Can nourishing bananas and what are their benefits formom and baby? Can I feed bananas: how and in what formenter

ATт, 17 май 2016 Автор: Марина Гришина

Banana is a delicious exotic fruit that raises
mood, enriches the body with beneficial vitamins and substances, and
also gives a charge of cheerfulness and good mood.

He is one of the first fruits introduced into the lure.

Is it possible to eat bananas for a nursing mother and how they act on
not strong organism of the baby?


Can nursing bananas: beneficial properties for mom and

Banana is rich in nutrients. According to its useful
the properties exerted on the body, it surpasses even the oatmeal
porridge cooked in milk.

In its composition in large quantities contains many useful
elements and vitamins. Iron – responsible for hemoglobin level
крови мамы и насыщение кислородом крови baby. By the way, after
childbirth in women is often anemia, which is associated with a large
blood loss. Correct the situation can just bananas. In them
contains several times more iron than green

Calcium in a banana helps to strengthen bones, makes
healthy nails, hair and teeth.

There is often debate among moms over the effect of bananas on
gastrointestinal tract. Some say that the fruit is strong, others –
is weak Who is right?

In fact, if mom and baby have no problems with the chair – he
regular and normal consistency, the banana will not affect
him If the mother suffers from constipation after giving birth, then a banana will help her.
in solving this problem. Enriched with potassium, it contributes
normalization of the bowels and cleansing the body. This property
inherent in ripe fruit.

Is it possible кормящим бананы, если у мамы или baby жидкий стул? AT
In this case, the banana will act in reverse – to fix it. For
this need to choose a slightly unripe fruits of yellow-green

Exotic fruit is rich in vitamins of groups A, B, C, E and PP. it
allows him to raise immunity, to participate in blood formation and
благотворно влиять на зрение мамы и baby.

Can nursing bananas: possible harm to fruit

Бесспорно — бананы очень полезны для кормящей мамы и ее baby,
however, they should not be abused. ATажно помнить о том, что банан
– high-calorie product with a high sugar content. it очень
тяжелая пища как для мамы, так и для baby. Even if the baby
there was no rash after eating fruit, do not get carried away and
eat more than one banana a day. it вызовет процесс брожения и
образование газов в кишечнике baby

ATысокое содержание сахара в банане должно ввести ограничения на
its use in patients with diabetes.

If the mother suffers from hypotension (chronic low blood pressure)
or increased acidity of the stomach, it is also worth limiting yourself to

You can not get involved in bananas and those who have problems with
vessels. During pregnancy, many people have varicose veins.
varicose veins. AT этом случае чрезмерное употребление бананов может
make the blood too thick, which is bad for the well-being

ATнимательными стоит быть и при выборе бананов в магазинах. Often
there are fruits stuffed with growth amplifiers and substances
against diseases. These ingredients in bananas can not only cause
severe allergic reaction in crumbs, but also poisoning.

�The “correct” banana has a length of 20 cm and a width of not more than 4 cm.
A good product has a smooth shape, rich yellow color and
smooth shiny surface. Fruits with black splashes whit
no worse than pure yellow bananas, however, the resulting blackness speaks of
that the sugar content in the fruit reached a maximum. Is it possible
feeding bananas of this type? It is undesirable, as for the baby
such a banana will be harmful.

Is it possible кормящим бананы: как enter и в каком виде

Как и любой продукт, бананы кормящей маме enter в рацион
necessary gradually. Experts advise not to do this before.
2-3 months after delivery. During this time, gastrointestinal
тракт baby окончательно дозреет, чтобы принять более тяжелую

The first time to try is a quarter of a ripe banana. Do
it’s better in the morning. AT последующие сутки больше банан
there is no need to trace a possible reaction. When appearing
rashes or intestinal colic, it is worth putting off a banana in your diet
for at least a couple of weeks. Then try again.

Если у baby нет реакции на банан, значит, мама может смело
it is. AT день можно съедать не больше одного фрукта. But,
You can diversify the diet and other dishes, based on
there is a banana.

Banana coctail

● 1 banana;

● 1 cup low-fat natural yogurt.

Preparing a cocktail is very simple. It is enough to whip in a blender
two ingredients and drink the resulting cocktail 30 minutes before

Fruit salad

● green apple;

● ripe banana;

● low-fat cottage cheese;

● low-fat sour cream.

Fruits are cut into small pieces.

Apple must first be washed and peeled.

Add some cottage cheese to fruit.

The resulting mixture dressed with a spoon of sour cream.

При желании и отсутствии аллергии у baby, можно для вкуса
add quite a bit of sugar.

Banana porridge

● any groats (buckwheat, rice or oatmeal);

● water;

● banana;

● a small piece of butter;

● sugar optional.

Groats are boiled until cooked, dressed with cream

При желании кашу можно подсластить (опять же, если у baby нет

The banana blender turns into mashed potatoes and mixed with porridge.

Banana Cheesecake

● banana;

● cottage cheese;

● flour.

The amount of cottage cheese and flour should be such that the consistency
The dough was like cheesecakes.

The oven heats up to 180 degrees.

AT это время противень выстилается бумагой для выпечки, на нее
spoon spread the dough.

Cookies baked for 15 minutes.

Young moms should no longer be asked if
feeding bananas. And they will only benefit mother and baby
если женщина не будет увлекаться и прежде, чем enter в рацион
будет внимательно следить за состоянием baby. In the absence of
baby rash and anxiety from the intestines, you can safely have
one banana a day. So mom will charge good
mood and transmit the vitamins necessary for growth and development

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