Can a pregnant woman ride a bike?Ratio of harm and benefit: pregnancy and cyclingwalks

Вт, 17 май 2016 Автор: Марина Гришина

Pregnancy is a time of new emotions, previously unknown things and
many bans.

Often, they are all associated with active movements.

All contraindications for pregnant women are related to her.
the physiological state and most of them have a question:
Is it possible for pregnant women to ride a bike?

Can pregnant women ride a bike:

If the “iron horse” – the main component of your leisure, and you
you can not do without him a day, then be sure to walk
consult a doctor. Существуют основные contraindications
for cycling:

● the threat of miscarriage (a bitter experience in the past doubles the risk);

● vomiting during pregnancy;

● if the fruit is lying wrong (oblique or transverse

● high or low pressure;

● puffiness;

● acute diseases (gastritis, cold, pyelonephritis).

When banning cycling, you can find a compromise – this
exercise bike. The likelihood that a pregnant woman will fall from him
negligible. You can ride it in any period of pregnancy, so
how a reasonable load is very helpful in this position.

If the treating gynecologist suspects at least one of the listed
risks then the possibility of riding a bike pregnant immediately

Can pregnant women ride a bike: основные

Many doctors say that pregnant women can ride
cycling, sometimes it brings even more benefits than walking.
This type of transport is allowed to use for pregnant women, because
he does not suffer joints. Women in a position worth observing
следующие regulations езды на велосипеде:

1. Choose a good, level road to avoid bumps. With
Shaking is undesirable because it can lead to
abortion, placental abruption.

2. Transport must match your size, have
good shock absorbers and a comfortable seat.

3. Bring water with you.

4. Monitor your condition while riding. If you’re tired,
you have nausea and shortness of breath, dizzy – stop
your walk.

5. Choose the most convenient way to ride a bike.
clothes for pregnant women, it is desirable to choose a sporty style. Not
forget that summer sun is very dangerous, so you will need it

6. Not осуществляйте поездки в дождь, а старайтесь брать
bicycle in dry weather (but at air temperatures no higher than

7. We recommend a quiet ride, without much effort on the pedals.
The speed is not for pregnant women.

Doctors recommend to make training regime, do not overload
yourself riding. A bike ride will need to be stopped when
first manifestations of discomfort or lack of confidence in their abilities.

With езде на велосипеде беременным можно положиться на свою
intuition, which is very developed during this period.

Every month the fetus grows, the belly increases, the expectant mother
becomes less agile, so after 6 months it’s better
abandon the “iron horse”.

Can pregnant women ride a bike and how can it

Notизбежным для женщины остается факт, что при беременности вес
begins to increase and therefore the expectant mother is uncomfortable to lie,
stand and even sit. Most often, women are concerned about the lower back. therefore
it is necessary to choose transport responsibly.

Pregnant women can ride a bike with only a long wheel and
vertical landing, because she must always have a straight back.
From this it follows that the mountain and highway cycling need
exclude, since women will have to constantly tilt them
housing, and this can be very harmful to her.

When going for a walk, pay attention to what form
bicycle saddle and frame. The saddle should be a little tough
comfortable and wide. It would be more expedient to buy female
made of durable materials. Better to choose
on a women’s bike with a folding understated frame.

Experts recommend cycling for women with
good driving skills.

Can pregnant women ride a bike and what is the benefit of
such a ride

During pregnancy, most women do not feel well.
public transport. They are disturbed by an unpleasant smell (especially in
warm season), the lack of fresh air that, in its
queue, causes nausea, fainting, headaches. Besides they
may even be dangerous at rush hour.

A trip in your car will not bring much pleasure either,
because the car is pumping over bumps, and it may smell like gasoline,
will become unpleasant for a pregnant woman. An alternative to all this may
become cycling.

Постоянные walks на таком транспорте имеют
positive sides:

● strengthens the nervous system;

● the body copes better with stress and depression;

● muscles become more elastic;

● trains endurance, which is very important for the upcoming

● It is an excellent prevention of blood stasis in the legs and small

● strengthens the back muscles.

Obviously that being in nature for future moms is very
is useful. Riding a bicycle makes a woman
keeps good physical readings, distracted from problems,
gaining strength before giving birth. In addition to all of the above, such
activity brings positive emotions to pregnant women
endorphin, the so-called happiness hormone, which is responsible for
good mood.

Can a pregnant woman ride a bike? Yes, but on condition
that the woman feels good and does not feel discomfort.
Before using this vehicle, you need to
consult with your doctor and get his approval.

With отсутствии противопоказаний, катание на велосипеде — очень
useful for both pregnant women and young mothers. it
helps to cope with a bunch of worries that have arisen with the birth of a child
energize and lose those extra pounds gained

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