliged to observe the most gentle
diet. Enter cucumbers in the diet is better to start no earlier than
in 3-4 months.

In order to understand whether nursing cucumbers can be, you need to know about
their benefits for children. Vitamin B contained in them is necessary for babies.
for normal growth and development. Vitamin C is responsible for strength
bones, and A – for the formation of immunity. All the good of the vegetable
baby and gets with mom’s milk.

Cucumbers are useful for babies, provided that there is no
reactions. In order to make sure that mom can have cucumbers or
on the contrary, at the time of abandoning them, you need to organize the right
input into the diet.

First, it should be a small part, for example, a quarter.
Enter better in the morning to follow the reaction
baby Despite the benefits that cucumbers have on the digestive tract
mothers, they can cause flatulence in the newborn. It is fraught
sleepless days and nights, the cries and torments of a child.

It is better to refuse pickled cucumbers for the period of breastfeeding.
Often they cause a negative reaction in children (especially in babies
up to 3-4 months):

● abnormal stool;

● the formation of gases;

● allergic skin rash;

● increased thirst;

● colic;

● dysbacteriosis;

● nervousness.

After putting cucumber in the diet, the reaction (if it is) can
arise in the next day. If this does not happen, then nursing
Mom can safely use this vegetable. However, you need to know when to stop.
The norm is 3-4 cucumbers no more than two times a week. Get involved
they are not worth it, even in the absence of a reaction from the baby. Because of,
that the baby’s intestines are not strong, a large amount of fiber may
provoke strong colic.

Can nursing cucumbers and in what form

Самыми полезными считаются свежие плоды.
However, they can not always be eaten. The best option are
cucumbers grown in the season on the ground. Purchased which
grown under artificial conditions or imported from abroad,
better not to eat nursing mom. When landing for a better view and
rapid growth, they are “nourished” by chemicals, inorganic
fertilizers, all sorts of medicines for diseases and other
harmful compounds. All this is preserved in the fruit, no matter how
washed Harmful substances easily pass into breast milk and
попадают в кровь baby Subsequently, this may cause
development of many serious diseases.

If you can not grow their own vegetables, and eat
it really wants, then you need to know the rules of choice when buying.
Attention should be paid to solid fruits that have a flat
dark green color. Such cucumbers can safely take. At the slightest
violations of the color or integrity of the vegetable, it is better to give it up.
It is also desirable to cut off the skin before eating, since
it is she who accumulates a large amount of toxins.

Соленые огурцы домашнего приготовления
retain more than half of the nutrients. In addition, their
consumption increases appetite and also contributes to normalization.
chair with mom. Their only drawback is the high content
salt. It prevents the removal of toxins from the woman’s body,
delaying them. This leads to the fact that harmful substances get into
blood, and then in breast milk that feeds the baby. Output
There is a situation: you can cook salted cucumbers. For this
it is better to choose larger fruits so that the salt solution is not strong
soaked. There are vegetables in it keep no longer than a day.

Покупные соленые огурцы лучше не есть в период
breastfeeding. There is absolutely no use for them.
mother or child. To increase shelf life, in their pickle
add preservatives. In addition, an open bank can stand
no more than two days, and during this time a woman is allowed to eat everything
a couple of cucumbers.

Маринованные — тоже не лучший вариант и от них
it is worth to refuse at all for breastfeeding. Marinade
contains vinegar, salt, spices that have a negative effect
on the child’s body. Purchased pickles often contain
sodium nitrate, which is able to cause oxygen in the baby
starvation, which may later affect his health.

Can nursing cucumbers? Yes, but it is necessary to introduce them into the diet.
gradually and carefully, watching the reaction of the child. If baby
does not react to a new product, you can indulge yourself with salads
from fresh cucumbers. Sometimes allowed to afford and salty
cucumber to improve the appetite. If the new vegetable worries
child, it is better to abandon it and try to enter a little
later on.

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