Can cocoa for pregnant and lactating mothers: inwhat doses at what time. The benefits of the drink and contraindications toto use

Ср, 11 май 2016 Автор: Римма Сергеева

Fragrant cocoa drink is familiar to all of us since childhood.

Some future mothers believe that if it is not contraindicated
children, even while carrying a baby its use is not
will bring no harm.

Today we will understand whether cocoa can be pregnant and lactating

Can cocoa for pregnant and lactating mothers: general information about
a drink

Dark brown spicy drink is made from instant
powder, which in turn is obtained from roasted grains
chocolate tree. It grows in more than 10 countries
of the world.

Cocoa is a valuable energy drink, rich in active
beneficial substances. Its composition is abundant in zinc,
iron and folic acid. Trace element zinc takes active
participation in the synthesis of proteins. Iron plays an important role in the process.
formation, development and maturation of blood cells. Folic acid
acid – the most important vitamin for normal functioning
immune and blood systems.

The product contains an epicatechin. This is organic matter.
reduces the risk of diabetes and cancer, and also prevents
heart attacks and strokes. Cocoa Antioxidants
prolong youth and allow you to save strength.

The drink also contains vitamins A, E, PP of group B, potassium,
magnesium, sulfur, copper, phosphorus, calcium, fluorine. High calorie
порошка какао (в 100 г содержится около 290 ккал)
allows you to replace their meal.

Can cocoa for pregnant and lactating mothers: the benefits of the drink

Cocoa is an excellent coffee substitute during pregnancy and in
lactation period. Doctors believe that much to get involved in this type
moms drink is not worth it. Meanwhile, they are all convinced that with
moderate use of cocoa is beneficial to the body.

1. Increases tone and gives energy. The drink contains a small dose.
caffeine and natural antidepressant phenylethylamine, and this is due to
his bracing action.

2. Cocoa promotes the release of “hormones of happiness.”
Endorphins are responsible for pleasure, joy and pleasure. Also
they have a mild antipyretic, analgesic and
anti-inflammatory action. A cup of flavored cocoa helps
forget about the problems and copes with a bad mood,
which is so bad for future moms.

3. Stabilizes blood pressure. This property of the drink is very
helps pregnant women prone to hypotension.

4. Has a beneficial effect on the skin, increasing its

5. Increases blood levels of antioxidants, which are responsible for
glucose exchange

6. Helps fight cough after viral infections and
lung diseases.

Can cocoa for pregnant and lactating mothers: inред и

Despite a lot of useful properties of the drink, experts on
Cocoa is on the list of harmful for pregnant women

1. Cocoa is a strong allergen. So that during
pregnancy and lactation do not provoke the appearance in oneself and in
child allergies, experts recommend not to abuse the delicious
a drink. It is believed that mom has one or two cups of cocoa a week to mom
and the baby will not be harmed.

2. Cocoa contains caffeine to increase blood
pressure. Therefore, the drink is contraindicated in women with arterial

3. There is an opinion that the drink actively washes out calcium from
organism. This trace mineral is very important for the construction of bone
baby tissue, so a pregnant woman who uses
cocoa, should take care of an additional source of calcium. it
will avoid problems with nails, teeth and hair.

4. It is undesirable to drink cocoa for constipation. It contains
tannins, which only worsen the situation.

5. Women should take the drink with extreme caution.
diseases such as diabetes and atherosclerosis.

Can cocoa for pregnant and lactating mothers: ways
of use

There are several ways to make cocoa. Will consider
the most popular ones.

Classic recipe cocoa

For the traditional method of cooking cocoa you will need
any milk: homemade, pasteurized or skimmed. If a
fat milk, that it can be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1.

We take one liter of milk, pour it into a saucepan and set it on fire.
Pre-200 ml of milk to dissolve 3 tablespoons
powder by adding the same amount of granulated sugar. Very comfortably
for cocoa stirring use a whisk. Homogeneous mixture
Pour to the rest of the milk in a thin stream. At the next
cooking, you can adjust the amount of cocoa and sugar,
considering your taste preferences.

Milk, stirring carefully, bring to a boil. After 10-15
seconds off the stove. Now a delicious drink is ready.

If a вам нельзя пить коровье молоко, то его смело можно заменять
soy milk. In this case, bring the drink to a boil.
slow fire.

Quick cooking of one serving of cocoa

If a вам нужно приготовить всего одну чашку flavored drink,
then you can use a simpler method. Pour half
cups of boiling water and pour 2 teaspoons of cocoa. Carefully
Shuffle to avoid lumps. Add sugar to taste and
add boiled milk to the cup. Mix and enjoy
gorgeous cocoa.

Cocoa with condensed milk

Also можно приготовить какао на сгущенке. Several dining rooms
spoons of condensed milk pour a glass of boiling water. Next, add 2 tea
spoon cocoa and bring the drink to a boil. Sugar put on his

Cinnamon Cocoa

New notes of the drink will give a small pinch of cinnamon,
added during the cooking process. Spice will make cocoa taste much
richer and richer. Gourmets are advised to add not
only ordinary sugar, but also vanilla, which will give it a savory

Теперь вы знаете, можно ли какао беременным и кормящим moms.
Refined drink will bring not only a lot of pleasure, but also
beneficial if used in moderation and subject to
lack of contraindications.

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