Can nourishing cottage cheese: its benefits and harm,serving size. Can I feed cottage cheese and in what form: answernutritionist

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There are many myths and conjectures around breastfeeding.

Some say that some foods are prohibited, others eat them and
It does not affect the baby in any way.

For example, cottage cheese is useful for the body of a woman and a child, but not
can it cause a sick tummy or severe allergy in


Is it possible to nourish cottage cheese and what is its benefit

Cottage cheese belongs to the category of fermented milk products. Its composition
rich in vitamins of groups A, B, E, C and PP. Use of this product
a positive effect on the body of the mother, and the fragile
baby’s body.

Due to the high calcium content, the bones are strengthened in the child.
and muscle, formed by a strong skeleton. It also promotes growth.
hair, nails and teeth, which is especially important for infants.

Vitamins in the composition of cottage cheese strengthen the immune system of the mother and
baby, reduce the risk of developing many diseases.

Any mother to the question whether nursing cottage cheese can answer
positively, knowing that he contributes to the better development of her children
both physically and intellectually.

The cottage cheese for babies has a special value in the first month of its
birth It is at this time that the development and
adaptation of the child. For both mom and baby all
the necessary benefits of the product, the woman should not use
more than 100 g. Fat content of cottage cheese also matters. Optimal
choose between 5 and 9%. Too fatty product will increase fat content.
milk, which can cause severe intestinal upset

Can nourishing cottage cheese and how it can be dangerous

The main restriction in the use of cottage cheese lies in
portability of the product mom. If she has adverse reactions
organism on the curd, it is more likely to say
that the baby product will cause the same reaction. Often in infants
already on the first day after mom’s use of cottage cheese,
be observed:

● bloating;

● diarrhea;

● constipation;

● appearance of loose stools;

● allergic rashes and redness.

To prevent such troubles, you must enter
curd in the diet carefully and gradually. You need to start literally with
a teaspoonful, each day increasing the dose to the prescribed 100 g per

Is it possible to nourish cottage cheese and is it worth the risk for the benefit
child, if the mother has an individual intolerance to the product? AT
In these cases, breastfeeding experts advise replacing
fermented milk product for natural yogurt or fermented baked milk.

When eating cottage cheese, it is important to monitor its quality.
A stale product will not only be useless, but may also harm
mother and baby. The reaction is completely unpredictable. It may be
just a bowel disorder or severe poisoning, which is very
especially dangerous for babies.

Is it possible to nourish cottage cheese and in what form to use it

Cottage cheese – a useful product necessary for normal
vital activity of the whole organism. However, moms are often asked
question: to get all its useful properties do you need to have
cottage cheese only in its purest form? AT период лактации хочется питаться не
just useful, but also tasty. Cottage cheese itself is not
dainty, so moms want to include it in different dishes.

Cottage cheese with sour cream

Cottage cheese, seasoned with sour cream and sugar, can be considered
delicacy. However, to avoid baby’s anxiety,
give preference to low-fat sour cream varieties.

It is believed that cottage cheese with low-fat sour cream has
positive impact on the formation of mental activity
child in the first month of his birth. However, there are some
restrictions. Such a dish significantly loads the liver, so they
better to regale in the morning.

ATареники с творогом

After heat treatment, the curd loses some of its
beneficial features. His only plus is that he
becomes less allergenic. If mom wants to pamper herself
dumplings with cottage cheese, then there are no restrictions for this. If they
will not do good, then do not harm exactly.

It is worth making a reservation that it is better to cook the dumplings yourself,
as purchased – a dubious pleasure. It is not clear what
quality cottage cheese is used there. Also in the production can
add various impurities to improve taste. And this
can already seriously affect the health and development of the crumbs.

Cottage cheese casserole

This product has the same beneficial properties as cottage cheese.
in its purest form. The casserole is made very simply.

You will need:

● a pack of fresh cottage cheese;

● 2 chicken eggs;

● 3 tbsp. semolina;

● sugar to taste.


The baking dish is lined with baking paper.

ATсе ингредиенты смешиваются и выкладываются в форму.

The oven warms up to 180 degrees.

The form is sent to prepare for half an hour.

You can diversify the casserole by adding exotic fruits or
dried fruits, but before that you need to make sure that the baby does not respond to
These foods are allergic or stomach upset.

Cottage cheese rolls

ATкусное для мамы и полезное для малыша лакомство, которое быстро
and just getting ready.

You will need:

● Chicken or turkey fillet;

● 100 g of cottage cheese (low-fat);

● a bunch of dill;

● 50 g low-fat cheese;

● cream 10%;

● salt to taste.


Fillet of a bird is cut into long pieces, it bounces well
gavel, salted and left to soak for 10 minutes.

Cheese is rubbed on a fine grater and mixed with cottage cheese and

Cottage cheese and cheese mixture whipped in a blender until smooth.

Each piece of bird is smeared with the resulting mass, rolled up.
in roll and stabbed with a toothpick.

Rolls are laid out in a baking dish and poured with cream
(the roll should be “drowned” half).

Sprinkle with grated cheese on top.

Куриные rolls запекаются при 180 градусах полчаса, в rolls из
turkey – 40 minutes.

After this tasty and healthy dish is ready!

Is it possible to feed cottage cheese in pure form or as part of dishes? Even
нужно и уже в первый месяц рождения baby However, you need
carefully choose the product, keep track of its fat and period
shelf life. ATводить в рацион творог следует осторожно, наблюдая за
состоянием baby If it does not change and the new baby product
does not bother, then mom can indulge herself and casserole, and
варениками, и творогом in its purest form.

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